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  1. Steph79


    Still not seen this movie yet but will do soon. Hearing good things about it.
  2. Steph79

    Street Fighter IV

    No takers for some online combat then?
  3. Steph79

    Ultimate Fighter 9

    Happy days!!
  4. Steph79

    Street Fighter IV

    It is much harder than the old Street Fighter games. The moves are much the same but difficulty level regardless on which level you play it on is harder. Great game though.
  5. Steph79

    Matt Hamill

    Cool, not a problem.
  6. Steph79

    Ultimate Fighter 9

    It's disappointing that us UK folk won't be able to see this.
  7. Steph79

    Matt Hamill

    I never said I was a fan of Hamill, just thought it was a pretty decent finish to the fight on Saturday. No need for the attitude Storm, just pointing something out. As I say, Matt Hamill ain't someone I like that much, the KO was spot on...... end of.
  8. Steph79

    Matt Hamill

    Just thought I'd comment on what a great kick to the skull by Matt Hamill on Saturday night. Mark Munoz got completely KTFO!!
  9. Steph79

    Shane Carwin needs a nickname

    Shane "Crazy Fists" Carwin. The man is a mentalist..... scary!!
  10. Steph79


  11. Steph79

    How many of you are actual practitioners of MMA ?

    Ha ha ha
  12. Steph79


  13. Steph79

    Street Fighter IV

    Sounds good to me..... let's rumble!!
  14. Steph79

    How many of you are actual practitioners of MMA ?

    You are living proof of that mate.