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  1. chongo81

    How the hell is Dana allowing this?

    I'm really not a Condit fan, kinda indifferent to him. Wanted Nick to win and thought he did. If he HAS to defend then Dana will make him defend. All i'm saying is I think he is smart for wanting to wait for GSP and fight for the real belt....... I f he lost his next fight he may never get another title shot again....... And lets get real here, besides Ellenberger and Condit, it would just be contenders that GSP has beaten already. Ellenberger dosen't even deserve a shot, the division is just that weak.
  2. Contact your cable provider and tell them to add FUEL. No, but your right, the UFC owes you!!!!.....
  3. chongo81

    How the hell is Dana allowing this?

    He's probably reading this thread and re-thinking things...... Let me get this straight....... The guy has worked his way up thru the division, has gotten screwed out of a title shot, then had to fight the guy who screwed him for the fake belt, now has earned a shot at the REAL BELT and he's supposed to pass that up so idiots on forums will be happy??? You people are amazing.
  4. chongo81

    How the hell is Dana allowing this?

    Not sure why you guys are having trouble with this one...... Its simple really This decision is smart for multiple reasons. 1.By beating Diaz he earned his spot as the #1 contender. Why would he want to risk losing that spot just to defend his fake belt? His goal is to be a champion, he earned that shot, why risk losing a fill in fight to keep a stale division moving? 2. He is going to need all the training time he can get to work his TDD and getting up off his back when he fights GSafeP. Waiting for GSafeP is actually the smartest thing he can do right now.
  5. chongo81

    GSP on Nick Diaz's Cardio

    If you don't think the triathalon training is the main reason he can keep his pace your insane. Running, swimming, then biking builds insane cardio which translates to very well to MMA. Plus the fact that he lives in the gym dosent hurt, either. You really think exploding to get up off the ground after a takedown takes more out of you then climbing on the bike after a long swim??? You guys are nuts
  6. He wil flip the switch at the weigh ins. However, I do think there is a lot to the theory of him respecting REAL fighters. GSP dosent fall under that category.
  7. Your threads are really interesting..... You should make more
  8. chongo81

    UFC Gladiator Has Finally Been Defeated

    Long overdue...... Now if we can get the metal out of every intro we will be on our way.
  9. chongo81

    Dana White UFC on FOX 2 Post-Fight Interview From FUEL TV

    Pretty obvious he thought the main card blew.......
  10. chongo81

    What was wrong with Demian Maia?

    I think whats wrong with Maia is that he just isn't that good. His standup stinks, he cant take anyone down that is competent at defending takedowns, and his BJJ has suffered because he wants to become a K1 striker all of sudden.
  11. chongo81

    Davis and Evans

    I think there is a lot of truth to Evans saying he couldn't really get motivated for this fight. Evans has never looked this bad and unmotivated for a fight.... looked like he was going through the motions. With that said, he better crank it up because the Evans we saw tonight would get destroyed by Jones.
  12. chongo81

    Is the Ufc becoming Stale??

    Jones has finished every fight since Bonnar in 09..... Please tell me when he "walled and stalled" in that fight.... Please get your facts straight before typing.... FYI I hate Jon Jones
  13. chongo81

    Is the Ufc becoming Stale??

    It's becoming stale because they are putting on too many events..... So you get lackluster matchups like you had tonight........ And what do you expect when you put 3 fights on Fox consisting of grapplers, outside of Bisping...... You get a night of boring decisions. This torent pace of events will be the downfall of the UFC
  14. chongo81

    UK to get UFC event in late 2012, TV deal could prompt more

    Fair enough....... I would be pissed personally. They have never been to my home town and I have a bad feeling when they do, it will be a lackluster card.