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    I wish I could explain haha. I've just been getting blasted with emails from these goofs over there like there's really anything we can do about the situation aside from banning all the active members and letting the forum die. I don't know the dynamic over there to really understand what's going on. The funny thing is having some dude who has been a member for years with a total of 3 posts start reporting post, after post, after post complaining
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    I died No honestly I've just been busy AF since we bought the house. I've only come on to check PMs and respond to reports opened by the Nancys in the premium section. I'm done with school for the semester after today
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    Marty will do his usual thing where he clinches against the cage, does an ungodly amount of headfighting, and then he'll get a bodylock and try to drag Colby to the floor. Rinse and repeat. Being that he takes zero risks, I wouldn't say it's impossible for him to win a decision. The real money here is on the over 4.5 rounds. Bet your ****ing soul on that.
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    Even in Death Sober would never lose his Mod Job....Vert, even if death spread to everyone but you, you'd never get a Mod job.
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    @JChristian522 said he ran into Colby at a bar or a poker game or some chit in Oregon before Colby moved to ATT. Ended up getting slapped clean out of his Sketchers.
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    The place in which I work went on a website banning spree recently. The ufc forum being one of them. Ill post the update when I get home tonight. The next card link is currently open and in the OP under "Upcoming Form Links" for the early bangers /Wangers.
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    “This is the first time I’m seeing him right now. He is sitting up there on stage. Security, I came up the escalator the first day. Ken, the security guy for the UFC, he knows me, and was like I know you are a man of your f*****g word and I’m asking you to keep it cool. And, I know he is an ****, and I know he said some things we all hate on. But, you guys are businessmen,” Mike Perry said to ESPN. “You got to handle your business this weekend, and he was hanging me up. He’s like you got to promise me you aren’t going to do nothing. I was just like, I didn’t really promise him though.” “I think he is going to lose his fight on Saturday anyway, and he’s got protection. He’s got a babysitter at all times. It is not that I want to run up and say something to him. Everyone always says something to Colby, they warn him. I’m going to walk up behind him and hit him when he ain’t looking. I’m going to take my shot when I get a chance, you know what I mean. When he loses on Saturday and I win, let’s set that fight up. That’s the fight I want and that’s the fight I’ve been asking for. So, let’s make that happen.” Pffft... He'll be headed to Bellator a day early if he manages to pull it off. The UFC will chit a brick if he ruins the main event of their biggest PPV of the year with a sucker punch. Neal is going to send his head into the crowd on Saturday anyways. Say stupid chit below.
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    Thanks Vert. I needed you to predict this to ensure it doesn't happen. Good man.
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    I'm just stoked your former country got their own version of Trump. MEGA!
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    Lol resounding conservative win, what a shock.....
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    Covington winning the title would really send Baldie over the edge. I need that in my life.
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    Legitimate? No. He's a PED using cheat so there's literally nothing Marty Fakenewsman can do to achieve a legit victory. His bet bet would be to crotch sniff and pray, but there's no way natty Colby lets him do it. Marty is going to get MAGAbombed hard, anyone saying otherwise is pure cope.
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    My life would be complete if I could watch Bryce put Schiff for brains in a twister.
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    .... after I throw Greta Thunberg into a solar-powered wood chipper, Don Lemon' is next -
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    Just had this. Some regrets.
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    Time to get your priorities straight. Quit your job and become a full time prediction league commish.
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    It's gotten to the point where I almost need to find out who's reffing these fights before I bet on them. Overeem had another four seconds in him. Obviously he's not going to spring to his feet with this guy swinging on him. He sat stationary waiting to see what the guy did. Then dipchit Big Dan finally jumps between them, after he bounced off of Rozenstruik right before that, but didn't stop it. Just a bad stoppage. You have to let Overeem eat another punch there. And I'm almost certain Overeem gets a flat rate, and no win bonus. So there's not a lot to be inferred from his lack of extreme protest. He shook his head and talked to Big Dan for a second, but a win over this guy did nothing for his career and ultimately the only thing that happened was a loss in the win column. That's why I think he just took it on the chin and didn't complain.