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  1. OzStraya

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    This is typical of the UFC. Costa and Romero should absolutely be at LHW
  2. OzStraya

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    prior to the Yolo fights Rob had just knocked out Jacare and Brunson back to back. Just because nobody ko's Yolo doesn't make his opponents point fighters m8
  3. I'd nearly forgotten about your dark side
  4. Excuse me I've never claimed to know chit about cricket I'm just here for the trash talk. Also, how long do I have to have Chit bloke as my av?
  5. OzStraya

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    "bEt Me oN SoMeThInG tHaT WiLl nEvEr HaPpeN" You ****ing idiot. You're finna make me reopen my online propeller hat store for you aren't you? Smdh
  6. OzStraya

    BET ENFORCED: RIP Wickles - The End of an Error

    The injuries are vastly different is my point. Props to Pettis for staying in there regardless. Dude is an absolute monster
  7. OzStraya

    BET ENFORCED: RIP Wickles - The End of an Error

    I've broken my ankle before too and a small bone in the other foot. Both my ankles are completely ****ed from basketball injuries landing on other people's feet and putting my full weight on it. I'm not disregarding the significance of the injury, it's the most painful thing I've experienced (the ankle) Actually tearing all the ligaments during a break was. It's instant fire and swelling and it's pure unadulterated pain. Apparently only a knee is worse.. Anyway There's a huge difference. You don't walk off a broken ankle. That's not a broken ankle. It's a fracture of one of the smaller bones in his foot. That you can still put weight on.. It's still going to be a bad time, but it's about a 6/10 when an ankle is a 9.5 Also, X-ray or gtfo. This is the man who cried broken we're dealing with here ffs
  8. OzStraya

    BET ENFORCED: RIP Wickles - The End of an Error

    And the break (still unproven, only Doosh Rufus claims. No x-rays) was in his foot. Not his ankle. But hey it's not like Pettis to overstate injuries.
  9. OzStraya

    Stipe vs Jones

    Did OK against the guy who dumped the 'HW GOAT" (lol) on his head on the weekend, twice..
  10. OzStraya

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Izzy is losing so that match-up will still work
  11. OzStraya

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    it's a tribute to Romero 😘