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    Ahhhhhh I love when fighters I hate go off the deep end.
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    He finished on top. But another guy gives him the hands. BJ can be heard at the end saying, "Let me kill him, let me kill him!" I used to be the biggest fan of that guy but he belongs in a nuthouse with Tony and Mayhem.
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    Hope he finally won a fight lol
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    Watching Umbrella Academy and my takeaway is give needy girls that good D and they'll believe the stupidest chit
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    I'd rather ride my bike. lol I used to have a Jeep. Those things are rolling pieces of chit. When I got rid of it, it had transmission problems, engine problems, the goddamn thing was falling apart with like 100K miles.
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    .... yeah, he regrets it bcoz it cost him a chunk of the Brit market .
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    ill never forget the embarassing time when i was stuck out of town with a friend in the dead of winter in her old jeep and we parked in this sandy parking area thing just off the road to roll a joint and somehow managed to get the jeep stuck in the ground and we couldnt get it out. even in 4wd it just kept spinning tires and digging in further. tried digging sand out from under the wheels and driving out but just ended up spinning out and digging into the sand even harder. we found some boards by this construction site and put it under the tires but still couldnt gain much for traction. tried pushing it. had some old people stop and try to help push but the thing just didnt want to go. the tires were literally digging into some kind of soft sand. AAA roadside assistance wouldnt come to get us out because we werent on an actual road, but we were literally like 10 feet away from one! thankfully after like 2 hours of freezing our asses off , some dude in a truck comes by and pulled us out and then we could finally head back to town f*ck that jeep. it was the work of the devil
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    Weird post but ok lol. I had a jeep wrangler till last year. It was ****ing garbage tbh, admittedly I bought 2nd hand but it was probably the worst car I drove. Also, I don't think most women give a **** what car you drive when it comes to getting laid. My two cents.
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    how did GSP duck USADA when he put himself through VADA testing leading up to the fight, which Johny completely ducked out of by the way. And VADA>USADA. USADA is known for hiding and discarding test results, and look how long it took them to catch Lance Armstrong. Not to mention vada does more extensive testing as well. So if the UFC were to have buddied up with VADA instead of USADA all those years ago, TJ Dildoshaw and all the rest of the blood dopers from team alpha male would be running out the back door or getting the banhammer years ago. Not in 2019 right after USADA finally able to do CIR testing and all of a sudden people are finally getting caught. these guys are years behind the 8ball.
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    BJ is so washed up all he could do was lay on a rando.
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    Herzog is usually a decent ref but he should have broke these 2 up multiple times in the first round. Cunningham was just leaning on him on the cage without throwing for 30 seconds+ at a time.
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    now that's what I'm talkin' about !
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    I like Tuesday Night Baldie. I am a HUGE fan of that guy.
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    Baldie wouldn't even look him in the face when he came past. LOL
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    Dana is gunna roast this guy. Only trying to fence ****
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    Johns should be in the UFC. Baldie better not use the decision to keep him out.
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    i bet that didnt happen in canada eh?
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    Diego will bury this idiot then let chiesa rematch kevin in bare knuckle please
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    Harden is a cheating, greedy, ballhog grub. He travels, flops, fakes getting hit and fakes shooting 3's to get those 36 points. He also steps in on 3point shooters in the air. He's a miserable cuck and as an individual he choked in the playoffs. He doesn't make players around him better, he's a glory hunter. Fook him and his 36+. MVP shouldnt be based on scoring alone.
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    Be a great manager for chelsea, finally someone to give the youth a chance for them
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    Here we go with "pulsing" and "picograms" again. Sucks that O'Malley isn't a headliner, they would have just moved the card to California for him if he was.