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    Or... Hear me out on this one... Maybe they cut back on PPVs and just have less cards so that the cards are better.
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    LMFAO at you bums talking about business, 90% of you don't even have 50k to your name, Dana will release a PPV every damn week if he wants, and you dummies will still buy it
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    ITR and me should be on all UFC cards. We never pull out..
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    yeah I remember looking forward to a UFC event and knowing everyone fighting in them, now there is a ton of event full of unknown people that you just could not care less about.
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    They should just have 5 or 6 ppvs a year and more fight nights. The cards are garbage for the most part anyway. If they had three title fights on a card and three good title contender fights, I'd gladly drop $100 an event.
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    It sounds like they will remain on BT sports. I know some people were complaining about the move previously so thought I would share. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sports/news/report-ufc-trigger-exit-clause-on-upcoming-eleven-sports-deal/ar-BBQRm1T
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    Rumbo and I were heckling him at 230
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    You mean the Ortega that got lucky as fook. That Ortega? Sorry, but that get your a** kicked until you get lucky style isn't gonna work anymore.
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    Streams aren't crappy anymore. I usually find an HD one in 1-2 minutes
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    Shay Laren's big natties always bring a smile to my face and a rise in my pants.
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    Damn you Conor and Max for smashing Aldo so badly the only fights he can get are bums like Jeremy Stephens and random Brazilians nobody has heard of.
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    The REAL sequel news https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/12/12/punisher-netflix-release-date-announced/
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    I guess I only was paying 7 bucks per month for all live shows.
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    lol even Cash is using reddit strams these days
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    The British Isle's and its citizens are recognised by all as a bastion of all that is good, fair and decent in a world gone crazy. How dare you cast such baseless aspersions upon their character. Meh, okay, You got me, lol.
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    Good. They should ban candy corn while they're at it.
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    I did think I would say it sucked and was surprised by how much I still thought it sucked.
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    ^^Does somebody read those posts??
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    These are the kind of fights that would restore my faith in u fight cheap.