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    Nah, but Kadyrov did take him to the concentration camps for gay people and let him hang a few. Even flung one or two off a rooftop ISIS-style.
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    My buddy bought black ops 4 so I got it via game share. Time to uninstall since this just happened. Da fuk Bubba!?
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    Yeah, but you do what you gotta do to get that $18 a night hotel rate Plus it got me all warmed up for the event. Shadow boxed pretty much the entire way.
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    Good to see Wilder finally step up in competition...
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    The streets of Russia are hard and scary. You people wouldn’t know because you don’t get off your buns and travel to these events like I do. Your first stop after the airport needs to be the weapons store. There are also a lot of good Hostels in Moscow for 7 bucks a night. Be careful though. It’s a hard city. Like Bangkok. Not uncommon to see a head in the street. Jeffdubya
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    He gave him the Benz because it's really heavy, and the gays get drawn underneath when you hit them, instead of flying over the top.
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    That throw was the most embarrassing thing he's done in the last month. His PR team found a way to make me forget the Khabib fight. That's talent.
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    This is some of that high class premium forum humor. OP got chased off like Louis CK at point. He was afraid Mr. Lach was going to corner him and KO him in the bathroom at Mayweather/McGregor. FACTS.
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    Yeah, well I didnt realize it was a buy here, pay here lot so I left. Thought you could make payments.
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    In close fights like this you got to pick the bigger and blacker guy And Kevin wins in BOTH categories
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    Khabib would beat Colby and Tyron in one night, within 5 rounds, like a WWE handicap match
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    Y'all ain't never getting my name on that list. I drank piss and posted a video of doing it, I ain't no welch.
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    You've been a Khabib fan since UFC 229, you didn't even know who he was before that (not that I blame you)
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    I joined in 2015 you fool what is it with you arrogant old timers you think your opinions matter more because you joined the site earlier get a bloody life
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    Tito would beat DC as well so not sure the point of those gifs...
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    LOLOL the way it immediately starts helicoptering the second it leaves his hand
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    Did you walk 19 miles to the event by yourself like you did in Brooklyn?
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    Deontay Wilder Damn Near Kills A Mascott lol
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    Took him longer to dive for ankles than it did Khabib.
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    DC ducked the real CHAMP CHAMP. And he ducked Fedor.