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  1. OzStraya

    Politics thread

    LMAO @ antufa
  2. OzStraya

    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    No. YOU accept MY Terms! Lol Ah **** it. Let's do this. I've already got yours picked out
  3. OzStraya

    Breaking Bad.

    It felt rushed. It's OK but if you want something in the same universe it's Better Call Saul all day
  4. OzStraya

    Politics thread

    CNN break that news m8? Maybe we call you anTUFa? 😉
  5. OzStraya

    Politics thread

    Nothing wrong with it. Clearly from him, firm and direct.
  6. OzStraya

    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    Calm down Stanly it's ok m8
  7. Banned for a picture of a cake. You're going to make me fight to bring you back again aren't you? WTF is this flatliners?
  8. LMAO too true. It's going to be around 32 degrees apparently, which is beautiful for us but in the UK I think they would commence the mass suicide program
  9. It's actually based on the Warwick Castle in England. I think Bubba was conceived there
  10. OzStraya

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV registrations open

    Polo KO 4 Hardy KO 1 Yair KO 2 Winn Mccann Brady Holland
  11. OzStraya

    Politics thread

  12. It's a pretty average castle tbh honest but we don't have many in Oz. Bucks in Two weeks Which of our posters current marriage situations will Oz most likely end up in?