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    When does a male judge review this?
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    Ben Shapiro destroys a socialist wannabe.
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    I've been following that story and you can tell it's BS. The media, celebs, and politicians are eating it up though. Two guys were supposedly walking around looking to beat someone up at 2 am and they let him go with little more than a light scratch on his cheek. He still had the noose around his neck 45 minutes after the attack when the cops showed up. The first thing you would do is remove that not walk home with it around your neck. He made the cops turn off their body cameras before entering his place. He initially told the cops that the guys were wearing masks and gloves. So he wouldn't be able to tell their race. TMZ reported that they were white men and yelled MAGA country before the cops were even told that. Then he changed his story during the second interview by police. He wouldn't release his phone records to the cops for weeks. Then he provided doctored phone records with the important times redacted. The cops raided the homes and confiscated computers of two Nigerian men that were persons of interest.
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    A goal of mine is when I retire to move to Norway. Mainly for the black metal history and church burnings.
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    lol they can't even afford to pay for Fight Pass in Germany. HARD PASS
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    I've come to the conclusion that socialism involves a lot of brainwashing. I made a joke about high taxes in Sweden yesterday and all my colleagues kind of glazed over and started reciting why it was a good thing because you get free healthcare.... which I pointed out we also get in the UK... at which point they started babbling on about lower capital gains tax. It's kind of scary. They genuinely think it's a great thing that we can all 'contribute '. I'm basically paying for free education for Swedish students and enormous paternity leave. Those are the only fundamental differences that the extra 15% in tax gets you.
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    I like that I saw Karyn Bryant doing interviews at the Westminster Dog Show last night. That's more her speed.
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    ^ me running from my seat into the inevitable post fight brawl after MVP vs Daley tonight
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    Not surprising, losing is the only thing Australians are good at.
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    You made a reasonable post. I'm finna go get my rifle and shoot one of these flying pigs!
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    The fact you get free healthcare means that to some degree where you live is also socialist. Less so than Sweden sure, but still socialist. Hell, any form of government that take money from once place and puts it in another I suppose is socialist to a degree, which as far as I know is every form of government that is effective. So, like anything, it's the degree that matters, anything taken to extreme measures is bad. Whether it be capitalism or socialism or any other ism. And like most things people put an extreme amount of belief in, there is always a degree of brainwashing as you put it, though I prefer to think of it as delusion, again, whether that be socialism, capitalism, religion or what have you.....
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    Don't forget that his neighbor (same building) said the neighborhood is half black and the other half is gay. lol It was total bullchit from the start. Anybody with an even slightly functional bullchit meter caught that one.
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    You gotta love the term "liveable".. 90% of Europe couldn't afford to live in Switzerland ( in reference to the cities on the list)
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    Not living in America in 2019 lol
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    I'm starting to think you have a notepad with that saved to copy here at this point
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    LOL, yeah the GOP doesn't give a **** about spending and deficits, same as the left. Both sides make excuses for their own kind because they lack the capacity for intellectual honesty and can't handle cognitive dissonance. Buncha hypocrites.
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    Why is it that when a Democrat does an Oopsie, why are the headlines always "________ did _________ and Republicans POUNCE!" ? AOC: "Ocasio-Cortez Team Flubs a Green New Deal Summary, and Republicans Pounce". Why is the headline not "Ocasio-Cortez typed up and submitted a summary where she says the Green New Deal would provide income for people who refuse to work"? or even "Crazy person says crazy ****"?
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    Avoid wrestlers at all cost. The MW division is kind of weak but if he wants to get the momentum he had he would need to beat someone with a name or a young up and comer with hype. Have him fight Israel or Costa
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    Way to go out on a limb. The guy needs a helmet and a helper right now. lol
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    I wish this was how Trump talked in real life. Would be my favorite president of all time.
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    PakaL translation: Cain will get brutally knocked out by Ngannou, similar to what Ngannou did to Overeem. After losing by devastating KO, Cain will require more surgeries and time off - likely spelling the end of his career. This fight will also symbolize Ngannou's resurgence, hence the reference to the mythical Phoenix.
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    How did you just list Khabib and Bisping one after the other?? One had potentially the easiest route to a title shot ever, and the other had about 70 UFC fights before a guy had to pull out last minute so he could get his title shot..