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    Did you really just post a thread with a PHOTO of an interview and not even a link? This is the ****tiest thread I've ever seen. Mods, shut this down.
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    https://www.mmafighting.com/2018/10/8/17953328/ufc-229-medical-suspensions-anthony-pettis-potentially-out-six-months A complete list of UFC 229’s medical suspensions can be seen below. Anthony Pettis: Must have nasal fracture cleared by doctor or no contest until 04/05/19 I cant find proof he broke his hand online....
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    He's an instigator. And where I come from people like that get SLAPPED.
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    If Aldo lost to Henry it would be due to being washed up and nothing else. Jose beat Chad twice who is just bigger and better Cejudo.
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    Aldo gets starched IF he even made 135, he would have to drain all the fluids out of his river ape head letting that pistachio for a brain rattle all around...aldo couldn't make 35 in his 20s let alone now...
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    Below 190lbs for the first time in over 10 years
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    this thread has potential. i vote it be stickied
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    So you posted a teaser to an interview of Conor purposefully? You're either the world's biggest Conor mark or an idiot. Either way, worst thread of all time. I'm done putting it over, enjoy your discussion about Conor's photo next to Ariel's.
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    dong is now making billions as a successful actor on television in Korea, he doesn't need to participate in human **** fighting anymore like some low life savage.
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    1) No. 2) Nate broke Anthony's ankle by checking one of his cowardly leg kicks.
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    This can't be true; I've always found people to be completely consistent on here, regardless of whether it's their favourite involved or not.
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    Nate out-boxed, out-kicked and out-grappled that bum. Not since Hugbib KO'd the ginger with a left hook have I seen someone impose their will so thoroughly.
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    Nate was getting KO'd had he not shot for takedowns and pushed Anthony against the fence
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    Best mma grappler on planet earth? I didnt realize he was fighting khabib
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    Forget Aldo.. It's Joseph Benavidez, or Dana can suck a stiff one....
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    Aldo will never make 135, have a replacement on hand for the Main event.
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    City losing points so early is great. I actually love to watch them play, but want Liverpool to get this title
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    I think there's quite a strong argument for this, mainly in attack. You look at Man City last year who had (for me the best player in league) De Bruyne injured for most of the season. You have to think that if someone like Mane/Salah is injured for Liverpool it'll have a devastating effect. I'm still not sold on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and not sure about their other attacking options.
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    2) Liverpool are 2 injuries away from a complete failure. They better hope they’re still in the and have transfers targets in the new year Ull - Pointless club
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    I actually love milk. Does that make me a homophobic racist sexist bigot now or something?
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    How do you have a hand injury when you have no hands?
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    You jokers need to realise that Vert moves the needle. Roids took the high road and it might just win him poster of the year 2018.
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    How much adjustments to your aim do you do when you wear your man heels?
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    I'm contacting Megasoup right now. With a world class fighter on our side that can also make us drinks you're a dead man, m8