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    I've been following that story and you can tell it's BS. The media, celebs, and politicians are eating it up though. Two guys were supposedly walking around looking to beat someone up at 2 am and they let him go with little more than a light scratch on his cheek. He still had the noose around his neck 45 minutes after the attack when the cops showed up. The first thing you would do is remove that not walk home with it around your neck. He made the cops turn off their body cameras before entering his place. He initially told the cops that the guys were wearing masks and gloves. So he wouldn't be able to tell their race. TMZ reported that they were white men and yelled MAGA country before the cops were even told that. Then he changed his story during the second interview by police. He wouldn't release his phone records to the cops for weeks. Then he provided doctored phone records with the important times redacted. The cops raided the homes and confiscated computers of two Nigerian men that were persons of interest.
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    The blue line is the designation of new posts to you. You've seen the ones previous to it.
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    You mean to tell me you didn't buy that some random person was recognized and subsequently attacked on the street by two white hooligans carrying a noose, acid, and yelling MAGA in Chicago (the least MAGA place on the planet) and it wasn't captured on camera in an area where there's not an inch of space that you can hide?!?! Yeah, I knew it was a lie when he said he was recognized by some dudes yelling MAGA, because people who yell MAGA don't watch Empire. You're right.
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    Ever since the thing where the black church was burned and someone spraypainted "Vote Trump" on it and it turned to be a black perp, I withhold judgement in that kinda **** until the facts roll in.
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    Okay this is absurd My ENTIRE house smells like a grow operation because of a triple-bagged quarter ounce of weed. Not only does it stink the place up, it's far too potent. I'm not building a tolerance to it, and a tiny amount liquefies me. Hits way too harsh as well. I just took one bong rip and my throat is destroyed like I took too big of a dab and I'm coughing my brains out. Now I'm uncomfortably high. I need to find out if my buddy can get ahold of more though, so potent.
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    Interesting, you "stole" my thread lol...you're listed as the OP & jumped first post. You're a GOAT Mod....and a biitch
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    Boy, who could have known this moron was Empire was lying? His story seemed so plausible...
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    Yo, and what the fuϲk is up with this Ilhan Omar chick?
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    This is good news Bellator champions Michael Chandler and Patricio Freire have been talking about a fight for some time. It appears they’ll finally get it. On Thursday, ESPN.com cited sources in reporting that Chandler (19-4 MMA, 16-4 BMMA) and Freire (28-4 MMA, 16-4 BMMA) will square off May 11 in the Bellator 221 headliner from Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill. MMAjunkie later verified the news with a person close to the situation who requested to remain anonymous because a formal announcement hasn’t been made, though is expected later this week.
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    Did you take geography with Identity?
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    Till was taken down by Cerrone who is a terrible wrestler. He was also taken down by Dalby who again isn't a good wrestler. Woodley is still a great fighter but he is aging so he hasn't been using his wrestling and relies on striking. He lands less than half of his TD attempts and and the last time that he had more than 1 takedown in a fight was vs Condit 5 years ago.
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    Weidman would get his **** kicked in a trilogy fight. And I picked Weidman twice.
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    Ben Shapiro destroys a socialist wannabe.
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    Yoooo Punisher season 2 was the ish
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    If your definition of livable is having 2 months of good weather a year then this list really hits the nail on the head! But screw that! I'd rather live someplace where it isn't dark half the year and hovering around zero, even if it's supposedly a little less "livable".........
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    I didn't know that Lyme got that bad. Scary chit. It's crazy that a little tick could **** you up for life.
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    He took Alphabet 101 with Vert in high school.
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    Cain v NG is probably going to look a lot like Cain vs Kongo, unfortunately. UFC really need to start having fewer stacked cards. If this one loses it's main no would watch, kind of like the last ppv
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    Is Chicago in Europe, mouthbreather?
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    I bet he couldn't beat The Model Rick Martel though lol