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    Or... Hear me out on this one... Maybe they cut back on PPVs and just have less cards so that the cards are better.
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    https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2018/12/14/18141061/ufc-on-fox-31-kevin-lee-vs-al-iaquinta-2-weigh-in-results-kgb-vs-jessy-jess-cancelled-oliveira-mma Jessica Rose Clark is a fat can and was pulled from the fight with Andrea Lee.
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    Oscar doesn't want these hands
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    I will smash your skull in. Do not toy with me.
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    800,000 people paid to watch two YouTubers have a boxing match a few months ago, so people paying isn't exactly a judge of quality.
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    We go live to Bellator's Scott Coker for a reaction:
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    ITR and me should be on all UFC cards. We never pull out..
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    yeah I remember looking forward to a UFC event and knowing everyone fighting in them, now there is a ton of event full of unknown people that you just could not care less about.
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    They should just have 5 or 6 ppvs a year and more fight nights. The cards are garbage for the most part anyway. If they had three title fights on a card and three good title contender fights, I'd gladly drop $100 an event.
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    Old man Cain is going to come back and beat all your favourite fighters
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    A scam where you claim to have gone to a top 20.university but have no evidence of such. And judging by how you post, sound, and act around here, people highly doubt that you managed to get into the Guatamala School of Remedial Breathing m8
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    Should Kevin Lee be sanctioned to fight? he had an interview with MMA fighting where he said he was born in 1993, the same year the ufc started. the only problem is Kevin Lee was born in 92. its kind of odd to forget what year you were born. Kevin Lee still hasn't recovered from that spinning kick from Barboza. Link to the interview: skip to about 1:55 in the vid https://www.mmafighting.com/2018/12/12/18138750/kevin-lee-says-hed-be-too-big-too-strong-for-max-holloway-at-lightweight
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    I'll believe Cain is fighting when he's in the cage
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    Cash, I have to stay true to one of my original forum gimmicks as a Raging Al fan. I'll let the other idiots say stupid chit below, though.
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    That's it!! Called them and they said they're investigating some deposits im like wtf you had no problem the last 18 months I've had the same accounts depositing in over two or three different currencies.. where's @VertFTW when we need him smh head Hang on I'll put his signal up
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    The legend lives!
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