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  1. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    That thing is a monster!! I hope he gets some decent wheel time in if he's hoping to do burnouts down here!
  2. Enigma_Machine

    Conor catches another L.

    send in that old army vet who cucked the amberlamps guy into spit shining his shoes.
  3. Enigma_Machine

    All Things Marvel & DC Thread: Sony & Marvel Split!

    If it's true that the avengers are going to become black panther, spider man, female thor and non wesley snipes blade what little interest I had is going to be ZERO. About the only mild curiosity I have left is how the xmen will fit into it.
  4. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    I know lamborghini treats everybody that walks through their showroom doors as a potential customer. UGR might do the same. Even though it's rolls royce in this story, i know because of what happened lamborghini always shows respect to everyone that walks in. https://www.elitereaders.com/indian-king-snubbed-by-rolls-royce-use-luxury-cars-garbage-collection/ I remember watching on youtube someone try to pull a prank and intentionally get kicked out of exotic car dealerships. What he'd do is pretend to be broke, and then have his buddy come pick him up in a different exotic car. I believe lamborghini were the only ones who always treated him with respect. I was impressed.
  5. Enigma_Machine

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  6. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    man i have so many questions! I'd love to pick the brains of those guys at ugr, not just about what they've done but how they figured it out etc
  7. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    It doesn't sound like it makes full boost until 3rd gear!
  8. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    holy ****! that's actually incredible. I wonder how long it will last at that power level?
  9. Enigma_Machine

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    I was going to point out that Kylo Ren was solely responsible for 'pausing' the army because of his own untethered emotions but they were a result of luke's actions. So what you said is right, from a certain point of view.
  10. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Love the technology in this thing. The variable ratio rocker arm deal is super interesting. Everything looks like it's all about being compact and efficient without sacrificing power potential. I bet any big power builds are going to be super streetable with all of that adjustability/tunability integrated right in there.
  11. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Funnily enough I just realised I've never sold a car. Not like I was unaware of that fact, but never really noted it or made a big deal of it. Also been driving the LS3 around the past four days. It's oh so silky smooth! & I'm really loving the extra low down torque! It makes the super lightweight flywheel just that little bit easier to manage.
  12. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    The best/worst thing about cars is the sentimental attachment that goes along with them as more and more memories are made. The thing is i guess that if it's no longer of any use besides that sentimental feeling then really it's ok to let it move on to someone who will appreciate it, because that sentimental feeling doesn't go with the car, it stays with you. It's easier to let go if there's a different memory maker in the horizon be it wife/kids, growing a career or business... or a different car etc. Reading this back makes me seem like I'm talking about losing a best friend or something lmfao
  13. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    How dare you be so mature and rational!
  14. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Jeezus christ! That kind of talk makes me wonder how leroy would go with an auto
  15. Enigma_Machine

    My official car thread

    Nice! Honestly if I really liked lambos I'd do it one time for a formal occasion or something... but renting exotics on the gold coast is so unrealistically expensive. It's something like $4500 + $7000 security deposit to rent an audi r8 for the weekend and last time I checked a maximum of 80kms allowed before extra fees per km apply!