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    when they first announced Wandavision, I was kind of disappointed, but once I got my head around it, I have to say, I am pretty excited. Caveat, as long as they give it the budget it will need and should set up Strange 2 quite well... Wanda has always been mentally fragile in the comics, and Wandavision screams of a bastardised version of the storyline when Wanda wills children of Vision through her powerset into existence, as they cannot have real children seeing as Vision is essentially a sentient robot. If her series goes as I expect, and is about her mental decine after losing Vision in Infinity War, and Thanos then evaporating the stones, and she slips away from reality into a fantasy life of her with Vision and Kids enabled by her powerset, I will be super pumped! That sets the scene for a full powered war between Scarlet Witch who has been criminally underpowered in the MCU, and Dr Strange, outside the realms of reality. In Dr Strange 1, I was pleased that they set the glass bubble training room up so they could bend reality and buildings in a space that didnt effect the real world. Im not going to lie, at the start of Endgame, when Stark said he was 11 light years from earth, then Captain Piss Flaps flew him home instantly, that I did the maths and knew she flew [(speed of light) x 11 x 365] to get him home. Doesnt sound that bad, until Thanos' ship had time to target her and fire on her as she flew into the final battle, or that she could move that quick but still lost a fight with Thanos. She should have turned up after a flash that was her wiping the floor with everything as she could move that fast. I am all for buying into sci-fi or comics that follow lore, I love it, I even buy that the power stone allowed Thanos to make Captain Gash grab the comb. But how did he catch her? Strange 2 can really let it hang out if they set the stage with the tv series. Horror flick will be a new tilt on the gerne and something fresh.
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    If Ben get's boxed up by Maia its over for him lol
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    **** man. I thought about going to that event, but not for Weidman vs. Reyes. Yuck. Also, LOL @ the UFC trying to feed Weidman someone they think he can beat.
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    Per Brett Okamoto of ESPN. They're going back and forth on twitter. I'm picking Weidman.
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    Yeah, because he didn't just spend a healthy amount of the fifteen minutes trying to wrassle some goof named Tony Martin and getting nowhere with it... Askren will have his way with Maia on the ground. However, Maia does have better hands. If he can stay upright, he could win the fight.
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    I would LMAO if Maia boxe him up lol. I think it is funny to even think that Askren will do whatever he wants with Maia in the grappling department imo. Maia is a can BUT we gotta respect his grappling tho
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    Askren gets bodied twice and then they set him up against someone with zero striking. Hmm...
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    LoL at thinking the junkie that hit a pregnant woman while intoxicated and then fled the scene is above assaulting a stripper.
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    Chris WeidGOD is one of my favorites I will be devastated is he lose this fight. 😣
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    No, it's not. Reyes killed his momentum in his last fight, and Weidman has none at all.
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    When strippers are more trustworthy than you, you know you lead a ****ed up life.
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    Riles me how Rogan loves that moment of 'world class commentary'.
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    BUMPPPPPPP!!!!!!! It's now official. Only change I'd make: Have Tuivasa fight Greg ****in Hardy, although Tuivasa has already been booked for this card vs. some guy.
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    I actually like to watch high level grapplers match ups tbh. I like this fight. Would watch for sure
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    Happy birthday bro! What's the plans for the day? Yeah they killed off Preacher so the next season will rush through all the content left Lone wolf and cub is the manga which all of the Baby Cart / Shogun Assassin samurai films were based on. There's about 15 I think of the omnibus version, 600+ page books but they're absolutely epic and completely absorbing works. Frank Miller cites it to be his biggest inspiration. Tarantino lists it as one of his all time favourite films. Road to Perdition is basically a tribute to it. Here's a good recent article about it and whether the Hollywood remake machine should attempt it. https://www.inverse.com/article/17747-how-lone-wolf-and-cub-can-work-in-hollywood
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    I would say the amount of unsafe days is underestimated for Chicago. It's within 5% though, if you catch my drift.
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    The ASM #50 I just got. 1st appearance of Kingpin. Little rough but mid grade copies were $300+. Got it for $135.
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    @Bubba_Sparks you seen this 🤣
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    I will be 32 tomorrow... damn I am getting old
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    Why would I fly to St lonis, or LA to get in a fight? Are you 10 years old? Still trying to be the park bully? I can tell someone they are a dead beat because of their life choices and not feel the need to act like a moron from Chicago who wants to catch assault charges as an adult. You really do lead a sad life mate. One day you may grow up, I just dont see it happening anytime soon 😃
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    All of those motherf*ckers are from New Zealand, they still suck and this card is the hottest of hot garbage.