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    Look at the problem wholistically to begin with, as has been stated, banning the tool does not stop people finding another tool. We know that poverty, lack of education and access to rescources drives a continual cycle of crime. Annonimity and disconnection with family and community are also driving things towards apathy. Simply put we start small by treating each other with respect and empathy, getting to know our neighbours at the community level. At a federal level an overhaul of criminal justice system, welfare, education and healthcare are absolutely necessary. All western countries need to begin looking at these as a starting point.
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    They don't matter though. Black people + illegal guns + strictest gun laws in America = IGNORE THAT ****! lol
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    Three times in a row, she didn't even check on the fourth she just got lucky🤣
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    so today was the big update day for Windows 10 they've been spammin; - took about an hour, Immediately after the DL was complete, the malware ransom emails start coming threatening me - I sent them a pic of my AH -
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    He missed the early deadline but was before the hard deadline so he missed out on the preliminary card. His main card picks counted.
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    buddy is cop in the south suburbs. said you wouldn't believe how many young kids from the southside go into the neighborhoods, find cars that are unlocked with guns in there car. they take the guns and go back to whatever ghetto they came from. And all they do it give the owner of a gun a sticker on the car saying to lock up your car and slap them with a $150 fine.
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    US is headed in the opposite direction especially in regard to the bold. Gov/business are putting policies/infrastructure in place encouraging people to flock to large cities. Most of the small towns are dying & the big cities people hardly even know their neighbor anymore. Community is largely sort of dead. Computers, smart phones, Anti-social media & news is not helping the collective psyche. It's kinda fractured society into small tribes online or people just stick to themselves a lot more. TBH i'd love to go back to the mid 1990's. People were way cooler back then & a lot more social community based. Everything just seems kinda meh now in comparison.
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    Lol I dislike Perry but I would enjoy him killing this idiot.
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    Yep, all AK's completely sold out on the site we got her gun from
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    -been doin' that for years.---- in mail-order instances > example - they sent me a PS5 that was DOA - i sit it on the fence and empty a 30rd clip into the package, ... then I return to sender w/ a note that says "defective" and the aforementioned pic .
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    So another govt failure...govt school didnt report the threat or police/fbi didnt take it seriously. I blame law-abiding gun owners
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    LMAO! Never happened to me b4 but AH or D!ck pics with a caption that says "suck it" or "kiss my @ss" is a fitting reply.
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    Happy 10 year forum anniversary to the realest poster in the game http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/profile/349979-tuf1_/
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    The dude who was getting the hands from Bryan Barberena is going to starch Platinum?
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    Yeah as of now she has the strongest case, I just wonder if Dana will maybe want to give her one more as it looked like she was starting to fade a little towards the end of her last fight with Ansaroff (don't get me wrong she dominated her pretty much the whole fight I just wonder how she will do if she has to go an extra two rounds.) Plus I think she's still out for a bit. “I’m saying October. I think that’s a good time,” Suarez revealed to theScore MMA. "So they had asked me if I wanted to fight in August, August 2. And I was like, no, I need to heal up. I need to make sure that I’m healthy. I need to make sure that I’m 100%. And I definitely wasn’t 100%, not even close. So I just want to make sure that I’m healthy, I’m in there, and I could just focus on my fight.”
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    I think the problem is that a large percentage of the population is incapable of empathy. Either their too stupid or too morally vacant, or I don't know what....
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    This is basically my stance. Gall should have been abandoned in the woods by the UFC tour bus long ago
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    The system is a machine of moving parts thats so broken across the western world theres no silver bullet. Poverty, education, community and our attitudes to violence in general. The tree is sick and dying and bandaid solutions wont help, time to cut the tree down and plant a new one.
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    This chit wouldn't happen in Scotland
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    In the UFC especially, they like to make sure you hit the end of your contract with as little value as possible. Not saying Platinum is definitely coming up on the end of his, but if he is, it's not a terrible idea to go out with an easy win.
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    So many exit scammers. It's unreal.