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    While this may come as a surprise to some, I am gracious in victory as well as defeat. I am asking the mods to reinstate @VertFTW and unban him. I proved my point. And while I'll never forget the agony I put him through, I will forgive him for now as long as he comes back and kisses the ring @sobercuban
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    Posters that won't give a chit in 2019 @crangs @Mcmax3000 @BigDaddyDelta
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    Are you gonna try with your cousin the swimmer? 🤔
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    None of this happens if the UFC acted professionally after the Conor bus incident.Instead they did nothing to Conor and promoted him like some hero. The whole ordeal has been disrespectful towards Khabib that he finally lost it and got angered out of control.If the police and UFC did a proper job and fined and suspended Conor like a CRIMINAL then none of this happens. Joe Rogan is going off on Khabib talking about suspension and fines yet they treated Conor like a hero after he acted like a criminal.Even at the standoff Conor was the person who initated contact yet Dana did NOTHING..AGAIN. Bottom line,the UFC promoted ALL OF THIS.Blame Dana,he took the side of Conor from day 1 and NEVER once acted professionally.
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    Or... Hear me out on this one... Maybe they cut back on PPVs and just have less cards so that the cards are better.
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    Probably because he’s a drug cheat... And I’m sure that hit and run with the pregnant woman didn’t help either.
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    After the disgusting display that was last night, it's clear that we need to have our candidate ready to compete when the terrorist gets back from his religious hiatus/ban from the country/car fire (**** em) for his next fight in 2020 or so. I would like to formally nominate the Great American Hero, Kevin Lee. He's the ONLY guy that's been begging for the Khabib fight after every one of his wins for years. He's willing to erect the wall, and more importantly, take a stand against PC America who doesn't have the balls to demand these terrorists be sent back to whatever chithole they emerged from. MTP's our only hope at this point. If you'd like to pledge allegiance to the cause, go ahead and let me know. If you support Al Qaeda, you can promptly get the **** out of my country and my thread. 1. Cash 2. Brother Bartimus 3. CarnGOAT 4. Sober 5. LDD 6. TwennyFo 7. Dark Horse 8. Bwana 9. stehilton94 10. BigDaddyDelta 11. pjbear05 12. RadLad 13. MTP 2020!
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    "Hey hunny, come in here." "What?" "Isn't that our real estate agent piecing up that young mulatto?"
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    Im finna throw in my tew cents here Ive been around a while, mostly get along with people. We all like talking chit and busting balls but people do cross the line all the time, whether its poor phrasing, mis interpretation or straight up hostility. Some people actively look for conflicts and will start a fight over the most petty things, other people can have an opinion without attacking anybody. Having the mix of different personalities is what makes the forum interesting, if everyone was super nice it would be boring, if everyone was a straight carnt it would ve too toxic. I think some people need to take a look every once in a while and remember this is supposed to be a place to be entertained and have actual discussions with people from around the world as well as talk chit. Were all here because we at least have one common interest.
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    At this point, UFC has made their belts mean so little that I wouldn't put it past them to just hand him a belt for no reason, so you're probably right.
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    he's unbant and I sent him a tweet letting him know he got banned from Sherdog in like 3 days, which is longer than I lasted.
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    In recent times, the fora has lost cagerattler, finish him, megasoup and now vert. Of those 4, vert is by far the biggest loss. Good for a laugh, didn't take himself too seriously and left with dignity. He will be missed. Not a lot, and not by many, but he will be missed.
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    My take.... for what it's worth.. There is absolutely no way that would still be in his system after 17 months.. ITR and I know how long the lifespan of that is and my Doctor friend and my Registered nurse girlfriend both agree that it would be out of his system in no longer than a month..especially the oral type which is what he was busted for.. A couple of years ago they caught Tom Lawlor for 17 pictograms.. so they had the tech to catch it in your system years ago.. Jones was at 60 pictograms for this one..higher than Lawlor and he got 2 years... Of course he would use it again.. if he got caught they could fall back on saying its still in his system.. so their argument of saying he wouldnt cause it would be stupid is invalid.. that exactly why he would..its the perfect scape goat.. Also his levels are almost the same as 2017..( I don't have the link) so how has it barely changed in 17 months!?!!? Dude is a ****ing cheat and UFC are protecting their "star".. **** this loser and the company trying to cover for him. Also Jeff Nevinski or however you spell it is a UFC EMPLOYEE.. I wouldn't trust his opinion on the situation at all.... he loses all credibility as soon as you work for the company.. you have a vested interest... Rant over ...maybe die in a car fire Jon Jones.. K .. now rant is over
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    Around this time last year, some may remember our dog was on her death bed after something punctured her intestine causing septic abdomen. Our vet couldn't do anything so we had to carry her in on a stretcher to the vet university. After a high risk surgery and lengthy/expensive post-op care she pulled through. They were saying she was their Christmas miracle. Happy to say one year later she is fully back to normal and happy AF. 20181021_084619.mp4
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    i made a pretty mean sandwich this morning quarter pounder quarter pounder with cheese u comin with me @sobercuban
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    Been with plenty of men. They’re all the same Jeffdubya
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    Your face is dumb and your mother dresses you funny.