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  1. Theres a good chance radlad doesn't get his pick in or doesn't pick either of those guys. Stay strong.
  2. I like the initiative and enthusiasm, but RadLad is currently up. You would be next
  3. Should have taken him 1st pick. I promise you meek would have been available in the 4th round
  4. Nice one, mw is shallow has a good chance to be champ.
  5. I'll take Kevin Lee. Since RadLad is currently the last player to draft, he gets 24 hrs for his 2 picks. If more people sign up, I'll get them caught up to us.

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Sounds like you nominated yourself, congrats
  7. Anybody down to run this? Cash backed out at the 11th hr.

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Gary died like Freddie. He hasn't logged on in a month
  9. What rule? You'll be letting a lot of ppl down.

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Lol, keep signing ppl for absolutely no reason
  11. Remember, if you pick a champion in the first rd, you cannot take a 50k fighter the following rd. 25k or less.
  12. It's up to you, once the season starts, you and your fancy spreadsheet will be taking care of that. I'd run it, but others dont want me to. You did a fine job last year and didnt leave. I'm just getting the ball rolling.

    Greatest Of All Time Per Weight Class?

  14. You're just going to play an imaginary one til then? Wake up, undisputed left like Freddie, he might be dead. That camp is 5 events behind. Move on.
  15. Oz is out, his replacement will not be picking 6th, they will be placed at 10th. Onwards and forwards gents.