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    I didn't catch a screenshot or photo of Pettis' face so here's this:
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    Did you really just post a thread with a PHOTO of an interview and not even a link? This is the ****tiest thread I've ever seen. Mods, shut this down.
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    Pretty much this, if you talk a little **** but realize it's just a forum and have fun then you will enjoy it here. If you are sensitive, over share, and get rustled when people make negative comments then you won't. I talk **** to vert and he talks **** back basically every week but he laughs it off keeps posting without ****ing about it which I like and which is also partially why I keep doing it. If the opportunity presents itself to meet up and have a beer or talk then I would do it with pretty much every member of the forum... besides Bubba. That ****er flew like 4500 miles and stayed overnight within a couple of hours of me and never even mentioned meeting up.😉
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    Peon Edwards. That crying can has been begging for a Masvidal fight to try to steal his shine and now Nate comes off a 3 year lay off and calls his name and we all know that's the fight to make. Masvidal vs Diaz is the superfight of the century. I'm going to call out of work for that one.
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    One of the worst threads ever ? @Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU is a big can. Who is with me ?
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    Imagine thinking that @juice64011 @sobercuban @TigerChamp aren't terrible mods and just generally terrible people. Sober and WarWest had Lil Kristian fearing for his damn life!!! Seriously though the fact that the mods just let us get on with it is one of the best things about the forum. We are all grown men ( @NikkiNeversleep), if you can't handle being called a prick on the internet then you need help lol. And yes, I am @ing everyone to pad my likes, @zaksame.
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    LMFAO, oh okay. We have had ZERO contact with the UFC for over 3 years, you can no longer access the forum from UFC.com, they eliminated the membership package that came with two PPVs and they're not putting in enough effort in promoting it, the Fight Club twitter account only posts once every few weeks. Not to mention, the forum population is aging, people are doing the family thing, people drift away. But yeah, it's the mods. You calling anyone a troll is as laughable. Keep spamming walls of text about your ex-girlfriend and your vagrant lifestyle. If you need a hand off that high horse let me know.
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    That is all. Stick yer questions up yer aѕses.
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    You went on holiday for 9 hours? Most people call that sleeping.
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    He wasn't a heel. That dude was begging to be accepted and everyone just hated him.
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    If you report people for chit like this and then post chit like this yourself, you should be banned for excessive fаggotry.
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    Or smoke em. Because that might explain his condition.
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    Met the future Mrs TC the other night.
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    @Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU see, this is how you make a news thread. it has all the information you need and a link incase you want to explore further. you could learn a thing or two from someone like @Jolldan
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    fundamentally, you need to realise that you, like everyone else, are a broken and flawed person, who will only be eternally restored if you repent and give your life to Christ. PM if you want to know more!
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    Jones won't take that fight. He was too shook to fight DC at heavyweight, and he already has a W over him. There's zero chance he fights Stipe.
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    When I found out my ex's (we dated BEFORE she met this dude) baby-daddy blew his brains out..... ... I remembered that the last conversation I had hit with him was me saying I was going to beat him into the hospital. I had that brief moment of pause....... ......when I realized I should have beaten the ѕhit out of him that day because I'd never have another chance to do it. ..... so I ****ed his chick on the 1-year anniversary of his death instead. Just wore her right-the-fuϲk-out, right on the floor. Wheel talk.
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