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  1. xdusty

    Strikeforce 29 destroys Tuf Finale

    sf dominated the ufc on saturday. seems ufc guys get to the top of the mountain in thier career and then get scared to lose and get knocked back down. so they spend the fight smothering each other and playing who can stay on top longest. sf guys are still walkin on there ready to go to sleep or get thier hands raised. nothing more fun then seeing two guys without any fear go toe to toe.
  2. xdusty

    How do you justify cutting Harris ?

    his name has no draw, he gased quick, he wasnt agressive, and most importantly he filled that entire arena with "boooooooooooooooo" the whole fight. i know hes had some good fights in the past but the above formula easily explains the cut.
  3. xdusty

    LIVE coverage of UFC 123

    great job....keep up the good work
  4. xdusty

    whos the funniest guy in mma

    lawlor is pretty funny at the weigh ins
  5. xdusty

    how many times do you poop in a day?

    6? wow, your bunghole must be made of boot leather by now. you used your butt more by age 10 then most people do in a lifetime. once a day is pretty normal. i even have the occasional day (when i didnt eat) when i dont crap that even once.
  6. xdusty

    Becoming a UFC Fighter

    fortunately for you, it takes next to nothing to get on a ufc card if your austrailian. even elvis is on the card lol
  7. xdusty

    Who has fought the best competetion

    wrong.....jeremy horn...nice try though guys lol
  8. xdusty

    Dana White slams fans for criticism?!?!?!

    BEFORE THE FIGHT "yeah sure theres not a title fight but this card is stacked. its got so and so fighting so and so. this one is gonna be a war. and these guys hate each other. etc etc etc. its a must see, there are gonna be fireworks". AFTER THE FIGHT "no ones forcing you to watch these things. if you dont like the card, dont buy it." stop crying". whats the point of saying if you dont like the card, dont buy it? you act like a fan knows ahead of time that the fight is gonna be boring. the ufc and dana press it up before the event with promises of great things and how we should tune in. for a casual fan, you might here dana and the countdown and say "i like fighting and this one seems like its gonna be crazy, so ill buy it". then the event happens and its a snoozfest. the casual fan then says "hey, those were terrible fights, i didnt at all get was i was paying for". then dana says f&@% off, you shouldnt have bought it then. and the crazy thing is.....some people actually support and defend dana in doing this. realize that most ufc fans are very casual fans that only know very little about it. when you go on international tv and say how great THIS event will be, lots of those casuals will believe it and buy the event....and you wonder why they feel cheated?
  9. xdusty

    Ancient man's genes reveal surprises

    its interesting to see everyones point of view. i like to educate myself from both sides so i enjoy reading what either has to say. however i do notice that all though many of the evo guys have a solid understanding of the concept, it suprises me that they are so uneducated on the topic they are arguing against. constantely i hear the "so some guy draws all the animals all over the world to one spot? ha,ha, that'd never happen. creationalists have such holes in there logic and screwed up theories". ok let me break this down for those of you who favor this arguement because this theory is more flawed then any. yes if a MAN drew all the animals to one spot, that would be rediculous. we are talking about the creator and god of all things in existence. if you dont believe in god that is fine but at least understand the concept of what god is. if he can create everything, every atom in the universe. if he can create naoh himself and the animals, grow the trees and plants to feed those animals and build that ark. and he can influence noah to do this whole deed of building and gathering. why do you find it so inconcievable that he could influence those animals to come to a common spot? the correct arguement is saying he does or doesnt exist. but the pure concept of what god is capable of far superceeds gathering animals.
  10. xdusty

    How good is Phil Davis!!!

  11. xdusty

    109 fighter bonuses

    cindyo is dana's secret lover, its understandable that you didnt know. afterall, it is a secret. (seriously though, she is pretty well connected in the mma world. as a matter of fact she said she was gonna send me a gsp signed picture this week....huh cindy? lol)
  12. xdusty

    Who did you have winning--Guillard or Torres

    i forgot about this fight till just now. i was shocked they gave melvin the nod. torres and guillard were even in striking but torres had octogon control and agression the whole fight. then consider torres scored several take downs and some sub attempts. then look at melvin, he landed a few stiff jabs and a single knee that kinda hit his chest and shoulder.....that was it. i was confused on what melvin did exactly that gave him the win.
  13. xdusty

    How good is Phil Davis!!!

    nope, not impressed at all. he isnt gonna be able to out point everyone. he will never have that many chances to finish a fight in the ufc again, and he still couldnt do it. if you cant out point everyone and you cant finish with the mount and back 10 times....you wont have much of a future.
  14. xdusty

    Rolles Gracie, An Embarassment to the gracie name

    super mexican ....to the rescue! clearly your mexican, but you cant get all bent out of shape anytime some random person on the internet says something that might be offensive. dont be ashamed of what you are. i dont get bent out of shape when im called a gringo. i just assume that they havent figured out how to say white man yet lol