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  1. johnwhite

    UFC Fight Night Albany Fight Club Pre-Sale Weds. 10/26

    Ticket prices?????
  2. johnwhite

    UFC Newark Fight Club Pre-Sale & Ticket Prices

    cant wait so xmas comes at 10 tmo for me = )
  3. johnwhite

    Gray Maynard dropping to featherweight

  4. johnwhite

    Thiago Silva vs Feijao confirmed for UFC 162

    theres no winner as both test positve for roids !~| ~|~~!
  5. im from long island new york been wating for chris to take this title
  6. johnwhite

    Forum bet on GSP vs Diaz. Will GSP finish?

    gsp will stop diaz to due cuts over the right or left eyebrow by round 3 latest
  7. johnwhite

    UFC member package ?

    i legit got the ultimate fight club pack in late dec and only got 2 mags no shirt no card no dog tags no nuthing this is pissing me off its been 2 and half months can i get an update please !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. glover will destroy rampage
  9. johnwhite

    What fight are you looking forward to the most?

    cant wait to see rory knockout condit
  10. johnwhite

    I hope Robbie Lawler KO's Koscheck.

    same I hate blondy as much as i hate frank mir
  11. johnwhite

    Official TUF Tournament Fantasy Game

    i also heard for there gonna be doing fight predictions for events soon too .... can anyone confirm and when ????
  12. johnwhite

    Anyone else pumped for TUF tomorrow?

  13. johnwhite

    Anyone else pumped for TUF tomorrow?

    have never missed an episode of tuf ever this is going to be the best tuf ever the talent pool of fighters is amazing. chael sonnen is an amazing coach and will show that in this season . i really dont see chael trash talking this season much at all. i think he will be way to focused on making champions out of his team
  14. johnwhite

    NFL Playoffs

    49s are 5-0 in the superbowl come sunday after aldo knockouts edgar
  15. johnwhite

    Cerrone is going to absolutely smash Pettis!

    showtime will put a fight of the year performance and the fight should be domination like when rory mac owned nate diaz