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    Normally I think your predictions are complete fu*king rubbish M8. This time is no different.
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    After drinking untold beers and smoking a fattie, I went for a walk in the back 40...I had a head lamp on, it was raining and about 38 degrees. A cold and bone chilling night I was thinking, and spooked a few deer out in the meadow. I came upon 1 of my drain basins, a buried cement box about 8'x8' and 7' deep...it has an industrial steel grate on it about 2" thick. My rain water is collected and fed into the basin, which feeds more basins in-line,,,then pumped to my ponds through massive grinder pumps. I thought I heard something splashing, maybe even a high pitched whimper..."no I must be high, nothing could fall in there." I scour the bottom with my light, yes something splashing around...I see it, holy fukk !!! I run to the barn, fire up the Kabota M62 high lift, grab some big tow chain, and an 8' ladder to climb down in the basin. Hook the chains up to the steel grate(weighs about 500 lbs), and lift the grate clear, look down in the hole...yep, he's still down there splashing around in the cold water like a fat biitch trying to mud wrestle. I thrown the ladder down the hole and start climbing down, I get almost to the bottom...and CLICK/DUNK on comes the pumping station ! Three 4" pipes start ripping water into the basin, I'm drenched in 1 second...soaked, boots filled with water. Gates open and the water floods to the second basin, fuk !!...I'm out of the hole, and driving to the next basin, ladder on my shoulder, I've got to pull the steel grate on this one fast,,,the water is pumping up NOW. I hop off the machine, yep still dry whew !,,,put the chains on the second grate and pop that biitch, throw the ladder down the hole, and run down that fkr....and wait..........I can hear the water coming, this isn't going to be pretty, I staring into the 8" pipe the water will come blasting out of any second. Whoosh ! here it comes, filling up the basin with me standing in it, I'm knee deep and rising fast...there he is !! I snatch his azz up, hold him against my chest and climb out of my cold watered tomb...I got him !!!! He was cold as fuk, trying to suck my body heat up for survival. I was freezing, soaked to the bone, knee high rubber boots filled. I put the little guy inside my coat, and grabbed a shovel and started digging a hole under a big pine tree with a spring and big rocks under it, it's still pouring down rain. I made him a nice bed of leaves and pine needles, he was all set. Now for those that haven't bailed out on account of boredom, NO it's not a cute puppy dog, NO it's not a puffy kitty cat with a pink fkn collar, NO it's not even the stupid fawn I had to jump into the iced over pond and save one winter...that's right, it's the mythical and elusive Pseudotriton montanus montanus, commonly known as the Eastern Mud Salamander. They are on the endangered list, very rare if ever seen, how rare you might say ? UPDATE several located in Macon County North Carolina (12/15/2015) [16] Update: 4/24/2016 found in National Forest in Lumpkin County, near Dahlonega, GA. Yea, like never seen....they reach sexuality maturity at 4-5 years, and live to be about 15 years old. Considering our brutal climate, dropping below 0 F regularly in the winter, that's pretty amazing. This Stud will be ruling my property, fornicating every orange colored lass he wishes. He'll roam my ponds and wetlands with lust and a loving respect for it's owner,,,he'll live a happy life of food, sex, and pumpkin colored puzzy. The End, #SuperBwana
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    Lel why would anyone buy one of those new fangled automobile when there are perfectly good horse and buggies
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    definitely UFC related
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    Tell us more about the work ethic back in your day old timer
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    No. Terrible working conditions. No paid holidays. They limit our internet usage if we don't get our chores done. Being a stay at home son is not recommended.
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    As somebody that has been an expert on vitamins for 20 minutes now, I would suggest GNC Sport for multi vitamin and GNC's triple strength fish oil brand.
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    heres some more recent pics i think either should or will become iconic in the near future
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    Ordered pizza tonight. Total was 33.55$ I paid 36.55$ Delivery driver said, that's it? I apologized, said one second. Picked up the 6.55$ in change, and dropped back the 3.55$ and said, nope, now that's it, then I closed the door on him. Hopefully the little brat learned what a tip is tonight.
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    I respect that Rick Story retired finally
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    And 12er with 60% completed on UFC Personal Trainer LMFAO
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    I would like to wish everybody a great day! Enjoy!
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    I respect that Josh Koscheck got almost murdered like 5 times before retiring rather than just retiring with some dignity.