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  1. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Ty ty! It’s supposed to be a 150 shot but the gains are huge! I think the air bottle you sent over for me kicks it up a bit in the top end! AFR is good and no knock retard so I just send it NP! 😂
  2. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Hey sobro, finally took the car down the 1/4 on the spray. The car was a bit heavier, and my baseline was 12.68 @ 113.93... turned on the bottle and went 11.51 @ 128.14... That's a gain of nearly 1.2 seconds and 14MPH!!! Considering my PB with a bit less weight is 12.12 @ 116 if I make the same jump I should be in the high tens @ 130mph. All my 60 ft times were woeful 1.9 seconds NA, and 1.86+ on juice, so it's kicking in right before the 60ft mark. Also, as the night got cooler it was getting faster, but as the bottle ran low I ran a 11.56 @ 124mph... but it was 2mph faster to the 1/8th then the 11.51 pass. It was on it's way to a 130mph pass I know it!! but the bottle ran low 😔 (ok had to double check something... I got around 3.4 seconds 0-100kmh (62mph) with a stock converter!)
  3. Enigma_Machine

    Anyone else have those dreams where you can't punch hard?

    I dreamed I couldn't punch hard in a fight against Anderson Silva back when he was champ. He faked getting knocked out, the ref thought it was legit and declared me the winner. Then I was running around in the locker rooms etc in fear because Anderson Silva was looking for me to push my chit in for taking his belt. Was a weird random dream.
  4. Enigma_Machine

    My gf of 9 yrs and I broke up the other day

  5. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    quick update and besides the hot chips the other night I've been on the keto diet for 5 days now and there is a huge difference in energy levels particularly at night when I used to feel badly fatigued and lethargic, now I'm fully coherent, alert and present like my mental stamina is 100x improved. Also, my shoulder injury... shoulder press this morning I was doing 50lb dumbbells which I haven't done for a long time, there must have been some kind of inflammation that was holding me back that the new diet has helped reduce. I actually feel like I can start making good progress on all my lifts. I challenge anyone to try out a keto diet just for a week and see if it helps out because it sure seems to be working for me!
  6. Enigma_Machine

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    What seems to be your boggle?
  7. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    That's pretty much exactly how I want to build my car! Very cool. Will be interesting to see how much power he can make on 35psi god damn! I had the exact same idea with widening stock rims, over here it's illegal to double weld wheels so the widest I could go was 9.5 inches which allows me to use a 285 tyre which is still pretty decent.
  8. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    The blue s15 that put 1/2 a car length on me raced the red GTR that's been destroying everything at roll racing. This is what happened:
  9. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    No, could you please elaborate? 😂I kid, I kid, Thanks for the write up man, I might grab some himalayan pink salt tomorrow. The diet I'm currently on is fairly similar to the one you were doing except I'm not eating any fruit besides avocado. I think I might keep some more varied fruits handy in case I get that brutal headache again, just to get some kind of carbohydrate going. Also, honestly at this point how much I eat is dictated by whether my weight isn't going down = eat a little less, and whether my strength is going down = eat a little more
  10. Enigma_Machine

    The Weekend of Bellator

    damn I completely forgot how the first round matchups went down 😂
  11. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    What kind of food were you eating for that week? I'm going hardcore old school with a steak and eggs diet just to see what it's like. After hitting 90kg (200lbs) 2 months ago I decided to go back to the gym. I gave it up a while ago due to a shoulder injury. Jumping on bench I struggled to do 90lbs without pain... embarrassing considering I used to bench 220lbs. It slowly increased to 150lbs in that 2 months. Then after I jumped on this steak and eggs diet 4 days ago my shoulder pain VANISHED and last night my bench had jumped to 165lbs and my bodyweight dropped by nearly 4.5lbs. The only problem is my concentration is lacking severely. I just sort of become absent minded. After reading a bit more about it, I'm upping my salt intake and drinking electrolytes after exercise rather then straight water, plus plenty more water throughout the day. These three things apparently can get depleted fast on this diet. To ensure I get enough fat I'm putting extra butter on my steak and also adding an avocado and some cashew nuts just in case. Already taking multivitamins plus a few other vitamin sups.
  12. Enigma_Machine

    Jesse Taylor squanders UFC shot, gets cut, invokes "Nazis"

    He could at least have attempted to say he did it unknowingly... instead of adopting that mentality of "my heart is innocent therefore nothing bad can happen"
  13. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    hahaha none taken I’m not looking for fast results, all I’m saying is that something changed and there were some benefits to be had. Now to pinpoint what was working and what wasn’t
  14. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    I did notice a huge difference in reduced puffiness in that 3 days. It was crazy. My pot belly vanished. I was actually starting to look cut for the first time in yrs (only slightly lol) There’s definitely some kind of benefits. I think I’m going to experiment with a few different things to see if I can stave off that brutal headache/flu like symptoms.
  15. Enigma_Machine

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    Yo anyone successfully got on a keto diet? I made it 3 days and had a migraine headache that painkillers couldn't touch. Had some hot chips and within 1/2 hr I felt more energetic then ever and the headache disappeared.