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  1. Enigma_Machine

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    This holden business is old news. It's just never been made official until now. The biggest hint was when stocks of ZB commodores were being backed up in german factories to the point that holden had to cancel orders and halt production. Nobody's interested in what they have to offer. They've been trying to fight off the bogan stereotype by styling there cars more like european cars. If they just listened to their market and appeased the bogan types they'd still be afloat just like ford with their imported mustangs performing "better than expected" 🙄
  2. Enigma_Machine

    The Dishonorable List of Runners

    look again
  3. Enigma_Machine

    Corona Virus Thread

    That's NZ dollars, which is the equivalent of about 35 yen.
  4. Enigma_Machine

    The Mandalorian discussion thread (Warning:Spoilers)

    season 1 - The babyguard. - Mando protects Baby Yoda season 2 - Degobah Alone 4 - Mando accidentally leaves Baby Yoda somewhere and must get it back. season 3 - Ferris Baby Yoda's Day Off - Baby Yoda feins illness to go on it's own adventures with mildly force sensitive friends season 4 - Breaking Dark - Bada starts cooking Kyber Crystals for street gangs & Mando has suspicions. season 5 - Baby Carrie - Bada's newfound lust for power leads it to strike back violently at intergalactic oppressors and Mando does not approve. season 6 - revenge of the sith 2 - Bada & friends turn on mandalorians. Only Mando can bring it back.
  5. Enigma_Machine

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    god damn it sometimes i miss this forum
  6. Enigma_Machine

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

  7. Enigma_Machine

    The Mandalorian discussion thread (Warning:Spoilers)

    You know full well neither of these things will happen
  8. Enigma_Machine

    The 08'ers

    lmao I remember being on the site in 08 around when Chuck and Randy both got messed up. The front page seemed to resemble a phishing site rather then a legitimate sporting website.
  9. Enigma_Machine

    The Mandalorian discussion thread (Warning:Spoilers)

    many adversities, such wow
  10. Enigma_Machine

    The Mandalorian discussion thread (Warning:Spoilers)

    there's nothing wrong with rey being OP for literally no reason. The problem is that she's too flawless for 3/4 of people to just accept, especially when mixed in with all the other political white noise
  11. Enigma_Machine

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    it's truly end of days
  12. Enigma_Machine

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    Neither guy willing to commit to anything 2/10 will not bang again
  13. Enigma_Machine

    GSP Appreciation Month has arrived!

    I've been waiting a very. long. time. for this thread to be back.
  14. Enigma_Machine

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    sometimes I wish they'd just play some old school classic trailers in theatres for the hell of it. Maybe before their sequels.. Because this is a piece of art.