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  1. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Kabob a steroid cheat

    How else do you think he's funding his tour of the states? I believe the Brit's use the term 'rent boy'
  2. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies/TV Shows Of 2020

    Sandman is the only half decent thing on this list and they're finna butcher it
  3. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Whittaker vs. Cannonier Or Till

    Agreed m8
  4. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Anyone else think Once Apon Leotardo Overacting in Hollywood was trash? I was so pumped to see it too. Never trusting QT again
  5. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Kabob a steroid cheat

    Yep. It's been taken down from all the legit sites. And really, this chit dropped like 18 hours ago and nobody bit. Just Vert swallowing the hook
  6. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    You know we're not racing to -101 anymore right m8?
  7. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Fighter Of The Decade

    Bisping wasn't even fighter of the night he Fluked Cuckhold
  8. It would be like calling out Ross Pearson these days amirite? I wonder how Ross is these days anyw...... Actually never mind
  9. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Ortega out of fight vs KZ

    Vaginal bruising I believe
  10. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Fighter Of The Decade

    Another failed "of the decade" thread huh? Why not of the last 20 years?
  11. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    Reem KO 2 Calvillo SUB 1 Rothwell DEC Ladd SUB 2 Song Simon Means DEC Qarantillo SUB Mitchell SUB Solecki SUB 1 Jandiroba Muradov KO
  12. He's beaten plenty of guys still in the game.
  13. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    The WORST title era

    Gotta be the Spitsping era. "defends" against a 70 year old who wasn't anywhere near a title shot (lost that fight too) then got knocked out AND submitted by a retired guy two divisions below him
  14. Lord_Costas_number_one_fan

    Top 10 Luxury Trains In The World

    I worked on the Ghan. Newsflash, every single toilet on every single luxury train gets blocked once per trip longer than 24 hours. Enjoy your 5 star service