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    They know she's going to leave, and they're looking for someone that runs her over and lowers her value for when she signs with Bellator. Give them some time to hunt one down, and she'll be catching another L.
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    Okay, so the latest on Brexit.... Well, let's start with a recap. The fine upstanding citizens of the UK voted over 3 years ago to exit the EU by around 52% to 48%. Most of the whiny millenials didn't actually vote, and have been whining about the result ever since, along with all the Guardian readers and Scottish people. Anyway, to actually exit, we have two options. The first is to exit with no deal in place. That means that we trade under the WTO rules from day 1 i.e everything costs more until we do specific trade deals. The second is to do a deal with the EU that covers settlement fees, citizens' rights, borders etc. etc. Once we've done a deal with the EU, we have to have a majority of our MP's (equivalent of congress) vote in favour of the deal. After lots of agonising and hand-wringing, our former PM, Teresa May, did a deal with the EU about a year ago. However, parliament voted against it 3 times, including quite a few from her own party. The big sticking point was what is known as the Irish backstop; basically there was a rule that said unless we find a good way to deal with the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland would have to stay in EU rules indefinitely. Nobody liked this for obvious reasons - it meant the EU could in effect keep us in their rules no matter what we did. Fair play to him, the new PM, Boris Johnson, has negotiated a new deal with the EU. The handling of the Irish border is a bit different, and a lot of the good stuff from the EU stays. It's about as good a deal as we'll ever get. But now....it has to get through parliament. So tomorrow, there will be a debate followed by a vote. Two of the main opposition parties have already come out and said they won't back the deal. The main opposition party leader certainly won't back it, but half his own party hate him anyway, so they might vote for it out of spite. So this really is a crunch moment. If the MP's vote for the deal, they'll regain a little bit of respect. If they vote against it, at least two thirds of the country will be fairly pissed off. This has taken over 3 years, and so far, nothing has been achieved. My expectations are extremely low. They're a bunch of self-serving cowards, who should be taken in front of Her Majesty and executed for treason. I'm hoping they prove me wrong, but I expect them to carry on their gutless ways and not vote for it. They've actually voted for 12 different possible scenarios previously, and not one of those scenarios has received a majority. "Democracy" comes in many different forms.... Fundamentally, the problem is that the EU does not want Britain to thrive outside the EU because that sends a bit of a message to the rest of the EU. However, they can't screw us too much because they still want to trade with us and give us an okay deal when we leave. It's a shambles, and if we'd just stayed as an economic trading union instead of all this nonsense about common laws, none of this would have happened. At it's core, the European Union is a great idea. It's just been completely warped over the last 20 or so year. Any questions, please ask Vert, the self proclaimed most British poster.
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    conor is retired. all he does is bark on twitter and act like he might fight sometime, just to keep whatevers left of his casual followers from forgetting about his simple existance.
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    On a related note, apparently someone named Melissa Gatto is signed to the UFC.
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    when gsp says he is going to come back and fight, he comes back and fights. just like the last time, when he said he was coming back to fight,, and he came back to fight and brought home another belt from the greatest champion that the UK will ever get to pay homage to. when gsp says he is going to make his comeback and fight khabib the great, he will come back and fight khabib the great. the G in GSP stands for Integrity. and GSP is no doubt a man of honour and integgerty chicken mcnuggets on the otherhand has been tweeting pretty much every day for a year now about how he's gonna fight. truth is the dudes still too scared to actually sign on to a fight ever since khabib the great gave that angus a good raw diggly diggling
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    If Lebron keeps digging this hole, he might dig enough to get back to his motherland of China anyways. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27852687/inside-lebron-james-adam-silver-make-break-moments-china "One of the league's core values is freedom of expression, Silver said. "It's what you guys stand for." And to not speak, he said, could lead to criticism for staying silent. Silver opened the floor. James raised his hand. His question was related to Morey -- and the commissioner's handling of the Rockets' GM. James, to paraphrase, told Silver that he knew that if a player caused the same type of uproar with something he said or tweeted, the player wouldn't be able to skate on it. There would be some type of repercussion. So, James wanted to know, what was Silver going to do about it in Morey's case? Silver pushed back, reminding the players that the league never doled out discipline when they publicly criticized President Donald Trump. Morey was exercising the same liberty when he challenged China. Regardless of the financial fallout of one versus the other, that's not what should matter. Silver might have disliked the ramifications of Morey's tweet, but he would defend the right to say it."
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    they were calling it for years. and some of the reporters on tv were even in tears when she lost lol
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    It's a pretty average castle tbh honest but we don't have many in Oz. Bucks in Two weeks Which of our posters current marriage situations will Oz most likely end up in?
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    Couldn't agree more. I'd love to see McGregor vs Justin & Ngan vs Rumble would be nuts. My contributions Izzy vs Costa, Yoel or Killa Gorilla are all sick fights Justin vs Tony would be insane Jon Jones vs. Johnny Walker
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    I'm not mad at any of you, just disappointed but atleast we can all agree on one thing
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    when you look through the youtube comments to find one redeeming comment to give you an excuse to watch it... and there isn't any
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    Besides the wimmens, this list was surprisingly coherent of Chael. 10. Jones vs Rumble 9. Hooker vs Cerrone 8. Willy Zane vs Joanna not champion 7. Masvidal vs Edwards 6. Masvidal vs Colby 5. Nunes vs Shevchenko 4. McGregor vs Gaethje 3. GSP vs Khabib 2. Rumble vs Ngannou 1. Tony vs Khabib
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    You lost credibility. I realized you think you're trolling, and you don't buy any of this crap. You're probably even voting for Trump at the next election. You ain't fooling me.
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    “I said it leading into the Mayweather fight, ‘he may never fight again after this fight when you make this kind of money,” White said. “He’s fought once since then. Conor loves to fight and wants to fight again, but the Frankie Edgar fight isn’t going to happen.”-Baldie
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    Check his teeth. If they're not all jacked up inbred looking & more yellow than a Hong Kong protester he's not British.
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    Im not afraid of wrestling kebab either cause just like kevin i have zero chance of ever fighting him too.
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    should just keep moving with the cernts on there. See just how willing they are to save the planet. One less mouth breather on the planet will help their cause as well, lol
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    The two party system greatly hampers any type of progress in our country. To set aside the games for a minute, having two options for decades has done nothing but grind Washington D.C. to a halt. One side just blames the other for literally everything, and they both deliberately block anything beneficial for the people of the other to ensure their team is the only one scoring political "victories". Is it similar with Brexit?