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  1. defsteve

    Top 3 best mods and Top 3 worst mods of all time

    Cheers dude! Nice to see some OG love.
  2. defsteve

    Jones changed his mind!

    Yellow probably a better choice.
  3. defsteve

    Favorite Memes V2

    6 days. Haha! Keep going and you might be back in time for UFC 174.
  4. defsteve

    Favorite Memes V2

    See you in 3.
  5. defsteve

    Favorite Memes V2

    It is the name of a band though. So will let it slip....this once! Should ban you though for spelling banned wrong. Haha!
  6. defsteve

    Favorite Memes V2

    Can't believe they got 2 years! Disgusting!
  7. defsteve

    Post your favourite pics of......

    You were lucky. Take heed.
  8. defsteve

    Favorite Band?

    You is outta here!
  9. defsteve


    Please refrain from bypassing the swear filter in future.
  10. defsteve

    UFC 148 Weigh-In Discussion *USE THIS*

    Merging threads here. Others will be deleted.
  11. defsteve

    Should Anderson Silva have been awarded the decision in the 1st fight?

    troll thread. closing