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    The only thing more fragile than your ego is Pettis body. My guess is he quits in round 3 or 4 via broken cervix.
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    Pettis hit Tony so hard he started seeing chit in walls! Diaz got stopped by a kick from thomson lol
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    i dont really even know who that roiding tomato can is but at the time i typed in "ufc" into google and pressed news and that was the first article that came up, so it must really be some important stuff and i felt compelled to share. i had to alter the thread title a little just to make it look like it might be even remotely interesting.
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    well that escalatored quickly
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    She said that she only made $12K doing pr0n. And a bunch of dudes realized they've been banging low level escorts for far too much money.
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    Yeah, Ferguson kicked the chit out of Pettis so bad that he was Dark Souls rolling on the ground trying to get away after getting slumped about six times.
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    Your insult would hold more weight, and you would sound like less of a dipchit if you knew there isn't a fourth round, moron.
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    lol wut? Stipe was landing punches on him before DC landed the KO shot. Stipe was actually winning up until that moment. What fight did you watch?
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    They made the fight, and Iaquinta cancelled once tickets went on sale. He realized he didn't want his family to see him die. Hooker by destruction
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    really wish the guy would have just continually called him Fredo to see if Fredo would have actually lost it completely. video:
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    Papadopoulos' wife gone, Mrs Mooch gone, ...Trump Jr & Steve Moore, ----- Geo. Conway soon to be, and let us not forget Bezos lol * there' s no legal divorce in Tennessee or the Philippines 🙃 --- actually this is a Filipino method of divorce used regularly >
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    Honestly m8 ? I re watched that fight and I changed my mind and I wanna say Stipe was close to finish DC tbh. He got over confident and kinda pushed too hard and got caught .. But thats just my point of view and Im a can lol
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    My oldest daughter wants to set up a lemonade/cup cake stand in front of my mom's business this weekend...she wants a sign that says "Bicoin Accepted Here"...I'll take a pic if it happens.
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    He's the guy who was put on the Wheaties box right before dropping 3 straight.
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    Is Nate Diaz that dude who beat The Great Gray Maynard nineteen years ago?!
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    Oh god, I miss the days when we had Bisping the GOAT representing us, instead of this can Edwards and the equally canly Till :(.
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    lol who said you could come back around, bum? I'm of fan of the Diaz brothers and Jorge would wreck both of them. Nick already ducked back in March. Leon is a decision machine. Finish a fight and maybe he can get a shot at the best in the division.
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    They have places called strip clubs, where you and your friends can enjoy beers while looking at all the men you can handle in their undies.
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    That's the most shameless like fishing in a long time. This isn't reddit mate. Have some dignity!
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    I think @wickles82 is the biggest can on this forum ... What you guys think ? leave your like
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    Not sure I want to hang out with wickles in Stockholm now. He's very antagonistic.