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  1. casper1128

    3-2 record in the UFC is not impressive

    shogun isnt gonna lose anytime soon, these are just the facts son.
  2. casper1128

    Prime Chuck Liddell vs Current Rich Franklin

    yea, not a chance. he didnt even fall down hahahahaha.
  3. casper1128

    3-2 record in the UFC is not impressive

    what does that have to do with shogun, or this topic. you make no sense, if you could stay on topic i would appreciate it.
  4. casper1128

    Prime Chuck Liddell vs...

  5. casper1128

    Prime Chuck Liddell vs...

    prime chuck liddell would be a top conteder AT BEST these days.
  6. casper1128

    3-2 record in the UFC is not impressive

    shogun is the real deal, if you disagree then you never watched PrideFC. watch the shogun vs. rampage fight and get back to me. he is gonna deposit rashads cranium up there on mars. and theeeeeeeeeen who is next? he already smashed rampage and machida, franklin will never get a shot at 205, forest will never get another one, bader would get his lead leg kicked into the fourth row. jones has the best shot but he is still green, he needs "big fight" experience.
  7. for his size and weight, he is the fastest. he isnt gonna make silva look slow or anything.........but he is faster.
  8. casper1128

    Prime Chuck Liddell vs...

    silva would have killed him i think hendo would be a great fight he would beat rashad in his prime he would beat little nogs *** heres the thing about chuck,................first of all im a big fan of chucky poo and everything he has accomplished. but he is from a different era of fighters. if 33 year old chuck liddel was fightin today he would still be a very solid fighter but i doubt he would have dominated like he did. matter of fact, i promise he wouldnt have. these guys today are way faster, in better shape, far more well rounded, and have outstanding gameplans. chucky never evolved, he retired at the right time. he put on a great 4:50 against franklin.........UNTIL he got caught.
  9. casper1128

    What the hell was the UFC Thinking when..

    127 is in austrailia..................thats why.
  10. casper1128

    Who do you think are the 10 biggest draws atm?

    lesnar steamrolls people as #1 everyone buys his fights, either you love him and want to watch him hulk stomp someone or you hate him and want to see him get worked.............but EVERYONE wants to watch him. dana has said numerous times that lesnar is BY FAR the biggest draw, just wait till u see how good the ratings are for his season of TUF.
  11. casper1128

    Should Ricardo Arona come to the UFC?

    he should still be on medical suspension from the hulk smash that rampage jackson did to his cranium.
  12. casper1128

    Why ya'll mad tho?

    he may have had this title in 2005, but since then he has fought nobody that matters in mma today