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  1. Raiderbeast

    20% off UFCStore.com unavailable

    Any update yet????
  2. Raiderbeast

    Toyota Center Convenience Fee??? RANT

    The extra fee everyone paid today is because of the venue. The Toyota Center charges the fee not the UFC.
  3. Computer, Windows 7, IE, When I log in and click on forum it takes me to a screen showing the prices for me to upgrade my account. I have to search around to get into the premium forum.
  4. Raiderbeast

    Hi from _________! (where you from thread)

    San Antonio, Texas
  5. Raiderbeast

    Welcome to the new UFC Fight Club Community site!

    The site looks a little better from what it looked like this morning.
  6. Raiderbeast

    Community section is taking over the site

    After 6 years on the FC Forum this seems wierd.. lol Gonna take time to figure it all out.
  7. Raiderbeast

    Where is my membership package?

    Got mine today.. Took 2 weeks
  8. Raiderbeast

    Where is my membership package?

    LMAO Are you going to Houston?
  9. Raiderbeast

    Where is my membership package?

    Do I get a 5 year member bonus? :eek: :eek:
  10. Raiderbeast

    Contact for REFUND

    That statement is false.. Happens all the time for concerts, nfl, nba, and mlb.. DALLAS (Reuters) ? Four hundred Super Bowl fans, who paid $900 per ticket, were denied their place at the NFL's showcase game on Sunday after an embarrassing mess-up over seating at the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium. Another 850 fans with tickets in the affected section were relocated to other areas, the NFL said in a statement. "Incomplete installation of temporary seats in a limited number of sections made the seats unusable," the NFL said in a statement. The 400 fans will receive a refund triple the cost of the face value of their $900 tickets. "We regret the situation and inconvenience that it may have caused. We will conduct a full review of this matter," said the NFL statement issued shortly before kickoff. As well as the fall-out from the seating blunder, stadium officials had to deal with irate fans frustrated at the difficulty of moving between levels by elevator in the 100,000-seat venue.
  11. Raiderbeast

    Hey is it legal....

    You're a bad girl for leaving her..
  12. Raiderbeast

    Hey is it legal....

    copy and paste is easy.. I only add a link if there isn't one in the article
  13. Raiderbeast

    New Rashad Evans Drawing

    Thanks for posting on FB Evan.. Curiousity got the best of me and I had to come read a retards comments about your work.. Pretty sad after all these years people are still talking ****.. This is why I post in the Fight Club and not here..
  14. Raiderbeast


    Quoted for truth
  15. Raiderbeast


    What's obvious is the UFC 'only' fans watch more MMA (outside) orgs then the f*cktards always trying to call us out.