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    Lol. Do you actually want people to answer this question? Rhetorical questions don't usually come with multiple choice and a request to show working....
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    Since there's some people here who think they can dictate who you can like and cant like, I'm going to list my top 5 favorite and least favorite fighters so it can be on record and if I can get approval from the crown. Top 5 Liked: 1. Khabib 2. DC 3. Zabit 4. Junior 5. Kelvin Top 5 HATED 1. Conor (is he even considered a fighter at this point? Lol) 2. Jones 3. Lee 4. Turd Ferguson 5. All black fighters Is this acceptable from the holy forum hierarchy? Can others post their favorites/least liked so we can get approval before going any further. Thanks.
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    At no point will Izzy give Jon a fight. He’s to small, he just got beat on by a guy half his size. Jon is better everywhere, size and mma talent. I know you like to think everyone has some kind of shot but you’re way off on this one.
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    @NoCakeForYaya disappears...moe appears. Moe vanishes.. and look who's back. There has never been a more clear cut alt in fora history.
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    Not going to lie mate, but your efforts to have an educated discussion on linguistics with Vert, is at the very least, on par with asking a multiple choice rhetorical question. Dont stoop to her level. She will only drag you down and beat you with experience.
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    Jones kills that idiot
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    That's part of his gimmick. You don't get knocked around by a fat welterweight and then win a fight against Jon Jones though. lol
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    The only thing unfair about this fight is having it on PPV.
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    That's the closest I've ever come to actively seeking out a Miles Teller movie but in the end, not even the magnetic raw charisma of Jonah Hill could balance out the cold dead joy vacuum that is Miles Teller.
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    Imagine thinking the LW GOAT would step foot in ****ing Australia.
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    LOL @NoCakeForYaya, look at this troll.
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    All of those motherf*ckers are from New Zealand, they still suck and this card is the hottest of hot garbage.
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    Im here to scatter my nans ashes in the creek in her home town, about an hour drive from Cairns where i am now. We went this morning and laid her to rest, now im wandering around town having a look It a beautiful place but tew farking hot
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    I surprised he didn't give us a 4 page essay explaining why he is leaving
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    They *sentenced three people for plotting to car bomb it. Who knows what happened? I do know Macron is a globalist turd that wouldn't go out of his way to announce it was a goat ****er, even if it was. I also know the usual timeline for fire investigations because my dad was best friends with the chief for a lot of my childhood. To say it was an accident while the building was still ablaze clearly says to me that there was an eye witness to some sort of electrica fire starting or something. But I haven't seen any reports of such a thing. I'd just like to know how they arrived at that conclusion while the building was still smoldering.
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    Let me get this straight. An 800 year old building, that was probably wired in the late 1800s to early 1900s caught fire during a renovation. And people are saying terrorism, inside job, and how did they get all the artifacts out? Are people really this stupid. Most would have been moved to safe areas away from renovations, unless you want Joe smucker construction worker knocking over a million dollar cross or statue. You also do not know how shorts work in electrical wiring and how old systems like to arc and spark. Now the religious nuts are good for diddling kids, but I dont see burning down their relics as their average Monday morning.
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    Well there goes 2 minutes of my life I ain't ever getting back spent watching that crock of chit, pffft.
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    Seeing as how jones has made a career from fighting middleweights this fight makes sense
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    Bro why do you always do this? Before the fight you were saying Israel was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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    Not that great of a card... but it's free so I can't complain
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    Showtime Gaethje Rumble Ngannou Anybody that's trying to cripple you. I'm not watching this **** to see who has a crisper jab or can tie up your legs on the ground, as they dry hump some dude. I want to see a mother****er get their consciousness taken from them.
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