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  1. 250R

    Maynard didnt bang with Huerta

    Huerta is my favorite fighter, but maynard fought a smart fight. Plain and simple. And last i checked, huerta is done. That was his last fight. Apparently he and dana do not see eye to eye.
  2. Totally cool. Its like driving a pink convertable bug, on 44's with a bigblock.
  3. 250R

    HW that can beat Lesnar?

    Carwin will beat Brock.
  4. 250R

    Most overrated forum member????

    Hizoka aka, Runoff
  5. 250R

    3 People Right Now that could beat Brock

    That is my pic to be the future of the HW division. (and Fedor when he gets here).
  6. 250R

    Should Diego Destroy Kenflo After He Loses to BJ?

    100% AGREED! Im not a Florian fan, but NOBODY in the division will destroy him. After the Guida fight, im not so impressed with Sanchez. Guida is tough, but lacks the skills of the top LW's. Sanchez should have destroyed Guida.
  7. 250R

    Bobby Lashley

  8. 250R

    Machida and his soon downfall

    So I guess Helio was arrogant as well. Gracie Jiu Jitsu. So the "brand" is Gracie? Nice post.
  9. 250R

    Hypocrites/haters please read

    Sounds like you dont have a wife. And if you do, and would say that, you dont have respect for her. Ill take being called a p@##y from a arrogant disrespectful d-bag. There is a time to joke. Its not in front of 1.5million people. And if you actually laughed, it surely wasnt because hes funny. Its because of the complete a## he made out of himself. And the fact your ignorant as well as Brock is.
  10. Agreed. Franklin has stated he wants to stay at 205. Hendo seems to want Sylva at 185, and it seems nobody wants to see the re match.