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    UFC fight club member question

    Yes, you will. Your membership gets you, and one guest into the Q&A. (It also gets you a free event poster when you attend the Q&A, just to throw that in to go along with the other question you asked)
  2. Mcmax3000

    Where can I buy UFC on FOX 8 poster?

    Yes, they are sold at the weigh-ins as well. I usually do my merchandise stand visit there because then I don't have to carry what I buy around with me the night of the event. I've been to seven events, and every one of them I've seen the normal, and autographed posters being sold at the merchandise stand. I even bought the autographed one at one of the events (it was a TUF Finale, so it wasn't very expensive for the signed version).
  3. Mcmax3000

    Where can I buy UFC on FOX 8 poster?

    The event posters are sold at the merchandise stands, both standard, and autographed versions, the latter of which generally goes pretty quickly from my understanding. They also sell them on UFCStore.com as well.
  4. Mcmax3000

    Weigh Ins

    No tickets are necessary for the weigh-ins. You just show up at the location, and line up. They are free, and open to everyone. Seating is first come, first served. Signing up for a premium Fight Club account gets you into the fighter Q&A before the weigh-ins, and gets you priority seating over the public because you get to stay in your seat after the Q&A while they let the public in. Doors generally open to the public an hour before they start (usually 3p, with the weigh-ins starting at 4p).
  5. How long has it been? The membership packages take an exceptionally long time to get to you. Most people seem to end up waiting at least two months.
  6. Mcmax3000

    UFC167 presale

    It has been moved up to July 31.
  7. Mcmax3000

    Fight club ID

    Do Fight Club Members get any kind of discount at the hotel that the fight will be at? No hotel discounts specific to the Fight Club, but the UFC will sometimes partner with a local hotel/hotels to offer a discounted rate to fans.
  8. Mcmax3000

    UFC 165 hotel

  9. Mcmax3000

    Question about ticket prices @ presales.

    It's done through Ticketmaster (or whichever ticket vendor is handling the tickets for the event... 99% of the time, it's Ticketmaster). Each Fight Club member gets a unique code that gives them access to pre-sales. Other than getting to buy tickets early, it works exactly the same as a normal public on-sale.
  10. Mcmax3000

    man i dont wanna see TUF asia.

    Then don't watch it?
  11. Mcmax3000

    Question about ticket prices @ presales.

    She's been doing a great job so far, but she can't always be on the forums answering questions. Not to mention with people asking questions in so many different places (there really should be one help/feedback forum... Between the free, and premium, there are like five forums where people are asking questions), it's tough to keep track of everything, and avoid questions getting lost in the shuffle. I'm just doing my best to use my five or so years of being a Fight Club member, and attending events, to pass along the knowledge I've accrued.
  12. Mcmax3000

    A question about the pre-sale codes.

    It's usually a few days, but it varies. Your code is the same for every pre-sale (it varies by user, not event), so if you have your code for 166, you have your code for 167.
  13. But you pay the same price... Yup.
  14. Mcmax3000

    Benefits of elite

    The only added benefit of the Elite membership is that you get two codes that you can redeem on UFC.TV for PPV events of your choosing. It's an extra $75 over the Ultimate membership, which means that you're getting each PPV for $37.50. With regards to pre-sale tickets, there is zero difference between the two memberships.
  15. Mcmax3000

    Fight club ID

    You need to print off your confirmation from the events page, which has a bar code that will be scanned. It's available about 1-2 weeks prior to the event, usually around the same time that the Q&A guest is confirmed. To find it, click on the events page, then click on the event you're attending, and if it's available, there will be a 'Show/Print Your Confirmation' button on that event page.
  16. Mcmax3000

    Question about ticket prices @ presales.

    No. Prices are the same, we just get access to purchase them earlier.
  17. Mcmax3000

    ufc 165

    Everybody gets to go to the weigh-ins for free, regardless of whether, or not they're a Fight Club member. What you get for being a Fight Club member is access to a fighter Q&A prior to the weigh-ins, and you get to stay in your seat after the Q&A, meaning you get better weigh-in seating than the general public. You also get a free event poster for attending the Q&A as well.
  18. Mcmax3000

    Elite member question regarding PPV's?

    There are unique codes under the UFC.TV Pay-Per-Views tab on the homepage that you can redeem when purchasing the PPV on UFC.TV.
  19. Mcmax3000

    The obsession for finishes!

    For me, I don't have a huge problem with a lack of a finish in a fight, as long as I have some sort of indication that the fighters are trying to finish it. It's when their game plan is to very obviously just hold the other person down to get a decision that I have an issue. If doing something, ANYTHING to try to finish, I'm fine with it going to a decision.
  20. Mcmax3000

    when does tuf 18 air

    Wednesday nights, at I believe 10:00p, on FOX Sports 1 (in the US) starting September 4 following UFC on FOX Sports 1: Texiera vs. Bader.
  21. Hey, I found the answer to this one but I think you need to be a paid member. It is unclear though. Yes, that is correct. You do need to be a paid member.
  22. Mcmax3000

    Lost my membership card

    They no longer issue membership cards. You'll just need to login to the events page closer to the event, and print out your confirmation bar code for that event, then present that for scanning at the door.
  23. Mcmax3000

    Bought account on ticketmaster

    Yes, you'll be able to put the membership on your current account. Ticketmaster e-mails you a code that you input when you get to the screen where you would pay for your membership.
  24. They do not send out cards anymore. They're back to the original way of doing things with just bar codes. Not sure if your old card will work. I printed out the bar code for my last show, and used that instead just to be safe.