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    Reward him with Ngannou if he returns ?
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    im sure the waitresses there will appreciate your patronage
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    You guys find a half-truth and then spin it as a huge criminal conspiracy and it never pans out. And LOL at talking about Hillary's noncompliance with a senate investigation. She testified for 12 hours and dunked on the Republican controlled house. Drumpf has set the gold standard on obstructing congress. R's can never complain again at this point.
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    He just wanted to have a pow wow. Chief Moneybags Soros told her to make a scene though. Then he ordered CNN to put out the audio to enflame the issue. Typical white people trying to sabotage the Indians.. er... Native Americans, excuse me.
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    Take this ghey GSP talk out if my Jiri thread. TIA
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    As if I needed confirmation that he was a ****ing foglet... I hope the supplier at Kings MMA breaks his knee caps when they get popped.
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    Lev Parnas is being prosecuted for multiple campaign violations, will say anything to save his own ****, and the Dems' own witnesses who already tesitfied before the House contradict his statements.
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    i remember him posting a receipt where he tipped less than a dollar. i bet he tried that shiit in mexico and they threw him over the wall.
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    @VertFTW take notes, this is how you discuss vacations when you aren't poor and constantly worried about prices.
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    Schiff already got 5 Pinocchios and his opening isn't finished -
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    He ran in '08 on re-writing NAFTA .... he owns it-
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    I personally don't like or trust John Roberts -
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    is it worse than getting tkod by matt serra?
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    At this very moment Trump is signing phase one of a ground breaking trade deal with China. Present in the room are all the movers and shakers from the best and biggest companies in the USA. Trump is thanking each and every one of them personally as he goes around the room. Just imagine the positive energy that will flow from such a meeting, positive energy which will translate into more jobs as companies continue the push to expand which in turn will boost the economy and make for a stronger America. And the Dems?? Yeah, right.
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    That was Gamora from the past. Current day Black Widow died just like current day Gamora did. They brought past Gamora back with them but apparently nobody thought to go back and give past Black Widow a chance.