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    Oh god, I miss the days when we had Bisping the GOAT representing us, instead of this can Edwards and the equally canly Till :(.
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    furniture is gay, dude. cool car > furniture
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    Where's the "GOATs who have NEVER welched" thread?
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    Two more "mass shootings" in Chicago over the weekend. Six people shot at one scene and four hit at another, but again, likely stolen firearms + suspects that are likely black (just going by how there's no suspect description in either case, which is how our state run media says "the suspect was black" nowadays) = No demands for change from the media, no villainizing of the culture, nothing. I think I heard 32 people were injured in shooting incidents over the weekend. That's actually a good weekend for that dumpster fire.
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    Valentina fan here but she only fought enough to keep the belt. My point is that Valentina could EASILY finish that can if she pulled the trigger and took a bit of risk but instead she chose to manage the fight to a decision. Sorry, I have a problem with that especially because she knew (and everybody else knew it too) that Liz was NOT gonna come forward either. Valentina has way too much potential to be in a 25 min fight with Liz.
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    You'll never get me commenting as I don't think I have enough objective evidence, so read on I do!
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    I don't see what the problem is anyways. He's like 1/3 of a man. That's sort of like a woman. I say make it happen. Let him fight Nunes too. **** it, and Cyborg.
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    They made the fight, and Iaquinta cancelled once tickets went on sale. He realized he didn't want his family to see him die. Hooker by destruction
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    I’m a retard for stating some facts about his record.... You have issues son!
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    to hell with buying furniture. just take your subwoofers and box out of the car and use it as a coffee table like i do
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    2020 Supra popping 11.4xx with a tune and downpipe
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    @Bwana... as you asked... this is the list.
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    This idiot wants a shot at Usman. If they fought 100 times, it would go to decision 100 times. lol
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    You proved @cashfl0w right by the way. I was thinking we should let you come back. He said you're a retard and that was that. Now piss off back to Sherdog, little boy.
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    lol who said you could come back around, bum? I'm of fan of the Diaz brothers and Jorge would wreck both of them. Nick already ducked back in March. Leon is a decision machine. Finish a fight and maybe he can get a shot at the best in the division.
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    The legal age is like eight years old in Mexico. If he posts a photo of his broad, he's going to have to lay off the Epstein stuff.
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    Something to be learned here @VertFTW
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    Schevchenko vs Carmouche 3 needs to happen. I couldnt think of a better venue to host it than madison square garden
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    I think there is no way DC is getting that much turn around ESPECIALLY against Jones, m8. No way he is gonna fight Jones in Nov coming from a tough opponent like Stipe. Also, it would be one of those promotions where the UFC would need reasonable time to work on it I think. Jones vs Jan ? Yeah that could be it Jones vs DC at HW ... SB weekend maybe ?
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    The local gun show promotion, whose contract was not renewed for, of all places, Ft. Lauderdale's War Memorial Auditorium, got a contract for Pembroke Pines City Center, which is closer to my house. Well, after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton the local anti-gun crowd got their jimmies rustled and told the City to cancel. City said "sorry, no can do, we have a binding contract." First show opened yesterday to "3 dozen protesters" and " thousands" of participants. I've seen this promotions shows at War Memorial, and they were well done. The next show is mid-late September, I may go just for fun.
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