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  1. liddellfan3

    Why Hate? (Chuck Liddell)

    Why everytime i log on here i see direspectful comments about a man that pretty much brought the sport that we love up from the ground? As if this was a man who never won a fight and was a nobody in the 205 pound division. Chuck had an amazing career that single handedly brought this sport from the ground up. The man is an amazing knockout artist, having knocked out 7 people in a row. How many people in the UFC can honestly say they've knocked out Randy Couture? Just one, Chuck Liddell (twice). Chuck has beat some of the sports greatest including Jeff Monson, Kevin Randleman, Murilo Bustamante, Vitor Belfort, Renato Sobral, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Jeremy Horn, and Wanderlei Silva. Fighting all these greats has got to one day wear you down. Which is what it looks like happened to Chuck. Personally, the man is my hero. I love the UFC and without him i doubt near as many people would at this point. Who knows where the sport would be without him? Thank you, Chuck.
  2. liddellfan3

    Machida /Evans Rematch

    Why would this EVER happen? Rashad got handled with relative ease. Why put him threw the same torture? Ignorance man.
  3. liddellfan3

    Rampage won't beat Machida

    I don't see how Rampage would have a better chance than Rashad. He's one dimensional. Machida would pick him apart exactly how he did Rashad. Especially if Rampage won't check the leg kicks. Also, i'd like to see Evans' next fight against like a Matt Hamill. I'd like to see exactly where Matt is.
  4. liddellfan3

    The Epic Fight - Lyoto vs Fedor

    Come on now, So many threads have discussed the Fedor deal. He isn't coming to the UFC anytime soon, and even if he did either Fedor would have to lose weight or Machida gain it to be sanctioned. If Fedor comes to the UFC to fight anyone, it'll definitely be Lesnar.
  5. liddellfan3

    UFC 104-u make the fights

  6. liddellfan3

    Best fighter of each division !

    What is everyone's thoughts on the best fighter from each division? Whether they hold the title or not. 155- BJ Penn 170- Georges St. Pierre 185- Anderson Silva 205- Lyoto Machida 265- Brock Lesnar =]
  7. liddellfan3

    Anderson "The Spider" Silva !

    Anderson is set to face Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. This will be a huge fight for both fighters. Anderson is coming off two lackluster wins while Forrest is coming off of a loss. To me if Anderson wins this fight he deserves either the #1 contendership after Rampage or the title fight after Rampage. Thoughts on the subject? (BTW, i hate Silva) lol
  8. liddellfan3

    Upcomng Great Fights !

    These are the upcoming fights of the elite fighters of the UFC. My predictions... (Sorry if i left a few out, i couldn't think of anymore) Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida-Machida by UD, I think Machida will be too smart for Rashad and his antics will leave mistakes for Machida to capitalize on. Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra- Hughes by SD, I think Hughes' wrestling will prove the decisive factor in this matchup. Frank Edgar vs Sean Sherk- Sean Sherk by TKO, I think Sean's power will be too much. Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva- Wandy by KO, Knockout one hitter-quitter. Heath Herring vs Cain Velasquez- Herring by SD, It's time for Heath to get a win. Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida- Guida by UD, I think Diego will gas from all the weight cutting. Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir- Lesnar by TKO, Lesnar WILL improve his Jiu-Jitsu defense and not get subbed. This will end by Ground and Pound. Georges St. Pierre vs Thiago Alves- GSP by TKO, What can i say? He's the best there is. Micheal Bisping vs Dan Henderson- Hendo by TKO, Ground and Pound Stoppage. Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin- Griffin by UD, Anderson hasn't looked good as of late. I think Griffin's size, toughness, and ability to form a gameplan will be the decisive factor. Opinions and predictions?
  9. liddellfan3

    James Irvin is now facing Wilson Gouveia at UFC 102

    good chin? Name one person who wouldnt be out cold if they were hit with a good shot by Irvin.
  10. liddellfan3

    185 #1 Contender =]

    Two matchups are set. I think the UFC should give Silva another 205 fight after Griffin. Then put the winner of Maia vs Nate and Hendo vs Bisping for the shot at the title. Thoughts?
  11. liddellfan3

    UFC 100 Results !

    Out of the super fights on the card, what is everyone's opinion on the results? Brock vs Mir- Brock by TKO. GSP vs Alves- GSP by Decision. Bisping vs Hendo- Hendo by Decision. Coleman vs Bonnar- Coleman by TKO.
  12. liddellfan3

    Tito Ortiz - Legend or Leg-end?

  13. liddellfan3

    James Irvin

    I'm a fan. I love his KO power. Thoughts?
  14. liddellfan3

    Demian Maia

    Last 5 fights were won by a choke submission. Cant anyone devise a gameplan to stop this guy? looks pretty predictable. thoughts?