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    Lol ur boy got outstruck and will imposed on. Perry wanted to work his clinch bows against the cage but luque was holding on for DEAR life
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    Bro, keep your pants on. The ghoul is never gunna **** you
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    This bum literally only won because of blood lmfao. Judges who scored it for Luque are the same dudes who thought Robbie vs rory was a banger.. SAD
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    Worst round of mma I’ve ever seen, and it’s not close
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    Lol someone needs to throw a pic of perrys face caved in on the can after reading some of these cringe takes
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    Perry looks like he has down syndrome now
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    I've been a DC fan since the 2004 Olympics. I was a wrassler me whole life and followed the Olympics m9999
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    Me and Clegg vs the world. This is about to be lit
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    Johnny Walker is going to lose 30-26 in his next fight.
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    2 rds of this schnoozle is enuff .......... out
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    Right now she's looking more like clay ****ing guida. Stop dancing around and get stuck in ffs.
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    Youre prolly one of those dudes who thought diego lost to kampmann because his face got rearranged despite him whooping martins azz. Give Luque the last round (he didnt win it anyway) and he still lost 29-28. Dude got outboxed the first 2 rounds. You're holding a huge L tonight after those garbage xbox takes on this fight regardless
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    PLEASE let Shevchenko starch Liz so I can go to bed
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    LMFAO Perry laid and prayed the last round, got separated on the fence, and put his hands up like he won EASY 3-0 for Luque
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    Yeah. He just wall n stalled and flipped the crowd off when they boo'd. lol
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    I've actually been dealing hard drugs again. Marijuana lately, the risk and profit is worth making people happy.
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    I really was a fan back when I could afford cable as a drug dealer. These fools younger than me trying to act like day 1 DC fans are funny to me.
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    Why couldn't Nate and Showtime headline one of these jobber cards? WAY better fight than Covington against Lawler for 5 rounds.
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