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  1. thug4less

    mr_Go_Hard, Brewster, jujits Who, Hizoka

    You know' date=' it pisses me off just as much over here as it does there! Lol. That's why I call you "Your Tartness".
  2. thug4less

    mr_Go_Hard, Brewster, jujits Who, Hizoka

    A man has to go where a man can fully express himself at all times in whatever manner his spirit dictates at that particular point in time. Thuggie also loves T&A! HOLLA!
  3. thug4less

    Winners of the UFC Christmas ornament contest

    Way to go Jade and G-Row. I second JJW's statement about the UG. We destroyed them. Notice how I said we even though I did exactly nothing to ensure the UFC had two in the top three. Yeah, call me the Ed Soares of this contest.
  4. thug4less

    Zuffa Themed Holiday Ornament Contest

    I can only shake my head at this.
  5. thug4less

    Zuffa Themed Holiday Ornament Contest

    I perfected mine in the jungles of South Central.
  6. thug4less

    Modern Game Commercials

    I actually think that Bungie's advertisements are really good for what their purpose is. which is to place the reader in the emotional place that the game is trying to put them in. In Halo3: ODST, you're not playing as a Spartan. You're an elite soldier but you're still far more fragile than the people you're fighting and death is your ever-present companion. You can't, and shouldn't, equate playing a character in a game with real-life regardless of what game you're playing. The game's purpose is to tell a story, to transport you into that world, and make you feel something. After you turn the game off you can go back to your world. I, personally, take more offense at all those WWII games that came out. Because you have all these kids playing them and thinking its cool without really knowing a damn thing about WWII and how messed up it really was. I tell them to go watch Band Of Brothers and then tell me how cool it was.
  7. thug4less

    Favorite Anime

  8. thug4less

    Favorite Anime

  9. thug4less

    Milestone Post Speeches!!

    Lol. I knew you'd like it.