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    Live on the post-fight show. Masvidal gave him the hands. Give that man THREE bonuses!
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    Posters that won't give a chit in 2019 @crangs @Mcmax3000 @BigDaddyDelta
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    Laziest threads ever Can we get some actual paperboys back on the job?
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    Since there's some people here who think they can dictate who you can like and cant like, I'm going to list my top 5 favorite and least favorite fighters so it can be on record and if I can get approval from the crown. Top 5 Liked: 1. Khabib 2. DC 3. Zabit 4. Junior 5. Kelvin Top 5 HATED 1. Conor (is he even considered a fighter at this point? Lol) 2. Jones 3. Lee 4. Turd Ferguson 5. All black fighters Is this acceptable from the holy forum hierarchy? Can others post their favorites/least liked so we can get approval before going any further. Thanks.
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    Snoozeman better have his terrorist rat manager line up the fight right now. The fans have spoken.
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    Listen moe, im not reading a post from yours that is less than 1000 words. Please rework it.
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    Remember when vert was looking for attention? Oh that's everyday
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    He looks like he's going to die at any moment.
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    Or... Hear me out on this one... Maybe they cut back on PPVs and just have less cards so that the cards are better.
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    He still KO'ed Weidman. Did Chris ever come back from that beating??
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    I didn't even have to make a new can. But I did anyway
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    "Hey hunny, come in here." "What?" "Isn't that our real estate agent piecing up that young mulatto?"
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    Im finna throw in my tew cents here Ive been around a while, mostly get along with people. We all like talking chit and busting balls but people do cross the line all the time, whether its poor phrasing, mis interpretation or straight up hostility. Some people actively look for conflicts and will start a fight over the most petty things, other people can have an opinion without attacking anybody. Having the mix of different personalities is what makes the forum interesting, if everyone was super nice it would be boring, if everyone was a straight carnt it would ve too toxic. I think some people need to take a look every once in a while and remember this is supposed to be a place to be entertained and have actual discussions with people from around the world as well as talk chit. Were all here because we at least have one common interest.
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