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  1. OzStraya

    Podcast thread

    Thanks m8. I'll be listening while driving so it's more about having windows up while driving for other people's sake. I had last podcast on the left's Ted Bundy ep on and pulled up next to a car full of millenials who overheard a lot of rapey murder stuff in the space of a few minutes, the faces were priceless!!
  2. OzStraya

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #3

    Albu DEC Penne DEC Lee DEC Calvillo Bermudez SUB Luque
  3. OzStraya

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #3

    LADDER Coot 20 Wang 19 Jolldan 15 OZ 7
  4. OzStraya


    Cain Vick Calvalho Gracie Luque Fili Rivera Bermudez Lee Lentz Barao Penne Albu ** once done actual research I'll probably change and therefor guarantee the win of all of these picks
  5. LOL that's pretty weak even for a tubby beta like you
  6. Generally if you make a retarded claim you should have the stones back it up m8
  7. Racist against brown people? No. We should stick to fishing discussions. Clearly Anderson killed one of your favourite fighters once so he rustles you for life. Who was it? Franklin?
  8. Anderson got caught showboating in the first, and was on his feet when his leg snapped in half in the second.
  9. They're a division or two heavier. Your arguments are retarded. Are you sure you're not just racist against brown people?
  10. Weidman got lucky twice and Bisping lost by KO but the ref ****ed up. DC did not take it easy on Anderson, he took it easy on himself by not engaging him on the feet. You sure you're not new to this?
  11. Yeah I've been here over ten years and never saw a fight. Playing the long troll game
  12. He dove at ankles. Try again mate