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  1. Let me be the first to say that Bj Penn owned Diego. Will be a recovered and refreshed thread when Bj Penn wins.
  2. Thechemicals

    Say your last words to Diego here

    Diego its been fun to watch you fight and you are weird as hell. Goodnight my friend.
  3. Thechemicals

    Mattt Hughes please learn to fight.

  4. I think this is why you dont see really young fighters at the top contention or as champions. Older fighter have better muscle memory and more confidence and understanding of their powers/weaknessess. Who is the youngest champion to hold a belt in the UFC?
  5. The guy is terrible and got owned like everyone knew he would- who decided to let this guy return to the octagon? What a washout.
  6. Thechemicals

    Mattt Hughes please learn to fight.

    Wrestling alone is not going to save your **** anymore so please get some kind of striking going on beyond that lazy lead open hand right you throw.
  7. Apparently none according to Cecil
  8. Anyone know why? Im sure if you have some kind of brain activity you would not cheer for these losers.
  9. Thechemicals

    A look back at Lyoto Machida's dominance.

    Its part of Machida's history and legacy now.... the loss against Shogun and undeservedly keeping a belt that does not belong to him. That is how he will be remembered. Just like Anderson Silva is remembered for weird and strange fights vs Leites and Cote.
  10. Thechemicals

    Bj Penn the only champion not injured or sick-WHat NOW?!

    Wow did you just say that the lightweight div is child sized? wow bro you should be banned. And when i say banned i mean banned from living on the same planet as me. Please shoot yourself in the face and youtube it.
  11. Thechemicals

    WTF is this Noob Matt Veach Fighting my Boy Frankie?

    Frankie has Sherk,Griffin,Franca,Spencer,Bocek under his belt- all game fighters. WTF does veach have? Locals at the Iowa challenge- GG fighting chestnut behind someones backyard bbq.
  12. Thechemicals

    WTF is this Noob Matt Veach Fighting my Boy Frankie?

    wHAT fighting in the Iowa challenge and getting wins for shootfighting lol. Dont make me laugh you clown.