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  1. Ascerendant

    Dana White has some explaining to do........

    So...they leaked a TUF-Clip on Youtube and had people do some guerilla-marketing, posing as fans. That doesn't sound too terrible? Usually, the real fans with fake-accounts are far more annoying
  2. Ascerendant

    Why Carwin has a good shot at winning against Lesnar

    Hey, you know how fast threads go away on this forum. Didn't catch it, sorry. I did not mean to say this was big news anyway. But reading through the lot of the Brock vs Shane threads I found that everybody was just talking about punching power, wrestling pedigree and previous performances, completely ignoring the fact that Lesnar has been through rough times. After seeing the enormous impact that the time-off had on Shogun, the lackluster performance of Cote recently and many other examples of ring-rusty-fighters, I just felt that I wanted to put that out there as something to be concidered. I never expected I'd be the only genius to have that idea or something.
  3. I keep reading about how Cotoure controlled Brock against the cage (who didn't he control against the cage?), how Shane KTFO'ed Mir much quicker and harder than Brock and so on, and so forth. All nice and good, but the most important reason why I think Carwin will win and why I think it's insane most bookies still have Carwin a hughe underdog is this: Lesnar hasn't fought for a year. Ring rust must be an issue here. Moreover, Lesnar was dead ill. He wasn't just "not fighting" for a year, he was fighting for his life for some time of that. He's been lying in a hospital bed for weeks, unable to lift anything, losing muscle. Here's a quote from Cagepotato: "Although he now weighs 265 lbs and says he is happy not to have to cut any weight for the fight, Lesnar had to put back on the approximately 42 pounds he lost during the ordeal and has had to dramatically change his poor, meat-heavy diet to ensure that he doesn't have any issues with his digestive tract." Brock was said to come into a fight at about 280 lbs. That means, he's still somewhere between 10 to 15 lbs below the weight he was at before. He's also had to change his diet which could mean he comes in leaner and meaner, but more likely means he has to adjust to that as well and it may cause him to gas more quickly (so far, we have no idea how deep his gas tank is anyway, but the same can be said about Carwin). At the same time he will have to deal with an opponent that is stronger and heavier than everybody he's fought before, who is ko'ing guys left and right and who's probably not too much behind him in the wrestling department. So, while I'd normally say this is a close fight, I'm giving the edge to Carwin here. We've seen how long layoffs effect people time and time again, no matter how good they are - Shogun being one of the most notable examples. And most of these guys were only partly incapacitated, at least able to do upper-body work or something of the sort. I can't see Lesnar coming back at 100%. If he wins at 116 however, it'll be all the more impressive for the same reasons.
  4. Ascerendant

    UFC fighters don't get paid enough?

  5. Ascerendant

    Why is Carwin losing so much muscle mass? *pics*

    I'd ask if anyone noticed a decrease in mass when we saw Carwin fight. I was at UFC 111 and the weigh-ins and the guys was pretty f'n huge. The thing is: we're comparing images that were taken during different times, in different circumstances and most importantly for different purposes. The second pic with the blue background is obviously no snapshot or live-action shot, but some sort of promo-shot. Adjusted lighting, the use of different lenses (!), the dehydration or hydration of Carwin (or even if he's just on or off his diet) can make HUGE differences. My girlfriend is a photographer and she can probably make Carwin look anywhere between "Hulk" and "Randy Cotoure at 205" with pictures taken on the same day without ever touching photoshop. I'm not saying he hasn't lost a bit of size. Maybe he even wanted to. But to draw conclusions from pictures this diverse is sitting on a shaky foundation, IMO.
  6. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Don't get the facepalm. Didn't understand what you meant by ". all it takes is one person" either for that matter. Is this just the medium sized haterade that comes free with every thread or is there an argument on your part I can address?
  7. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Erm...no? Here is the highscore-list: http://kwiz.krawall.de/kwiz/user/stats/ About 20 people have played so far (already reached my predicition, whoohoo! ) Andre
  8. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Yeah, sorry about that. But the main game is german and there's nothing I can do about that right now. It is really easy to grasp how to play though, I'd say. About that real difficult question: yeah, I wanted a really hard one for the final three. No good posting it here though...that kinda spoils it.
  9. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Nah, come on and think a bit. You would be right to suspect ulterior motives if a significant number of people could be garnered from this. But the Kwiz-Game is played by up to 10.000 people per day. Even if a miracle happens and 100 of you guys show up it wouldn't make a dent in the stats. And if you think a game without registration that can be played completely anonymously with THESE questions in it could have any kind of market-research stuff behind it, you're nuts. Accept the truth: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and this is just me creating a game for those who want to give it a try. The user generated quiz-game is new and I've been playing around with it since last week to see where we can enhance it. Today I thought I'd make one specifically for this forum, and so I did.
  10. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Well, sad if you con't like it...buuuut: I can guarantee you, the maybe 20 people or so that will come and play from here are completely insignificant to the traffic on my site. Plus: It's foreign traffic which makes it also worthless in a commercial sense. This is really just me wanting to do something for the forum I thought would be fun for some people. If it's not...dayuummm
  11. Ascerendant

