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  1. GnP4life

    Rampage won't beat Machida

    on the feet the only way I can see Rampage winning is if he can pull lyoto into a braw, boxing match, or get Lyoto to be the aggressor. Rampage is a very good counterpuncher in his own right so bullruching him isn't the best move. Other than that i think he'd need to get the takedown to win, Lyoto should know better than to be running after someone as dangerous as rampage. Not to mention...Rampage still needs to learn to check those damn kicks!
  2. GnP4life

    UFC Undisputed (No Randy Couture)

    Number one sport game of the year?...Fight Night Round 4 >>> UFC Undisputed
  3. GnP4life

    machida p4p best

    Fedor still top 2
  4. GnP4life

    Machida vs. Shogun anyone..?

    Maybe is shogun gets back to the way he was in 05 we can talk about the fight...but so far he's still getting back into the groove of things. Give em Thiago Silva or the winner of Hamill/Vera, depending on how he does there we'll talk about top competition fights.
  5. GnP4life

    Evans should fire his trainers

  6. GnP4life

    Rampage won't beat Machida

  7. GnP4life

    Gray Maynard vs. Sean Shrek now makes sense

    I'ma big sherk fan, but i think he's starting to hit that decline in his career...but i also think that the reason for him losing two of his last 3 is cuz he's more focused on being exciting than getting the W...which is kinda stupid considering that he's gotten picked apart on the feet twice now...the win is what's im****ant, not how exciting the fight is...if people don't like it oh well, this is a combat sport and that's how things go...ya like some ya hate some.
  8. oh my god you're no american! That make you a terrorist!!!! And i don't understand or know anythign about you so i'ma treat you like ****...cuz i'm an american!!
  9. GnP4life

    The Offical I want to see Matt Serra whoop Matt Hughes

    I wasn't aware that knocking out a guy that everyone t**ught was gonna kill you meant it was lucky...I guess Couture was pretty lucky against ***o and Liddell
  10. GnP4life

    The Offical I want to see Matt Serra whoop Matt Hughes

    I like both guys as fighters, as people they both seem realy annoying with big mouths...Serra *****es and moans over and over again and Hughes is just a ****...doublt KO FTW!!
  11. GnP4life

    Best fighter of each division !

    whoever's got the belt is #1... so...Zuffa terms it'd be -Brock -Rashad -Silva -GSP -BJ -Brown -Torres