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  1. gspwelterw8champ

    Rampage Out,Machida In!

    i actually think style wise machida is a tougher match up for rashad than quinton. i know theres alot of quinton fans tons, and for good reason. im not saying quinton wouldnt stomp rashad. im just saying in my opinion machida is a tougher match up for rashad. rashad always seems to do good against those aggresive guys that come at him swinging. (which is pretty much what i would excpect rampage to do)
  2. gspwelterw8champ

    Mir out of UFC 98

    yeah i hope this is false too. this is mirs chance to prove hes really back. that win over nogeria opened eyes. but one more solid victory would seal it.
  3. gspwelterw8champ

    Edgar vs Sherk

    oops except the ones where gsp and penn stopped him. i forgot that o__O
  4. gspwelterw8champ

    Edgar vs Sherk

    haha hell yes it will go the distance. every one of sherks fights from the last 3 yrs has gone the distance. but yes sherk will win.
  5. gspwelterw8champ

    How many of you are actual practitioners of MMA ?

    haha my record is o-o i train at the chair in my basement. its funny how some of the real big sh** talkers who post there loud mouth opinions dont have any posts on this particular forum o__O
  6. gspwelterw8champ

    Am I the only one rooting for Jardine?

    im rooting for jardine just based on the fact i wanna see him have to fight his "buddy" rashad lmao
  7. gspwelterw8champ

    Spider Anderson Silva vs. Wanderlei Silva

    i dont even have intrest in a wanderlei / anderson fight. maybe the wanderlei from 4 yrs ago yes. but not wanderlei of these days.
  8. gspwelterw8champ

    Couture Vs. Cro Cop at UFC 99

    I hear couture wants this match up. and cro cop did a interview in croatian saying hes confirmed for this blahblahblah. does anyone no if there is a truth to this? o__O
  9. gspwelterw8champ

    Best and worst entrance music..

    i like sean sherks entrance. earshot- wait. too many fighters walk in to complete crap in my opinion.
  10. gspwelterw8champ

    Holy Crap!! Rich Franklin vs, Wanderlei Silva @ UFC 99

    not sure of the ko in round 1. rich doesnt literally knock many ppl out. the only one im aware of in ufc competition was that quarry fight. like the hamill fight but thaat was tko.
  11. gspwelterw8champ

    Complaint filed from B.J. Penn's Camp Over Vaseline

    this is from bj penn he posted this on his site "For the past several days I have been reading statements made by St. Pierre and Greg Jackson about our fight on January 31. St. Pierre claims that he is “not a cheater” and that he and Greg Jackson will have “no problem with a rematch in the summer of 2009.” To the untrained eye the grease might not look like much, but every grappler knows the effect that it has. Being able to apply your submissions and sweeps or just being able to hold on to your opponent to defend yourself from being hit is absolutely critical! There is a reason why you are not allowed to put grease anywhere on your body except for the area around your eyes. Because of the grease applied to St.Pierre’s Body the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s executive director, Keith Kizer has stated that the Penn-St. Pierre fight “definitely wasn’t fair”. I hereby accept George St. Pierre and Greg Jackson’s challenge for a fight in the summer 2009. Lets call Dana now and set it up." - BJ Penn
  12. gspwelterw8champ

    Ufc 100

    the open weight classes thing would never happen. someone asked dana at a q&a about that the response was that no that never will happen because the matches would be unsanctioned.
  13. gspwelterw8champ

    Maia vs sonnen a chess match

    i personally would rather see palhares and maia instead.
  14. gspwelterw8champ

    St. Pierre opens up about UFC 94 victory and controversy

    i agree with this. i know dana has said he doesnt want this guy to corner another ufc event again. but agreed should be fined and suspended.
  15. gspwelterw8champ

    John Fitch vs Dana White

    if you type in 32. John Fitch Audio & Dana White Written Response! on youtube it has a jon fitch interview via phone. ( this was before they reached a agreement over the diffrences) i saw it 2 months ago so sorry if you hardcore fans already saw it and im postin old news D: