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  1. I was fired for sleeping with all the other mods. yes... all of them.
  2. I pick the original members of the 2005 TUF boards. All of them. plus Leonie and SaucyLV.
  3. brewster

    Cheeseburgers, Fried Chicken and Orange Soda.

    I miss you all often as well. But hookers and blow keep me busy. long live G-row.
  4. brewster

    Cheeseburgers, Fried Chicken and Orange Soda.

    I like cheeseburgers, fried chicken and orange soda.
  5. I am starting to eat hulled hemp hearts like a fiend, what is your take on their nutrional quality?
  6. brewster

    Game of Thrones

    I am feeling awesome, couldn't be better! Thanks for asking.
  7. brewster

    Game of Thrones

    The reason it does only 10 episodes per season is HBO has a budget of $6 million per episode including multiple units in seperate locations in seperate countries. Interestingly enough, Ireland pays about $3 million a year to HBO that specifically goes to the GOT budget... this is offset by over $20 million of spending the show brings to the area when it films there. We don't really know if GOT is profitable, as HBO is a subscription based company and does not release ad revenue for the show. We do know that gets about 7 million viewers so it's safe to say that the show makes a ton of money. Someone earlier said it was the most downloaded show, which is true and that does cut into profits however it also creates new fans, which sells more subscriptions to HBO, and sells more books. I will be watching my HBO on demand in a few weeks to re-watch season 4
  8. brewster

    The Official Liquor/Alcohol Thread

    Steamworks seasonal craft beer out of Vancouver, Canada... Steamworks Blitzen. A nice 9% hop forward seasonal with great citrus notes.
  9. brewster

    Happy Birthday War West !!

    brewster is always great.
  10. brewster

    Happy Birthday War West !!

    Happy belated Birthday.
  11. brewster

    I miss the old UFC Forum

    I got you.
  12. c'mon, me and the old TUF1 had some great convos about Hezbollah. I had forgotten about this place and then today was like, I should see who's here...
  13. brewster

    I miss the old UFC Forum

    Before the old UFC Forum the UFC had The Ultimate Fighter Forum, it was a great place.
  14. Always room in my pants for a little BEG. Love you girl!