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  1. It is all about the money. The UFC is a fight promotion and a corporation and as such their primary goal is to make money. If Ferguson can sell the fight they will make that fight happen.
  2. freedom

    CONOR started all the nonsense

    Khabib's actions are on no one else but Khabib. He had a choice to make and he made the wrong choice.
  3. freedom

    New UFC fan

    Hi, I love the UFC. I also trane UFC, do you? Thanks Freedom
  4. freedom


    first of all the term "god in school is stupid" it should be religion in school. ANd religion should not be taught in public schools coz it is a PUBLIC school. It is paid for by tax dollars, from people of religion and people of no religion. Second look at this graph see a pattern?
  5. freedom

    Why we can't ban guns in the US...

    you cant rest your case on 1 incident. Gun ownership is a complicated matter which should be approached in that manner. Should people be allowed to buy guns? Yes and I plan on applying for my permit asap but there has to be a better way to do this though. A gun is a weapon that can kill fast and kill a lot of people. Such a weapon in the hands of the wrong person can cause a lot of damage. Can gun ownership be controlled? No, not in the case of the US. Should it be controlled? No. I am so conflicted on this issue.
  6. freedom

    Why we can't ban guns in the US...

    this happened in China on the same day as the shooting. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57559179/china-school-knife-attack-leaves-23-injured/ 23 kids attacked at a school in china, not a single dead.
  7. freedom

    Are you religious?

  8. freedom

    Do you Conceal Carry?

    No that is not a gun in my pocket, I am just happy to see you
  9. paul mccartney sucks balls
  10. freedom

    Are you religious?

    fack is a swear word now? i say fack all the time! now you tell me???