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    KO'ed twice in a row both by Floyd Goat and Russian Kabob Goat finished twice in one fight after a prolonged brutal beating. Should have been stopped in the 2nd round imo Anyway me thinks Canor had his soul taken that night. Kabob will always be the little voice in his head telling him to turn his back and give up. What say you? Thoughts? Thanx and please disscus.
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    You know it's bad when the Irish are getting mad at the randoms..
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    plot twist: I'M YOUR NEIGHBOUR you selfish prick. Keep it down next time.
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    They really all have come out of the woodwork since 229
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    You know who else may never win another fight? Chris Weidman.
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    If we're not shipping him to Guantanamo, he better at least be forced to fight Dillon Danis in a No Holds Barred match.
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    LEL @ UFC 223 Then Khabib has the nerve to pretend he's important and that he's going to get the guys who attacked the biggest draw in combat sports right now reinstated. What an assclown.
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    He's actually a great title holder. He's focused on fighting and doesn't degrade the sport by turning it into cheap WWE bull**** and making it about his bank account every chance he gets. His actions after the fight were bad but Conor's been praised as a marketing god for doing pretty much the same thing or worse. Dude is the type of champion this sport needs. The UFC should manage the promotion and hype. That's their job, as fight promoters.
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    I was getting ready to hop onto of my woman and pie her.
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    Following through on my promise to put them up as I make them public
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    Perhaps he wins an upcoming battle with substance abuse.
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    25 years ago today the GOATest 90s movie outside of the beige volvo trilogy came out. smh
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