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    Junior isn't going to wrestle. He's going to do that thing he does where he puts his back against the cage and just waits to get slept.
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    He took Mark Hunt down to show him he could do that at any time like I used to do to you on UFC Undisputed
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    Those are not hobbies mate. They are the actions of a procrastinating millennial. Tidy your room, stand up straight and do something more productive!
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    Man and I was gonna bet on Marlon beating sean too SOB
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    I really hope something bad happens to Paulie this weekend. Artem would be a folk hero if he just headkicked Paulie and walked off. That dude is a walking caricature of a knuclehead guido from Brooklyn.
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    Because the amount of heavy metals, neurotoxins, and acids/bases is so negligible it's laughable. For example, vaccines use hydrochloric acid and the anti-vaxxers say, "hydrochloric acid can destroy tissue on contact!" they fail to understand that it's used to bring the pH of the vaccine to neutral. Basic chemistry. Same with neurotoxins. Theres 10x more "neurotoxins" in the food that a baby eats than there is in a vaccine. The movement against anti-vaxxers is about education. 99.9% of the time the people who make these retarded claims failed high school biology.
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    There's no way this bird chested stoner is on steroids. I'll fight this idiot at 45 for 3 grand and a blow job from a ring card girl. Book it @DanaWhite
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    Whittaker KO R3 assuming his body doesn't fall apart obvs
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    ****ing mark Paulie vs artem is the fight
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    I think Rob whips the hype train easily.
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    The rise in autism is because there is more awareness and change to the conditions diagnostic criteria. They've only really been tracking autism since 1999 or so and the criteria and spectrum is constantly changing allowing more disorders that were misdiagnosed to be placed on the spectrum now. By using hydrochloric acid to neutralize the substance, it doesnt mean that hydrochloric acid has vanished but its effects are now neutralized as well. The reason why they're idiots is because they don't use logic or reasoning in any of their arguments. They use pseudo-science with bullchit "statistics" that were proven wrong by thousands of scientists. I'm 1000000% against government mandated vaccines but that doesnt change by stance on the subject and is a different issue for a different time. If people don't want to get their kids vaccinated that's their choice, but don't expose my child or other immunocompromised individuals to their ignorance.
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    I will continue to embrace my crooked teeth as part of my British birthright.
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    Impressive. Luque went to war with Barberena and Rudeboy walked over him like the can he was the whole time.
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    Dollartree McGregor vs Mayweather is the blockbuster of the century.
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    He only battered them because they were afraid he was going to keep trying to give them BJs
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    Be watching bellator live coz its at a goid time for us europeans and then tecord the other 2 but im more excited for the bkb main event, it should be a total missmatch but who knows
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    Fair bit of dik measuring going on here. They waited to announce this until Avengers pass Avatars original box office take at 2.74 billion so it didn't look like they had to do it just to pass that number. Now they're re-releasing with just an end credit scene JUST to pass Avatar's original+re-release box office take. I look forward to James Cameron announcing the RE-re-release of Avatar 1 soon to retake the lead.
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    18 people showed up for Eric Swalwell's anti-gun rally in Ca.