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  1. Stalk away 👋👋👋👋👋👋

  2. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

    I pm'd back,but im confused haha
  3. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

    You can get the code going through either page
  4. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

    im a girl haha
  5. NatLiddell_lova

    no presales code

    The codes are up under the events tab !!! Both my hubby and i each have ours !
  6. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

    Are you on the events page ?
  7. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

  8. NatLiddell_lova


    Code is under the events tab on top of the page and at some point there will be a get tickets spot that usually takes you straight to the ticketek page where you enter your unique code ... Or i guess you can just go staight to ticketek and do it that way once youve got your code
  9. NatLiddell_lova

    ufc Adelaide

    Its up already under the events tab buddy,click that then go the Adelaide event and you'll see it
  10. NatLiddell_lova

    Weigh in info

    Am I aloud to post in thus thread, being a humble free member among the rich and powerful ? If it is, then I certainly don't belong here. I'm sorta' like the kind of guy that gets in the club for free because I know the woman who charges admission, drink for free because people will eventually get them for me anyway, and catch a ride home with a random chick because I don't have a car! Where I come from people who do that get slapped. Disgusting low life scum. I'm exaggerating more than a little; I'm actually quite the giver and I have no shortage of friends. On another note; if you were the sort of guy who could manage to slap me and walk away from it, you would be a pretty bad mofo. My Australian forum members: I hope you guys manage to make it to the weigh-ins and get a chance to enjoy all of the activities the UFC has to offer with this upcoming promotion. I know there aren't quite as many events being held in your country as over here, so hopefully your schedules allow for you to make the most of it. Have fun guys! Oh we will don't you worry about that
  11. NatLiddell_lova

    Pre Sale Codes

    I guess you'll just have to wait it out...the bonus is if you cant get tickets while its being done then nobody else can !!!
  12. NatLiddell_lova

    Pre Sale Codes

    ours are up already too
  13. NatLiddell_lova

    Pre Sale Codes

    You'll get your unique password prior to tickets going on sale so dont panic.Its easy to find and it'll be just before tix going on sale to lessen the chance of the tards who give the code out...
  14. NatLiddell_lova

    Where is my membership package?

    Im in Australia and from the day i renewed to now it was 18 weeks,it took atleat 8 weeks to get here the rest of the time is how long it took them to post it!!