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    I didn't catch a screenshot or photo of Pettis' face so here's this:
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    Peon Edwards. That crying can has been begging for a Masvidal fight to try to steal his shine and now Nate comes off a 3 year lay off and calls his name and we all know that's the fight to make. Masvidal vs Diaz is the superfight of the century. I'm going to call out of work for that one.
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    That is all. Stick yer questions up yer aѕses.
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    He wasn't a heel. That dude was begging to be accepted and everyone just hated him.
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    If you report people for chit like this and then post chit like this yourself, you should be banned for excessive fаggotry.
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    Or smoke em. Because that might explain his condition.
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    Jones won't take that fight. He was too shook to fight DC at heavyweight, and he already has a W over him. There's zero chance he fights Stipe.
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    When I found out my ex's (we dated BEFORE she met this dude) baby-daddy blew his brains out..... ... I remembered that the last conversation I had hit with him was me saying I was going to beat him into the hospital. I had that brief moment of pause....... ......when I realized I should have beaten the ѕhit out of him that day because I'd never have another chance to do it. ..... so I ****ed his chick on the 1-year anniversary of his death instead. Just wore her right-the-fuϲk-out, right on the floor. Wheel talk.
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    Here is another can for you. @VertFTW
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    He's going to spam emails and calls to UFC customer support for weeks.
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    If you've been paying attention you'll know the answer is clearly round 1.
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    You've been floundering around for attention all day. They give you the day off from picking fruit?
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    A Roids original: @12er @cashfl0w @PlatinumClegg @sobercuban
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    I like Ngannou but DC would dump him on his head wrestle**** him until he gassed I think.
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    Wow, good for Stipe. Let's do it a 3rd time for DC's retirement fight
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    If Yoel kept him up against the fence landing hard shots rather than walk back to the center of the ring he could have finished. Smh, Yoel...
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    Pettis hasn't had back to back wins since 2013-2014 and has changed weight classes 3 times in that time frame trying to chase wins. He's starting to hit Kevin Lee levels of canliness.