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  1. TheStorm

    Rampage tweets that he wants UFC to release him

    sounds like Rampage is trying to stir the pot like Tito did back in the day. Rampage knows, that there is no LHW challenge outside the UFC. no "real" challenges. the LHW division is and always has been the UFCs baby. they have damn near EVERY top LHW with them. to say that the UFC took his love of fighting from him after the Forrest fight, to me, is saying that i lost my belt, i dont care anymore. and in my opinion (imo) it showed immediately in the Jardine fight. he feels that he deserves all this and that, but the fact is that it comes down to HIM to WIN the fights he is in... and he hasnt been doing that.
  2. TheStorm

    Two Favorite Fighters from japan

    Kawajiri Kid back in his hay day ive never really cared for Gomi.
  3. TheStorm

    Your favourite ever MMA match

    hard to pick just one... Edgar/Griffin Griffin/Guida Griffin/Sherk Herman/Grove TUF finale Tokoro/Uyenoyama Couture/Big Nog DREAM has had a lot of really good fights too. some of my fav finishes tho are... Aurelio/Roberts Maia/Sonnen Rampage/Arona Kid/Miyata
  4. i havent seen Brew or Bravo post yet. must be missing them.
  5. .... lol well im 24, she was born on January 23, 2012
  6. whats going on G? long time. in case u didnt know.... i had a baby girl lol
  7. i didnt read the thread, just the creators post, but if ur talking about damage... then i hope u are referring to them being rocked only. because in that sense.. it would be fair. some people like to judge "damage" by how the other person looks. when that isnt legitimately fair since different people take more damage to for it to show, just like some people swell, bruise, and cut easily. best people that just pop into my head are Penn and Marcus Davis.... Davis cuts and swells very easily. it might only take the first strike. where Penn has left many fights looking like he was ever in there. would u say that Penn beat GSP purely because GSPs face was mangled and Penns wasnt? if u would, then i think u are completely ignorant. thats all. "Yes, I would say George did a good job at preventing his opponents from hurting him, but can we call this a fight? Ok, to sum up, we should fight to hurt people, not to control people, not to score points, not to showcase our atheletism." Fighting is not hitting, anyone can hit. Fighting is making the other person miss.
  8. TheStorm

    Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

    Swift hands down. Cyrus is not that attractive... nice body in my opinion, but i do not like her face at all
  9. TheStorm

    Edgar: Worst "Champ" Ever?

    talking about damage... what i mean about damage tho is that some people bruise and bleed easier then others. its an unfair advantage to score damage so high. plus someone could have the most busted up face in the planet but never have been in any real trouble. good examples of this are Penn/GSP fights. GSPs face was mangled, but he wasnt in any danger of being finished. also take Penn and Marcus Davis. we all know that they could take the same damage, but Davis will definitely be effected by it with swelling and/or bleeding, where Penn MIGHT.... probably wont, but might have some swelling. Penn doesnt swell or bleed as most fighters, yes it happens, but not often. thats the whole point im trying to make about the damage thing. its an unfair advantage to judge that way cuz not everyone swells or bleeds the same, or is ever really rocked tho they look really bad. but to elaborate a lil more on that for this fight... to me if u are gonna score something and call it "damage" then i personally think it should be if they rocked them or something. so in THAT case, yes Bendo rocked (damaged) Edgar with that upkick for sure, where it didnt look like Edgar had Bendo in any serious danger at all in the fight, just scoring on points.
  10. TheStorm

    Greatest LW so far

    make it sound like the Mike Tyson of MMA.... but Ali is still recognized as being the best boxer' date=' not Tyson. it's not about what u could have done, but rather what u HAVE done. and im one of those that thinks Tyson [b']could have[/b] been the greatest bar none. Penn has been around a lot longer then Edgar. to use this scenario is just ridiculous, its already set up to be unfair to Edgar. u gotta look at things in a different perspective. Penn, while great in his own time was of really good size for the LW division AND with his talent, he was amazing at LW. however, Edgar is SMALL for the division and still making people look bad. he has only ONE loss and only ONE draw, yes they are to the same person Gray Maynard who is huge for the division and it shows when he fights. that one loss was by decision. they fought again and Edgar KO's the Bully. not to mention that this is after he beat Penn TWICE previously. most of Penns losses are outside his natural weight class so its hard to fault him for those outside the obvious point that it was still a fight. but nonetheless he only lost ONCE at LW before he fought Edgar and that was to Pulver. he lost to Pulver back when Penn was thought to be unstoppable and in his prime. now if u want to argue that the Penn that u saw in the LW division later was in his prime, from the rematch with Pulver and on.... well then u are just leading into the argument of.... well Edgar beat him twice in his prime at that time. let us not forget how big MMA has gotten from the early Penn days to now. Everyone is getting better and becoming more rounded with each new fighter, Edgar has to deal with that NOW in the middle of his career. so either way u look at it, Edgar beat Penn and has a ways to go in his career still where as Penn is good, but doesnt have the "fight" in him like he used to in my opinion.