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  1. estec

    Jones too damn big?

    Jones is the largest LHW that we have seen. With his size and talent it is just a matter of time when he makes a run at the HW belt. He appears much larger than the current champ, Cain Velasquez, and he certainly much more athletic than the current heavyweights.
  2. estec

    Who the hell can beat this man?

    Cain Velasquez would be a great match, but isn't Cain also in the Jackson camp? Kind of sucks when we get the guys in one camp that won't fight one another. These are two exciting fighters and in about two years when Jones is a bit more seasoned and Cain is healthy this could be a super match.
  3. estec

    Who the hell can beat this man?

    I think that a bigger question is how long will Jones be able to make 205? He appeared to be physically larger than both of the Heavyweights that fought on the card, Schaub and Cro Cop. The guy is an enornmous talent, but he is physically larger than anybody that we have ever seen at 205 and he is young and probably still growing from a weight perspective. Anyone remember Roy Jones in boxing?
  4. estec

    Jones vs Evans... who you got? (no hype)

    yep, Evans would get beaten like a government mule. J.R.
  5. estec

    Jones vs Evans... who you got? (no hype)

    bump for a real thread. they would never fight anyway, and Evans would look like a child against the size of Jones.
  6. estec

    The Truth Behind: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

    So you are saying that he lost to Jones because of a knee injury? What a load of crap. Your story sucks no matter what your point is.
  7. estec

    that was not Shogun fighting

    Was Shogun injured again? I don't think that he could overcome the size disadvantage even if he was healthy. Jones is the largest Light Heavyweight that we have ever seen.
  8. Honestly, that wasn't very hard to call. Jones is an awesome talent, but what I can't believe is his physical size. How in the world does he make 205? He looked physically larger than both of the Heavyweights that fought, Schaub and Cro Cop.
  9. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    Right on, and the scoring should not reward just a takedown. That is like rewarding a nice punch that doesn't land. The takedown requires follow up to cause any damage. The takedown itself can be offense or defense, tonight it was defense. I just don't like paying for bad fight cards. Evans is too good of a fighter to perform like he did tonight. Rampage has him pegged as a big chicken, and he has a long ways to go to prove him wrong.
  10. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    Tito who? Oh, the guy that got beat by a 30 pound smaller fighter, Frank Shamrock? Tito has not been relevant to MMA for years. Ground and pound is a great offense. Evans ground and let the guy stand up, well, we all agree that is ****.
  11. estec

    ufc 108 should be free dangit!!!!!!!! :)

    After the Rashad 'Chicken Legs' Evans performance, this should definitely be free. I mean, for god sakes, track meets are free to watch. Olympic wrestling that doesn't provide the fighting risk of MMA is free. Well, then the main event should be free because that is all that we saw until the third round. Evans takedown, Silva escape, Evans run.
  12. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    Have you ever watched a fight before tonight? Very few fighters get knocked out from ground and pound. Power is generated from stand up, that is why it is called stand up. Even if you were correct, takedowns mean nothing without any follow up. I really think that you need to consider changing to collegiate wrestling. It is free to watch, and you can wait the entire match to see one or two takedowns. This is fighting, MMA. Decisions are good when contested. With the offense in this fight, the first two rounds were a draw and Silva won the third. Evans is a better fighter than this, and the plan embarassed his skills.
  13. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    When you have watched as many fights as I have forgotten, then I will listen. MMA is not a wrestling match about takedowns and escapes. The fights are finished by knockout or tapout. If you want to watch takedowns, watch collegiate wrestling, oh wait a minute, it is not on pay-per-view because people don't pay to watch it.
  14. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    Nate Marquardt? Look him up in the MMA Dictionary, "A good fighter that will never be great because he trains with Greg 'I want to be as boring as Pat Miletich' Jackson. Come on, takedowns are no damage without a follow up on the ground. It is time for Jackson to pack in in if this is his 'Master Strategy'.
  15. estec

    Greg "lets get a decision" jackson academy

    Jackson's camp may provide some wins, but he mostly the camp provides ****ty fights. What a joke. Takedowns? Come on? Silva stands up from every takedown and Evans provides zero offense and wins the fight. I have watched the UFC forever, and the Jackson camp looks like the old Miletich camp, boring fights and stalling. Please Dana, get this guy out before he ruins more good fighters.