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    If I ever make an alt, it will be classicbOxer!
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    Was that before or after you were using him for your user pic?
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    when im not vidya gaming or drinking beers and doing drugs and watching people get punched in the face or getting choked unconscious, i dont mind a good bit of mountain biking. strap some beers on my back and dump me off up the mountains and im at peace with the world. so far ive got two downhill bikes - a norco atomik and a devinci johnson. and two hardtail freeriding bikes - a norco sasquatch and some crappy iron horse maverick. i plan to add a 5th and final bike to the collection as soon as i can find one with the kind of parts i want and i wont have to sell a kidney for. im after an all mountain style enduro trail bike. been looking around lately and all i can find that doesnt have cheap parts and isnt a hardtail are all quite a bit out of my price range. even in the used market. dont really care to spend too much more than a grand on another bike, but i will if i have to if i get too overworked this summer from pedalling around on my other bikes. my other bikes are too heavy, dont have much for gears and they are far too much of a chore to pedal around for very long on any kind of surface that isnt going down a slope. but theyre awesome for going down hills and jumping off of stuff. an all-mountain enduro would totally fit my needs for when im going distance riding instead of just downhilling on our mountain trails. just those kind of bikes arent very cheap for anything that isnt a hardtail, or really old with cheap or worn down parts. gonna keep my eyes open though this summer.
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    Chicago is releasing surveillance video of the Jussie Smollett thing.
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    Him and his ****ass manager were spamming salt about the UFC mistreating them for a good couple years..... and now he signs a multi-fight contract to stay? Ridiculous.
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    The only thing that can save JDS is his superior technique and speed (and he does have a better cardio). As a big JDS fan I hope Im wrong but he will try whatever he can to get NG tired in the first 2 rounds and that means he will shoot for ankles early
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    If they fight again, especially at welterweight, Chiesa wins. Lee could be the biggest can in the ufc.
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    I hope Junior knocks Ng out but it all depends on what Junior shows up.
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    Michael Bevan is gonna lay it all down on those blokes while ben stokes chokes i'm calling it now: Australia: 443 in 50 overs with only one wicket down. England: 62 (all out)
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    @Bubba_Sparks Care for an av wager m8? Rest of the world cup? Warner to outscore Root or Aussie's to beat the smelly poms? Happy to take either one old chap. Unless of course your glorious summer weather brings us grey skies and rain again
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    holy chit boys its about to go down. the second greatest rivalry in sports history, next to pakistan vs india cricket. i have a feeling that there might be a full on riot in london if australia wins. im cheering for the roo's cause idyb loves himself a good riot.
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    alright thats enough internet for me today.
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    That's God damn insane. I still love those cars. They have that rugged axe murderer feel and look that the Vipers have. I dont like the new Ford GT. One thing that really turned me off was the price tag. I think they should have made them readily available and around the 150k mark to compete with the Corvette ZR1 (which is hilarious that it costs 140k+ for a Vette). They made it some super elusive club that only 1200 people would get the chance to order one. I remember when they made the GT's and a lot of the Viper guys sold their vipers to get a GT. I used to lurk on Viper alley all the time and they were really impressed with them.and how they felt like a Viper and less like a true "luxury supercar". I get where they're coming from but they're no Bugatti, Lambo, or even Ferrari. Speaking of Ford, I hate Mustangs with a passio. (Mainly because they're overflowing in my area and people think they're hot **** driving one) but those new GT500's or whatever it is are monsters. I may have to start another savings fund to snag one in 10 years lol.
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    ban this newb-twat Sobre
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    From one Junior fan to another..... this isn't going to end well on Saturday.
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    Why would a contender coming off an impressive win want to fight some guy on the downside of his career who has lost his last two? Not saying I wouldn't watch it but the fight makes no sense.
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    There's no way this bird chested stoner is on steroids. I'll fight this idiot at 45 for 3 grand and a blow job from a ring card girl. Book it @DanaWhite
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