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  1. gadgets19

    Oz's tv show discussion thread

    Finished Witcher. Good watch. Timelines kept messing me up though.
  2. RDA - too bad. From my time in the premium forum sounded like he is a good dude in real life. JDS - time takes us all. sad panda
  3. gadgets19

    Oz's tv show discussion thread

    Watched ep 1 of Witcher Liked it enough that 4K doesn't matter and will switch to watching on projector.
  4. Imma Dos Santos mark so looking for the win.
  5. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Jojo Rabbit What a strange movie. I liked it but you need to be able to just sit and go with a movie. Part parody, part comedy, part drama.
  6. gadgets19

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Happen to come across the video of Stephan Bonner's DUI arrest. Dude was messed up, glad he got caught.
  7. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Terminator: Dark Fate I have a soft spot for Terminator movies, I don't hate any of them. This movie pushed the boundaries on that declaration.
  8. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Really good film. No even close to what I thought it was going to be about. I was expected something like The Host or Snowpiercer (the directors other films). Took my brain awhile to forget about those and just focus on this movie.
  9. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    The Wandering Earth Netflix. Chinese sci-fi with English voice overs. A bit over the top and even a dummy like me was questioning the science but shut the brain off and watch.
  10. mmm. Misplaced faith in the Disney I see you have.
  11. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Fine. Movie starts, stuff happens, movie ends. I like Brad Pitt so it made it easier. Seemed QT trying to prove something to his peers. Gemini Man Watchable but bad. Will Smith getting some of that China money. Code 8 Agree with Bezerker101.
  12. gadgets19

    Boxing Thread: Joshua Next Opponent?

    Of course Wider/Fury II is two days before I land in Vegas. 🤬
  13. gadgets19

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Joker Didn't enjoy anywhere near as much as everyone else. First half I was damn near bored. Second half picked up and redeemed. At some point going to rewatch cause according to a buddy I missed a plot point completely. Freaks I liked this one. Lower budget but well done. Worth the watch. Zombieland Double Tap Had a good time with this one. Shut the brain off and just enjoy. The things I would do for Zoey Deutch.
  14. Just got back from matinee. Really like it. Never liked Finn, glad he didn't get what he wanted. My list. 1 ESB 2 ANH 3 RO 4 ROTJ 5 ROS 6 TFA 7 ROTS 8 SOLO 9 TPM 10 TLJ 11 AOTC
  15. Just a reminder that episode 7 of Mandalorian is available tomorrow 12/18 instead of Friday to avoid any Rise of Skywalker conflicts.