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    Honestly thought this was an Ozpride and @12er© beef thread. Disappointed.
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    Just delete this
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    Lmfao my hot take from 2012 finally hits Gus SUCKS
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    Winning a lawsuit and actually being paid are two different things.
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    Over the weekend I happened to find a childhood photo of @Bubba_Sparks
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    This dude is giving Vert a serious run for cringe poster of the year
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    You have to read the books to even make it into the top 20 I'm afraid mate.
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    This dude is worse than herpes.
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    Conor is so deep in this edgy lad's head I'm wondering if he's actually Paulie?
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    Good choice, his health has to be a concern at this point.
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    One of the funniest pictures in forum history
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    Jessica Eye is the worst fighter in UFC history, she's like Elias Theodorou but a female
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    Being the smartest retard still wont get you into Ivy Leagues breh
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    Same. We should ban OP for duping us like that.
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    Joshua got thrown for five by a latino Derrick Lewis
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    It's an Onion article.
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    Damn I feel bad for Jimmy dude's kid is front row for that
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    Nearly got Final Destinationed this week. Went to mow my wife's families property. Apparently the mower hadn't been serviced in a while. I put a few gallons of gas in. Get on and start it up and look back to see flames shooting out the pipe, inches away from the gas tank which is covered in spilt gas. The next day, I'm driving home and stop at a 4 way intersection. Look left, nobody there. Look right, nobody there. I start inching out and a semi comes barreling around the corner through the stop sign going 40. I hit the brakes and he swerves and just misses my front bumper. I should atleast get to lay pipe on prime Ali Larter like Devin Sawa before I die.
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    Probably old news but I saw Bryan Caraway was gone too. Good times.
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    Today is voting day in the European elections. I have no interest in going into European party politics, but I am getting moderately miffed at the number of my friends patting each other on the back on social media because they've voted. Well done. You walked into a booth and wrote a cross on a piece of paper. Kids these days...