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    Still got the hollow head. Have recently added to that an ability to withstand cold water. Have been swimming in lakes in Sweden with a mate who does a ton of breathing exercises to get his adrenaline pumping etc and then stays in about 5 minutes. I just plop in like a seal and stay there for 30 minutes. Might not be an ability. Could be that my mate is just a wuss. Btw, @OzStraya, I'm pleased that Google maps has finally decided to cover Australia.
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    He's not been the same since you destroyed him with the De Gea stuff
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    Holy chit this is vert.
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    I noticed you avoided my Brittle Knuckles thread. I'm not surprised, mother****ers! The truth hurts.
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    Like when he tricked you into stretching out this thread for a while, tater?
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    Yes it's much more heroic to get your legs blown off, develop PTSD, and have your whole life ruined because your government has agendas and loves that war money profit. Statist level 100000000
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    Gonna start the surge 2 and code vein this week. Been Bush with Borderlands 3 farming chit. After tomorrow I'm probably done with it until BL3 until the DLC.
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    i just ate a couple burrito's a few hours ago. i'm afraid that if i try to record it, i'll end up chitting all over my phone.
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    Jeeeesus.. this guy is beyond cringe.
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    "I'm not marked out because of a hat!" Mentions the origins of the hat in the next post. lol
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    Who the fck would reply to this gay chit? "Do you fancy me? Are you in the closet? Do you have a serious inferior complex? Im guessing you do, as all that comes out your mouth is homosexual references and sheer hate to Islam. It’s also very silly and makes you look 8 years old It looks to me, you’re beyond any reasoning." That is wickle's reply when I asked for his address. He's a subhuman. Mods, how much money will you accept to ban him please? He's a cnt.
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    Everyone knows Bob Evans is the premium mash. I wished I lived in a trailer somewhere much closer to the casino
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    You really are stupid. The Killa Gorilla was still eating fried chicken during fight week for those big boy bouts. Now he's on the salmon with asparagus and a little Bob Evan's mash during fight week. Tell me that boy is missing a meal.
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    Don't let me catch stanning for that Hooker idiot this weekend then. Dude walks around bigger than Covington. lol
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    Killa Gorilla will SMASH them, then move to Welterweight and SMASH whatever dummy is holding the title there
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    It amazes me that gamers are really ruining new games. They can't figure anything out themselves anymore. The new COD didn't have a minimap which to me is awesome. Foglets whined and they added one. I would much rather use sound and sight to fight than to just be able to spam UAVs.