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    Named after Teddy Roosevelt and born on the 4th of July. True story.
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    Do I get credit for the P4P worst forum prediction ever?
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    Just two fights into his promotional run and that'll be it, folks. He's in the history books for getting KOed 4 times in 2 fights and getting his hand raised after getting KOed 3 times in his first fight. Robbie didn't waste much time either Slam KOing this bum in 13 seconds and then knocked him out again moments later. He enjoys having his head buried in another man's crotch and he ran that d!cksucker more than Jorge talked chit before this fight. He even went as far as to say that he could beat Jorge any way that he wants. Without a doubt the biggest backfire ever. In two fights he's in the history books for all of the wrong reasons. Congratulations Ben Askren Jorge mocked your death old school Tank Abbott style. You are now a penny stock in this promotion... #BOOMROASTED
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    The video is 4 mins long, you replied in 2. Quit being a nancy and watch the darn thing
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    My friends, it's with great pleasure that I FINALLY show what I've been working on for the last couple of months. I'm going all in on YouTube with videos covering different stuff. Please share your thoughts, your feedback is very important. You can follow the project @comicfiedsports on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram http://twitter.com/comicfiedsports http://facebook.com/comicfiedsports http://instagram.com/comicfiedsports/ NEW VIDEO:
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    Junior isn't going to wrestle. He's going to do that thing he does where he puts his back against the cage and just waits to get slept.
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    Ben will try to suck Jorge's d!ck the entire fight.
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    I've made an executive decision, and you will not be making threads anymore. And change that goddamn username too, you idiot.
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    Santos 1,2,5 like Banham said, it's the new Diaz 1,2,5
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    Weidman would absolutely kill jon no questions asked
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    Askren's wife thinking "why doesn't Ben get that stiff for me?"
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    I don't think it's far fetched to think Jones doesn't know who the hell Artem Lobov is at all. He probably doesn't know half the jobbers at his own gym.
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    What an absolute embarrassment of a "champion".
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    You don't get rematches when you get KNOCKED OUT COLD IN TWO SECONDS you inbred beta cuck.
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    Anyone that thinks santos didn’t win 1.2.5 shouldn’t watch this chit
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    Trying to find some inspiration
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    Santos 1,2, and 5 abt to become the new diaz 1,2, and 5
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    Jorge Masvidal has knockout of the year followed by knockout of the year in the same goddamn year. Marty from Nebraska... you can't shoulder bump your way to victory in a 25 minute fight. You're so f*cked.
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    Do you only ride the jocks of minority fighters to enhance your blackness?
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    I was enjoying Ben in the UFC at first but I lost a lot in confidence in his ability and respect for him not wanting to avenge that L he took in about 20 seconds against Robbie Lawler. He got dumped on his head and fists ran through his face. He never submitted Robbie that bout should be a NC at best. Robbie Lawler recently lost a fight against Donald Cerrone ffs.
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