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    Put an accent in the word America again and you'll be in a shallow grave.
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    suckle a giant's teet for 3 months... what an experience
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    Not really mate, this just sounds like your typical lad from Liverpool to me.
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    Local sources say his hotel room was as ruined as his UFC career.
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    Woodley blacked him last fall, maybe he likes it.
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    Till, from England, reportedly was arrested in Tenerife, which is the largest island in the Canary Islands chain off the northwest coast of Africa. According to a report from the Daily Mail in England, citing an initial report from Spain’s El Dia, Till and four other Brits with him were arrested for allegedly trashing a hotel, then speeding off in a taxi while the cab’s driver loaded their luggage into the trunk. According to the reports, after being kicked out of one hotel for breaking furniture and emptying out fire extinguishers, they tried to go to another hotel and were not welcomed in. When a cab came to take them, the group allegedly got into the cab while the driver was loading the trunk, then sped off. They reportedly later were caught by police and arrested early this past Thursday morning in the Costa Adeje area of the island. https://mmajunkie.com/2019/04/darren-till-arrested-allegedly-stealing-cab-trashing-hotel-canary-islands-ufc-crime-report
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    Weird. It's ok to opine about Christchurch till the cows come home but Sri Lanka gets taken down immediately. Funny how censorship only seems to work in one direction.
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    I got the strangest b0ner ever over Arya's side-boob
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    I was like "goddamn, he not only has the magic ϲock, he can sing too", Lucky bastard.
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    I don't understand why that thread was deleted ?, I must have missed something.
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    Im might start posting again at sherdog if América is there lol
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    Zaksame now doing his own drugs tests on fighters?
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    Didn't Brittle Knuckles fight in 2018? He won't be back til 2020 at the earliest.
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    Haha damn should have had a better password
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    Thats awesome!!! I want to see him get another good KO
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    That's a good plan... I always enjoy a good Reem KO
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    bellator so exciting when your champ calls out Josh Thompson