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  1. shawnb-1

    Polar Bear vs Crocadile

    facinating discorse in this thread
  2. shawnb-1

    I will destroy any of you in MMA

    you will be held down, and slowly, lovingly, and painfully be sodomized by me against your will
  3. shawnb-1

    Favorite Movies of 2009???

    I dunno, i heard such great things but i was like.... meh so was the wife
  4. shawnb-1

    Favorite Movies of 2009???

    I was dissapointed in the hangover. zach and miri make a ****o ftmfw!!!
  5. shawnb-1

    Favorite Movies of 2009???

    I loved 2012, kick **** movie
  6. shawnb-1

    Tony Jaa Beat Chuck Norris' Ass Anyday

    semper, the bloodsport pics are a huge win
  7. shawnb-1

    Entrance music

    rick astley - never gonna give you up
  8. shawnb-1

    Are potato bugs dangerous?

    it may go sexually impotent
  9. shawnb-1

    Death Warrior!!

    **** acting is better
  10. shawnb-1

    What kind of vampire you want to be??

    i wanna be a vampire that glitters.........oh wait......no.....that would mean i love the ****
  11. shawnb-1

    Entrance music

    "to all the girls i've loved before"
  12. shawnb-1

    Pound for Pound Best Cake

    whispers come a little closer closer **FARTS**
  13. shawnb-1

    A thread for TapUout1

    Can I post pics too? Me at work......