    Try your hand at this UFC-Quiz

    Hello dear Co-Fans My site operates a quiz-game (called "Kwiz" for obviously phonetic reasons) which is mainly for computer and videogames...and worst of all, it's all german. BUT: I have created a nice littel 15-Questions quiz for all youz here, just for fun. Simply click THIS LINK: http://kwiz.krawall.de/kwiz/user/create/f1c23db7b6906409665bdef2e862574b/ then enter your nickname in the field next to the orange button that reads "Spielername" (player name) and press return. There will be a pop up (click that away) and a 10-sec countdown. After that, press the BIG button and the game starts. There's no sign-up, no nothing. Unfortunately that also means that the little cheaters among us may play a dozen times until they get a highscore. In the interest of fair competition: DON'T! Your score depends on answering quickly and with as many consecutive correct answers as possible. Now go already and play 16 questions of pure awesome, inculding a nice little bit of trivia to go with all questions! If you discover errors, me raping your marvelous language or simply would like to tell me how much I rock / suck for putting that game up, feel free to post. =) All the best! Andre
  12. Ascerendant

    Undisputed 2010

    That's what I meant You do posture up through minor transmission (1/4 circle 6 to 9 o'clock f.ex.) though. Still have a hard time stopping or completing takedowns (unless I catch him offbalance during a punch, but that's a guaranteed TD anyway). I also find the clinchwork and mount quite tedious because you have to fend of transmissions / get back into position all the time. For every punch I throw I do 3 or 4 transmissions, it feels like.
  13. Ascerendant

    Undisputed 2010

    Handles really quite different. Need some pointers - How do you stop / complete a takedown? Do you still just push in the opposite direction with the stick to stop a TD? Do you still press circle (B-Button) all the time to stop a TD? Both techniques seem to fail me in the demo. - Does anybody else feel that posturing up results in my fighter giving up mount 1/4 of the time? The command appears just too similar to the transition to side control. Or...I suck - Is completing a sub all about turning the stick as fast as possible? Are all subs equal in their chances for success? It seems a RNC from back mount is just as hard to complete as a kimura from the bottom... - Anybody knows a tips & tricks summary for the demo? somewhere? If not, maybe we should start collecting in a separate thread...Mods?
  14. Ascerendant

    Fighters YOU believe are washed up.

    We need to define "washed up" first. Is somebody washed up because he will never be champ? Than the entire MW division looks pretty washed up to me now Joe Daddy may be down to gatekeeping but he is not washed up. He's probably as good as he's ever been. Competition just starts to pass him by. IMO a washed up fighter is someone who was once great or at least really good and has now fallen from his former excellence by a mile because of age, the wear on his body or whatever. Clearly washed up IMO: Tim Sylvia, Mark Coleman, CroCop Arguably washed up: Rich Franklin, Chuck Lidell, Matt Hughes (doesn't mean guys like Chuck and Hughes aren't still good fighters. But they are far from what they used to be) Looks washed up but actually just got bypassed by the evolution of the sport: Joe Daddy, Forrest Griffin