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    Yup. These: 1. Amanda Nunes 2. Valentina Shevchenko 3. Weili Zhang 4. Jessica Andrade 5. Rose Namajunas 6. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 7. Holly Holm 8. Germaine De Randamie 9. Tatiana Suarez 10. Katlyn Chookagian 11. Aspen Ladd 12. Jessica Eye 13. Julianna Pena 14. Claudia Gadelha 15. Nina Ansaroff
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    Everyone has a plan, till they get poked in the eye....Jones by GnP
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    Three rounds to two Reyes. It's just that ****ing simple. Thank **** I don't pay to watch this chit.
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    The reason 165 is talked about is because there's a ton of talented fighters from 155 - 170. That becomes less and less the case as you move up in weight. Heavyweight is already pretty limited on talent. Splitting it in half would just leave you with two ****tier weight classes.
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    Did you do a major in aviation at your #top20?
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    **** that. You gotta win the fight to win the fight.... And Reyes won the fight. lol
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    You are making demands like someone on here cares. This topic has been talked about a million times. Nothing is going to change because it's the commissions that need to change.
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    Turns out I'm much better at betting on things that I know nothing about. Sir @cashfl0w, here is your AV. As ever, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
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    Ya know, I'm happly for Andy Reid the most. Living in PA and dealing with retarded Eagles fans my whole life, they chit on him every chance they got. Good for him.
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    Got back with my favorite girlfriend from like a decade ago. Life is good.
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    Cringe. Just when he was becoming likeable, he did a 180 and turned into an annoying jigg AGAIN
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    No one that frequents the forums have any control over that.
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    Happy to see Andy Reid win one at last. The fact it wasnt with the iggles makes it better
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    I knew mentally you were 12, but I didn't realize you were really just 12
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    That whole situation was sketchy. Her story changed, she banged another dude within hours of banging Kobe, and then when her case started to crumble she decided not to testify and instead took it to civil court. She was looking for a pay day.
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    seen enough chit about that to say I believe he didn't rape her.
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    How would turning up the last two minutes of a fight swayed a moronic judge who had it 49-46 Jones?
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    I think somebody should do an annual state of the fora address.
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    Only fighter that should be raging is Gaethje. If you look at the top 10 Poirier, Cerrone, Barboza, Iaquinta all coming off losses. Felder and Hooker are fighting each other. And Lee lives in a world where he already believes he's the champion. Even if the whole division deserved a title shot, it should be of no surprise Dana is angling to put his biggest cash cow in history in a headlining title fight whether he deserves it or not.
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    I do find it rather funny that the guy who literally did an economics degree says I was busting my **** – but nobody taught me finance.😂