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    Another reminder to EVERYONE

    But I'm YOUR nut-hugger, G....will you ban me now?
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    GSP will never fight A.Silva!!!

    Another sh!t-talking turd checks in.
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    big country

  4. Gmangeo

    big country

  5. Gmangeo

    big country

    I thought fighter bashing was a bannable offence? Regardless, you're still waiting, I guess.
  6. I've read the entire thread, and I couldn't see where anyone said that Hamill generally "sucks" or specifically "sucked" in the fight last night. But, truth be told, Hamill hasn't improved much at all in the 3.5 years he's been in the UFC. His stand-up has improved some, I'll give him that, and he's always had good wrestling, but if he's going to play with the big boys of the Top 5 or even the Top 10, he needs to step everything up another level or two, and add more skills like some solid Muay Thai and BJJ. I'd hoped to see some significant improvements in his overall game last night. I didn't, and I think the others posting in a similar vein here share that opinion.
  7. Gmangeo

    Is anybody else sick of ...

  8. It's great that you're a fan of Hamill.
  9. Hamill looked like he will always look against the better fighters in his weight class. He'll hold his own for a while, then he'll get owned, much like vs. Franklin, and again last night. Going forward, the fights aren't going to get any easier unless he's fed cans. Things I noticed last night: He still "plods" forward with his hands down, he's still slow, and if he watched any of Jone's previous fights, he should have seen that throw coming.
  10. Gmangeo

    UFC Fantasy Thread

    UFC? 103 FRANKLIN vs BELFORT Sep-19-2009 Point Score: 208 Your Ranking: 77 out of 18563
  11. Gmangeo

    Where did Cro-cop's kicks disappear to?

    Think "Japanese Supplements" and "Fighter payoffs", and you'll know why Cro Cop has never looked the same as he did when he fought in PRIDE.
  12. Gmangeo

    To all the Vitor haters

    I'm not a Vitor hater, and I did pick Franklin to win via UD, because I thought Franklin would hold the mental edge and would be smart enough and fast enough to stay away from Vitor's power. I, and millions of others, thought wrong. Big props to Vitor, any doubts I had about his mental state have been washed away. He looked focused and relaxed, something I haven't seen since he pounded out Wanderlei. It's going to be interesting to see if he does get a shot at Anderson now, and although I think that might be rushing it a bit, I think it would be a fantastic fight.