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  1. Enigma_Machine

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    how will you manij?!!
  2. Enigma_Machine

    Game of Thrones

    I predict that Cersei goes full Osama Jong Un and nukes kings landing with wildfire taking herself, the entire city and half the wight army with her. I also predict all the main good guys die killing the night king which phantom menaces the entire remaining undead army. the secondary good characters sail to the south and leave the continent behind them destroyed.
  3. Enigma_Machine

    GOAT Christmas Movie

  4. Enigma_Machine

    GOAT Christmas Movie

    I was gonna say something but then I thought, does it really matter?
  5. lol soon we won't be allowed to hang naggers
  6. Enigma_Machine

    Anyone ever taste their own jazz?

    Damn I need me one of those tantra chairs! It's clear the kind of angles you can hit. All this kinky talk though reminds me of this loose cannon I used to work with, ex boxer, McGregor type build but mainly from smoking ice rather then actually training. He had serious anger issues and got in a fight with his missus so he went ahead and posted full revealing photos of her on facebook, showing her all strapped up adn restrained in a swing in his shed. Was pretty full on.
  7. Enigma_Machine

    The future is bright for Australian mma

    They were all legit kiwis lel
  8. Enigma_Machine

    Anyone ever taste their own jazz?

    No but I've kissed a girl while getting a blow job. Couldn't taste nothing. kinda disappointing.
  9. Enigma_Machine

    Yo Soup we see you lurking homie.

    That's what I was saying you intellectually unimpregnable legume. In fact, i told you to learn how to take a complement and you still didn't. This is why I love you.
  10. Enigma_Machine

    Yo Soup we see you lurking homie.

  11. Enigma_Machine

    Yo Soup we see you lurking homie.

    firstly I wasn't drunk when I posted that you flamin corkscrew. Second, your ban for that facebook thing was a complement for your trolling skills. You should learn how to take a complement, and finally... how about you use your tongue to delicately caress my ballbag.
  12. Enigma_Machine

    Conor Mcgregor suspended from Driving for 6 months

    He used to post videos of himself speeding in his lambo or some chit ages ago. Not surprised he got caught one time. There are worse things to get done for, like rampage's rampage. Also Conor is nothing like Jon, Conor never pretended to be a saint.
  13. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    I find if people skip over chit in a how to video it's because when you're there doing it these things are super obvious and impossible to frick up. Unfortunately for us normies trying to learn off some dude rambling to his gopro it's hard to get an idea of everything involved and it can seem daunting. Just give it a go and you'll probably roll your eyes at how simple it is. On another note, driving around with the new trans / clutch setup. It's super clunky rattly, and sometimes really hard/rough to shift. Unfortunately I have no idea if it's my amateur clutch install or the 2nd hand gearbox... but I followed the clutch install instructions to the goddamn letter. What I do know is to test the clutch for disengagement is to keep the clutch pressed to the floor, in gear, and rev it up. If it moves forwards there's problems. It doesn't do this at all. However... it doesn't stall in gear at idle. It just rolls forwards slightly. I don't know if it's the sweet sweet v8 torque forcing it forwards or if it's minor clutch grab allowing it to keep revs... gah. I really don't want to have to pull this transmission out again.
  14. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    car is together and drivable About time because I have to break in the clutch by tomorrow night’s roll racing meet
  15. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Just saw this post earlier and had to look it up again, apparently there are two girls working there named 'kat' and the one in the video isn't the one who died.. still pretty devastating though.