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    Why Weidman is fighting an undefeated Lightheavyweight? Isn't he just going to die? Thanks educated forum friends.
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    Mate I rarely put a serious post on this board but genuinely if I found out they were dead tomorrow I'd be thrilled. What kind of sick **** does that to the most vulnerable?
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    Lol, you're all posting in a NoCake troll thread. Easiest win of Chris' career.
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    Nah, it's more fun when you make a thread about how Weidman is going to stomp the guy into the ground because then I'm able to reply with an lol when he gets knocked out.
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    This is lowkey a decent card. No idea why they put it on a Friday night though.
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    he'll buy another, he's the biggest star in the UFC
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    his boyfriend was probably snorting cola off of his spam javelin and he lost control.
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    Big day for Jon, so much for the accusations being false.
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    As is traditional with Scotland now out I will be supporting whoever is playing England over all remaining fixtures😂.
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    The Hong Kong protestors are burning LeBron jerseys. Lol
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    It seems Jones was hit with multiple state and federal tax liens over the last couple of years in excess of $1 million, according to Bloody Elbow. In addition to delinquent income tax charges, the Albuquerque resident was past due on his city utilities and even had a personal storage unit put up for auction. The good news for Jones is that he recently satisfied all outstanding debts,
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    I have NEVER ever made a troll thread friend.
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    Eagles Linebacker Zach Brown says that Kirk Cousins is the weakest part of the Vikings team before their game on Sunday. Cousins throws 333 yards and 4 TDs against them. Zach Brown won't talk to the media about Cousins after the game. Zach Brown was just released by the Eagles. Lol
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    Wish both sets of fans could get along but got to admit I found this one pretty funny😂
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    That's why I giggle at those goofs. It's cute for sporting events with scoring and stuff, but it only goes so far. 99% of BJJ guys on the planet get dropped with the first punch to the grill.
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    Not if you're betting the over. Then it's about 95/5.