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    Joker will take his head off.
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    I get he's got a kid but don't act like that 4 year old doesn't miss you every time you go away to call fights overseas and you can be damn sure he's not quitting that. Probably a bad move for Hardy to interview him after a war like that. It was close AF and he's still top 5ish at LW. Always an exciting fighter and I for one would love to see him continue. Feldor vs Lee Felder vs Cerrone Felder vs Al I'd watch the hell out of either of them.
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    Guy should just get it over with before he starts a culinary thread and we all have to suffer.
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    God only knows what shogun would have done to that rucking coward Jones had he not been a cheating scumbag.
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    I thought Felder won the fight, close battle for sure.
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    I had it 2,4,5 Felder, but can see the 5th going to Hooker with the takedown. Both could have the win imo. Folders half blind and Hookers jaw will need pins. That is a win for the fans
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    Good fight. Competitive fight but Felder clearly won that. Landed the much better shots. I had it 4-1. Hooker was butt grabbing for his life
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    Damn Felder is always in awesome fights. I think the judges are gonna give it to Hooker but Felder landed the harder shots. It never looked like Felder was rocked.
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    All the chineses are sponsored by Corona beer tonight. “Corona....youre gonna die.”
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    Facing Lil Nog for the THIRD time, in Brazil via Bokamoto
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    Prepare the eye bleach
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    Lol. I blame excel. So 12000 years until that many are affected. Even less to panic about.
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    It sounds like they've been infected with @VertFTW's disease of premature panicking to be honest. 60% of the world's population is about 1.4 billion. At it's peak, the disease was infecting less than 3000 people per day. Please note that the rate is showing signs of slowing down (last 4 days has shown a decline every day). Even at 3000 per day, that's almost 4000 years before 60% is infected. In the early stages, the number of infections was doubling, tripling daily, and of course if that had continued then it's a very dangerous situation, but there is currently no evidence to suggest that the rate of infection will increase. Additionally, the mortality rate always drops over time for "new" diseases as immunity is built up. You're right, it is dangerously contagious, but it seems as if there is a decent handle on this now. I think we're through the worst of it (the data suggest this); things will only get worse if people relax their guard and some ****-hole country catches it on mass. This ain't Spanish 'flu....i don't think it will have a very major impact. Old news by the summer.
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    UFC 250 and that's just the combined age
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    https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/02/joshua-fabia-warned-commission-diego-sanchez-might-kill-michael-chiesa-ufc-239 To me, it sounds like Fabia wanted the ref to stop the fight once a guillotine was applied without a tap out. These two are off their rocker.
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    Sorry i was drunk and i forgot to post my picks. Last time this happened i got every pick right, but posted too late.I think Hill fight was going when i posted my picks so you can DQ that one
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    Somebody took this a step farther and did this to Chandler too and it somehow still works. A sign of Sir Nicolas's acting abilities. It did stop when they got to Phoebe tho