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  1. SpitfireLulu

    Favorite Authors

    Ello my Lovely!!! What can I say??? I must be using the right deodrant and toothpaste???
  2. SpitfireLulu

    Favorite animals lol

    I'll have a pint of what you've had, Skittles
  3. SpitfireLulu

    Favorite Authors

    Ello Minstrel.... You miss me then???
  4. SpitfireLulu

    Milestone Post Speeches!!

  5. SpitfireLulu

    Favorite Authors

  6. SpitfireLulu

    Movies u Enjoy...

    I like Road House ........ Last one I saw was when I went to the flicks and watched The Departed...... I want something that grips me from start to finish and gets these lil blonde brain cells ticking over
  7. SpitfireLulu

    What's Your Fav Color?

    Did you google that, Jade?
  8. SpitfireLulu

    Movies u Enjoy...

    I've not watched a really good film in ages.....
  9. SpitfireLulu

    State your name

    I think it would suit you Hamer..... Or Jim?
  10. SpitfireLulu

    Oh my God, you will not believe this!!!!

    LMAO!! She is a Northern bird, I suppose!!! Us scousers are the same.... I think Cheryl's lost too much weight though.....
  11. SpitfireLulu

    Oh my God, you will not believe this!!!!

    You like her then, huh?
  12. SpitfireLulu

    Celebrity TUF

    Ummmm...... The lead singer outta The Darkness, Jodie Marsh, Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore!!!!
  13. SpitfireLulu

    State your name

    Hahaha!!! Love it!!!
  14. SpitfireLulu

    Ever had??

    Google it!!!
  15. SpitfireLulu

    Henderson has to be pissed.

    Full of the joys of Summer, ain't ya?