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    I can kinda understand were people are coming from....Ok first.... I have been a member now for 4 months...still no shirt....now if and when it arives....I have read on here people ordering a "L" but reciving a womens "M" and in the term and conditions you cant exchange it........ Now you have to admit thats kinda ****ty!.......... Also..... I dont know how they do it in the states, London and Canada But here in oz for 127 we all got our ticks on pre sale and the event "sold out: day one to the public! Then a few weeks before the fights the ufc changed the seating so they could fit more people in and the very best tickets in all sections went up for sale!!! Now what we ment to do!? We could not sell our ticks on e bay for cost price...there were already hundreds of tickets on there for sale with no bites! So any old jo blow could get the very best seats to 127 just as long as they had the money....they did not even have to be a big fan like us FC members! now that just sucks!
  2. AussieJosh81

    Where is my membership package?

    I joined 4 months ago! Still no shirt!