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  1. Remedx

    UFC HW's vs Strikeforce HW's

    SF has the best HW division by far.
  2. Remedx

    Escudero 159 lbs, what's the story?

    even if he came in shape, Oliveira is going to sub him in the first round.
  3. Remedx

    You all realize Hardy is going to lose to Condit, right?

    WAR Condit, my second favorite fighter.
  4. Remedx

    Who does Cole Miller....

    I like Cole for embarrassing Junie Browning, but Pearson's muay thai is vicious. Pearson all day in this fight.
  5. Remedx

    Who is the most overrated fighter in the UFC?

    kids voting Couture are obviously 12 year olds that just started watching MMA when they heard Brock Lesnar is the champion. Idiots.
  6. Remedx

    Would you like to see Penn vs Edgar 3

    no. not even if Penn stays at 155 and wins his next 10 fights.
  7. Remedx

    The aftermath of Rampage vs Machida???

    Rampage retires after losing. Acts full time.
  8. god i hope this is a troll.
  9. Remedx

    I don't see why most hate Bisping, why???!

    find an interview of his. watch/read it. then find one of his fights. watch it. that is why.
  10. Remedx

    The game doesn?t look half bad.........

    seriously? the game looks like complete **** in all aspects.
  11. Remedx

    Takanori Gomi vs Denis Siver?

    damn, i like siver too. kind of a step down from tyson griffin though.
  12. Remedx

    Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Rematch at UFC 125

    they better have another title fight or a sick co-main event.
  13. Remedx

    Nate Diaz (13-5) Vs. Matt Hughes (45-7).

    hughes by some unpredictable outcome. i'd never in a million years would think he'd choke almeida unconscious.
  14. Remedx

    Josh Koscheck responds to Yves Lavigne's criticism

    i wonder if there's a lavigne lowlight video on youtube? enough bad calls to make one, that's for sure.
  15. Remedx

    Chris leben..

    leben vs wand is something i do not want to see. leben rematch with bisping, please.