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  1. Did you run out of animal crackers?



  4. jeffw38

    How do you post photos

  5. jeffw38

    Question About Rob vs Romero Outcome ...

  6. jeffw38

    Stipe or DC? Who you got?

    DC has two chances...slim and none...
  7. jeffw38

    WTF Roy??

    "Feed" him to Browne? You sure about that?
  8. jeffw38

    Pic from Browne/Werdum fight. Graphic

    Browne & Rousey deserve each other...
  9. Okay. Today is the 60 day mark. Fight club pre-sale allegedly in 15 days on the 28th. Is Conor on or is he not? Am I going small or large on this ticket?
  10. jeffw38

    Photographic proof of why Rowdy should avoid Cyborg

    "I bet if she was scheduled to face RR AGAIN she would piss green." Again? Never knew the match was made? My bad... Justino fights under the UFC banner in Brazil in a cpl weeks. Her piss is as clean as yours or mine... I'm not talking anything if Rousey never talks smack about Carano or especially light heavyweight Laila Ali...
  11. jeffw38

    Photographic proof of why Rowdy should avoid Cyborg

    Exactly. And there are people on the UFC Forum that will rip into you if you even hint Rousey is scared sh****** of Justino... The love affair continues even though Ronda will run long and will run hard away from Cyborg...forever. These people are too busy looking at those Sport's Illustrated photo shoots I think. "She got popped for steroids (only one in UFC history) FIVE years ago." "She's really a man in a woman's body." "She's not in the same weight class. "She doesn't speak English"...yadayadayada When you call them out on the fact Rousey was calling out Carano at 145 and Laila Ali at 168+ the tizzy begins...
  12. jeffw38

    Rory MacDonald

    Good for Rory. Bad for UFC fans. Win or lose, he brung it...
  13. jeffw38

    Mark Hunt extremely butthurt on the MMA hour

    No. You're hilarious Ramon. Your boy got his a** kicked. Try to have a good day. I did. I cashed my ticket at the MGM Sportsbook July 9th...
  14. jeffw38

    Mark Hunt extremely butthurt on the MMA hour

    I assumed you asked why Brock took them? I don't know why HE, personally, took them. Anyone with half a brain knows why people in general do...