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  1. Lillkwist

    I quit. . .

    I usually go to the UFC forum to read news, but not a whole lot else. But then, I don't really like replying to threads. I thinks it's my fear of saying something uneducated that holds my post-o-meter back.
  2. Lillkwist

    Full UFC 105 official card

    Hey, Alexander Gustafsson is in Hope he does well.
  3. Lillkwist

    (Video) Forrest Griffin post UFC 101

    Yeah weird interview. It was like he tried to act like his normal sarcastic self, but it didn't really seem authentic.
  4. Lillkwist

    UFC's absorbed WEC talent.

    The only thing Amir got was punches to the face.
  5. Lillkwist

    Most weight cut for a fight

    Gray Maynard is big for a LW also.
  6. Lillkwist

    Rampage Addresses His Fans. *New*

    I don't believe in God either, but Rampage is spiritual and you ought to respect his beliefs. If he feels like it helps him who are we to judge him?
  7. Lillkwist

    Would you rather see Tibau/Neer or Okami/Sonnen on 104's pay per view???

    I very much agree. Give Yushin some credit.
  8. Lillkwist

    UFC 106 - Lesnar vs. Carwin

    This is such a great card!
  9. Lillkwist

    UFC Heavyweight Rankings

    Brock is ranked no 1 "just because" he has the belt, making him the best fighter in the division. He's already beaten no 3 (talking about this list now) and is about to face no 2. Who else would you put as number one?
  10. Lillkwist

    U.k. Fans gettin (mod edit)

    Haha how can you not like Couture vs Vera? I'm really exited, and I like Brandon Vera alot, he's talanted and always puts up a good fight.
  11. Lillkwist

    U.k. Fans gettin (mod edit)

    You're giving me the AIDS through internet. Please tell me what other event in the UK you'd rather watch? Quit yer naggin'. If you don't want watch it don't. Nobody's forcing you to pay for it.
  12. Lillkwist

    Kimbo on Bas Rutten

  13. Lillkwist

    top ufc vs. top non-ufc

  14. Lillkwist

    Who Should be the Next Hall Of Famer and Why???

    Minoki Ichihara should without a doubt be inducted.