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    Defending a sci-fi movie and insulting everyone that says something bad about it is more of a neckbeard move tbh.
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    I was wondering why he keeps going out there at 40 to make a fool of himself for a 100 grand when he's worth 20 million and always been rich. lol to try and stay sober during training camps. He took really bad beatings against Nick, Georges and Rory when he was still very durable. That's brain damage. Time for rehab not more blows to the head. He should seek other help as well. Wanting your woman and mother of your children to get plowed by other dudes is not normal behavior. I believe it's time to stop saying MMA fighters don't suffer the same head trauma as boxers.
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    Nobody named Beta is going to last on a debate stage with Donald. Guy gets pied in the first 30 seconds and walks off crying.
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    YES My undying hatred for Penn is finally being justified. Only took 11 years, I started hating on him after he beat my boy Sean
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    We may not agree on politics, but we agree on the important things because we are cultured and learned gentlemen.
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    Man, I can't agree with @12er©for ѕhit anywhere else on the this forum, but in here it seems like we're the only non-neckbeards.
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    He seems like a cool dude and he's definitely a banger in the cage. There's no reason for anyone to hate on the guy.
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    At the gym watching wheel of Fortune while on the treadmill. This chick just said she's into US history, like how states like Chicago were founded... I'm pretty sure she went to a top 20 college.
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    That note and its many misspellings looks like it was written by Vert. I smell a hoax.
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    Sign me up. I'll bang her, for sure.
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    reported for racism. ban yourself
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    last day smoking weed, blazed a giant kief-covered bong pack, immediately dabbed a sizable dab. this is taking me somewhere ...
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    Also did some idiot say Leon is on a 7 fight win streak? Did you not see Leon surrounded by his own people get served by Jorge riding solo? Jorge just glides out of there like it ain't no thang even when Leon's boys tried to sucker punch the man with the best sucker punch in the business. Those fools can't even come to America anymore.
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    Why don't you people want to see Showtime give him the 3 piece with the soda and just glide out?!
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    Oh ****! so he's a Can, a Cokehead, AND a Cuck! What a pathetic loser.
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    yeah theyll probably fire him because he doesnt bring them no money anymore, but as soon as rapey mcnuggets gets back from his suspension theyll give him a free title shot in whatever division he wants
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    At one point I didn't really like Max but now Blessed is one of my favorite fighters
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    Lol Vert so scared of finishing at the bottom he’s trying to scheme 3 pts, smh.
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    has play off Harden been activated early? 0 from the field in the 4th quarter, missed the free throw that probably wins the game and OKC go the other end and hit the game winner with 1.8 on the clock lol
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