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    While this may come as a surprise to some, I am gracious in victory as well as defeat. I am asking the mods to reinstate @VertFTW and unban him. I proved my point. And while I'll never forget the agony I put him through, I will forgive him for now as long as he comes back and kisses the ring @sobercuban
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    None of this happens if the UFC acted professionally after the Conor bus incident.Instead they did nothing to Conor and promoted him like some hero. The whole ordeal has been disrespectful towards Khabib that he finally lost it and got angered out of control.If the police and UFC did a proper job and fined and suspended Conor like a CRIMINAL then none of this happens. Joe Rogan is going off on Khabib talking about suspension and fines yet they treated Conor like a hero after he acted like a criminal.Even at the standoff Conor was the person who initated contact yet Dana did NOTHING..AGAIN. Bottom line,the UFC promoted ALL OF THIS.Blame Dana,he took the side of Conor from day 1 and NEVER once acted professionally.
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    At this point, UFC has made their belts mean so little that I wouldn't put it past them to just hand him a belt for no reason, so you're probably right.
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    he's unbant and I sent him a tweet letting him know he got banned from Sherdog in like 3 days, which is longer than I lasted.
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    After the disgusting display that was last night, it's clear that we need to have our candidate ready to compete when the terrorist gets back from his religious hiatus/ban from the country/car fire (**** em) for his next fight in 2020 or so. I would like to formally nominate the Great American Hero, Kevin Lee. He's the ONLY guy that's been begging for the Khabib fight after every one of his wins for years. He's willing to erect the wall, and more importantly, take a stand against PC America who doesn't have the balls to demand these terrorists be sent back to whatever chithole they emerged from. MTP's our only hope at this point. If you'd like to pledge allegiance to the cause, go ahead and let me know. If you support Al Qaeda, you can promptly get the **** out of my country and my thread. 1. Cash 2. Brother Bartimus 3. CarnGOAT 4. Sober 5. LDD 6. TwennyFo 7. Dark Horse 8. Bwana 9. stehilton94 10. BigDaddyDelta 11. pjbear05 12. RadLad 13. MTP 2020!
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    In recent times, the fora has lost cagerattler, finish him, megasoup and now vert. Of those 4, vert is by far the biggest loss. Good for a laugh, didn't take himself too seriously and left with dignity. He will be missed. Not a lot, and not by many, but he will be missed.
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    A lot of people that are ****ing are the same ones that called Khabib a **** for not getting off of the bus. He went after multiple people by himself so you got what you wanted.
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    KO'ed twice in a row both by Floyd Goat and Russian Kabob Goat finished twice in one fight after a prolonged brutal beating. Should have been stopped in the 2nd round imo Anyway me thinks Canor had his soul taken that night. Kabob will always be the little voice in his head telling him to turn his back and give up. What say you? Thoughts? Thanx and please disscus.
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    You know it's bad when the Irish are getting mad at the randoms..
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    plot twist: I'M YOUR NEIGHBOUR you selfish prick. Keep it down next time.
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    Apologies for making a thread that is not about Conor, Khabib, dollies or brawls, but the sad departure of blessed Vert made me muse about the plethora of posters that have departed these hallowed shores over the past 12-18 months. Of course plebs come and go, but we have lost several 20k+ posters. If you could bring one of the following back, who would it be and why? I have included a short resume to help remind you of them. Please vote using the poll....lol, this took much longer than planned.... UFCCageRattler. Trademarks: Jake Shields fan. World-weary cynicism. Held doggedly to fights from ancient history defining a fighter (Lawler losing to Shields, Woodley losing to Marquadt etc.). Subtle wit that was lost on many but appreciated by a handful of fans who labelled him as Hilarious. A semi-professional MTB-er with very good contributions to the fitness thread Allies: Surprisingly, 12er due to political and humour considerations Enemies: All Republicans and people who thought Jake Shields was a can. Reason to bring him back: CB and all the Europeans need another lefty friend. Was also very funny, and one of the more subtle trolls Reasons not to bring him back: He retired. Let's leave him in peace Banham Trademarks: Most of the best fora lingo. Double-diggling people in blueberry flavoured buttermilk was a conglomeration of all his best work. Repped Ferguson with a passion unmatched, and could be merciless at times. Frequent contributor to the gaming thread. Inventor of brutal losing usernames, some of which never saw the light of day due to cancelled fights. Allies: Roids, Patster (at times), Carnages Enemies: Only Finish_Him Reason to bring him back: Fora lingo has grown stale. Nobody is repping El Cucuy other than occasional half-hearted attempts from Jason_H Reasons not to bring him back: Another self-imposed retiree, with nothing left to prove. Cole Trademarks: Known as a Conor fan hated by other Conor fans, but actually bandwagoning was really his thing. Would be DC's number one fan right now, plus a huge fan of Khabib and a fan of Cejudo since day 1. Would make 12 threads within 1 hour all on the same topic. As clear a case of OCD as i've seen. Famously groomed his eyebrows and took his shirt off to fight an old man at traffic lights. Allies: Few. FFS seemed to like the chaos. Enemies: People who hated Conor, and people who loved Conor Reason to bring him back: Not enough Conor threads.... Reasons not to bring him back: Few posters were more annoying. Finish_Him Trademarks: UFC Montages that nobody watched. Missing virtually every joke that was made. Becoming very aggressive for no apparent reason, and getting thrown out of his own game several times. Had a very unhealthy obsession with Cash Allies: Omoplatypus Enemies: Anyone who had a different opinion to him on anything. Reason to bring him back: I can't think of any Reasons not to bring him back: Having every thread derailed with the same repetitive and pointless 'bad-****' arguments is not something we miss. Brian (Doug/BigMuff/MachidaPower) Trademarks: Blathering Allies: None Enemies: Various. 12er in the early days (for taking "selfies"), Carnages (who trolled him into snitching to the FBI) and Polo who made him rage quit over an AV bet. His main ire is now focused on Sober via twitter to 0 followers Reason to bring him back: Bong updates Reasons not to bring him back: So so many.... Megasoups Trademarks: Willingness to throw hands with strangers. Lots of fitness posts. Weird running battle with Mozzez Allies: Me, Stomp, CB Enemies: Mozzez, Cash, America, Carnages and anyone else black Reason to bring him back: His diaries. Plus Mozzez is all mellow these days. Reasons not to bring him back: I think he's better off without the fora. He's not made for the cut and thrust. Vert Trademarks: Hmm. Top 20 university. One of the leading authorities on crypto-currency and one of the more annoying Conor fans Allies: Soccer fans. He was a good laugh during the World Cuo Enemies: Quite a few. Roids being the ultimate one who caused his demise Reason to bring him back: He was quite a varied, active poster. Reasons not to bring him back: He's only just left. Plus returning would be welching.
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