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  1. That's not a spider
  2. LMAO Stomp is 10x the man Soup is. Facts. If Stomp pm'd me and said he was travelling to Oz, I'd get friends to put him up and take him anywhere he wants and tell them to show him an amazing time. If Soup did the same I'd report him to ASIO
  3. Lol that makes sense at 17 or so, and in that particular scenario. Can't see you doing it at 41 though for some reason
  4. Ok. You are Slack Reacher. Baddest retard on the planet. Never been tapped, only capped. It's a shame you don't have the social awareness and aptitude to not run up on a guy in a parked car and get yourself shot for your efforts.
  5. Thing is, genius, I wouldn't be retarded enough to get myself into that position in the first place. Fake tough guy. I'm beginning to think you don't practice bjj. You certainly do not have the humility it teaches in the very first month. Most places I know of would have your attitude wiped out or banned for life. @StompGrind was 100% right about you. You ignorant ****ing ape
  6. The way he's literally shown how he treats women I'm fairly sure he isn't capable of raping anyone. His rage screams Impotence post-failed fatherhood. Sheesh unless he's ambidextrous he probably couldn't even have his way with himself rn. Guess he took those lines from something he heard from one of those certain types of people he dislikes due to the colour of their skin while he was holding pockets in the house of clean cut white guys who did nothing wrong
  7. Lololol More physical threats from a guy who didn't do anything at all to a guy who shot him. Seems legit. Guess I can pass that on to the DA in the email along with all the rants you put on that thread before it got deleted 😄 @-idyb- is this pretty much what yours looked like? PS, Soup, just because you hang out at a BJJ gym doesn't mean you won't get choked the **** out by someone with 4+ years experience, three belts and a few stripes experience on you. It still amazes me that you can survive as horrific an event as you did and STILL not manage to find an iota of humility. You truly are, genuinely, a chit human being.
  8. Lol of course a good Christian fellow defends our resident scumbag 😂
  9. I'm just keeping it fresh since the Soup rat ran to the mods and got the most fun thread we've had in months deaded
  10. Yeah but when it's all said and done, it's most likely your fault that CJ shot you in self defence.
  11. Three truths for you. Kevin Lee sucks, Fedor is the GOAT and CJ shot Soup in self defence.
  12. Great to see JB get his shot but honestly I think CJ shot soup in self defence and Figuerdo knocks his head clean off.