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  1. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    Due to the new format, I only get reminded of you when I see a like for everyone agreeing with what an idiot you are other than that nope, enjoy your night pretending to be a rich guy on the internet
  2. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    Excuse me rich kid, I mean mum
  3. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    No, I was wondering why your mom didn’t have an abortion
  4. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    I actually saw what an idiotic topic this was and laughed. I then saw it was you who made it and it made sense.
  5. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    There you go, a sample of this idiots posts on the premium side
  6. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

  7. AndyWang

    Juice vs Zerk XXV - rd 2

    I hate connecting flights, if I can’t go on a nonstop flight, I rather not go
  8. AndyWang

    Suspend Khabib

    He randomly yesterday said he spent more money than anyone on strippers in Vegas this past weekend. So he was laughed at for bragging about it. He then decided to brag about what hotel he was at while sitting in the cheap seats and having no clue how comps work. Has admittedly said he is a conor fan boy who knows nothing of Mma now he is randomly telling us how much he squats and benches while also calling himself a mog which if you google stands for mother of the groom premium side and the free side both seem to not understand this random Conor fanboy
  9. AndyWang

    Ryan LaFlare Retires from MMA

    geez now where will the UFC turn to for ratings??
  10. AndyWang

    Which Undefeated Fighter Will Lose First?

    Jones already lost to the GOAT
  11. AndyWang

    Juice vs Zerk XXV - rd 2

  12. but theres no potential interest from the fans in watching it
  13. AndyWang

    NoCake vs Wang (I think)

    i picture nocake as hendricks in his avatar now when he sees that he was wrong
  14. AndyWang

    I know you were all worried, but...

    need to look into this, i'll give it some time though to see what else they maybe can throw at the wall to see what sticks
  15. AndyWang

    Kevin Lee vs. Al Iaquinta 2 headlines UFC on FOX 31

    if anyone deserves three threads its Motown