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  1. DoomPatrol

    Name the movie the quote is from

    Let's see if you can get this: - I've got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here. - What's the bad news? - They're dead.
  2. DoomPatrol

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Came back from seeing Alita: Battle Angel (or Battle Angel Alita as it is originally titled). Liked it a lot. Pretty faithful to the manga, but it's been like 15 years since I read them. Well executed with some great fight scenes, emotionally engaging and a great heroine; Alita herself is worth the ticket.
  3. DoomPatrol

    Game of Thrones

    Finished rewatching season 3. So many tragic stories; Tyrion and Shae (and Tywin), Theon's torture, The Red Wedding (which got me into reading the books). Still can't believe Tywin would ever take a prostitute into his bed (later on). Seeing Little Finger's plans outfolding. Man, there's so many potential prophetic lines going around. I hope Arya doesn't die when she's "caring" for others. Or that Arya won't put a knife into the Hound's eye (maybe the Mountain's... that'd be cool). And what happens when Arya and Melisandre meet again?
  4. DoomPatrol

    Game of Thrones

    Fkin fantastic! 40 days to go, man I'm anxious to see what happens. Seeing the armies fighting outside Winterfell it makes me think what is the role of the dragons in this fight. Why won't NK just swoop in on his ice zombie dragon? Is he afraid of the other 2 dragons or does he have some reason not to kill certain characters? If he doesn't come in with the dragon, why won't Dany incinerate the zombie army? Is she afraid of the other WW being javelin masters too? Anyway, this guy always gives a good insight on the show:
  5. DoomPatrol

    UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith

    How good was this card? So good I fastforwarded both title fights. Have to admit Usman was surprisingly good, I thought they would cancel each other out. A snooze fest after realizing the result. Smith actually looked like he had a chance whenever he was actually attacking, the leg kicks were bothering Jones (finally someone did that) and his strikes connected and had Jones backing up. Did he run out of gas after the first round? Was horrible looking at him just standing there for several rounds and still Jones couldn't put him out - and he was "doing things" again! Ffs. Lawler was providing the most exciting minute of the card, but for some reason he let Askren off the hook and that had to end with a weird bs decision.
  6. DoomPatrol

    Rogan was flat out WRONG

    That was a disappointing fight. I expected a scrap.
  7. DoomPatrol

    PVZ broke her arm again

    I still play PvZ2. It's great.
  8. DoomPatrol

    Game of Thrones

    The thing I love about this series is that every freakin' thing is thought out. A lot of the fun comes from participating in the theoretising what it all means.
  9. DoomPatrol

    Game of Thrones

    There was quite a bit of gayness in the beginning. The actual type.
  10. DoomPatrol

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    No Finland in top 20? Sod off.
  11. DoomPatrol

    Game of Thrones

    As anticipation for the coming season I've usually watched the previous season. As the final season approaches (and I got the flu) I decided to watch the entire series. Got the first season done now, and I have to say it was even better than I remembered. At this point the fact that I know what I know now only makes it better. I notice things I never noticed before, like for example how pretty much every scene contains foreshadowing (Joffrey to Sansa: ...my wife 'till the day I die), there's more repeating events and situations. Some I knew like Arya getting back in King's Landing/Winterfell and being confronted by rude guards, King in the North (Rob/Jon), etc. can't remember now anymore, lol, but there were lots of interesting things that you don't pay attention to on the first viewing. I got the idea that the wolves' destinies are related to their owners: Rickon and Shaggy/ Rob and Grey Wind are dead, Arya and Nymeria are alive and quite solitary, Bran and Summer are dead (Bran is 3ER now and Summer is a zombie), Jon and Ghost are alive (we shall see how their stories end, why Ghost is white -except for "snow"). Only Sansa/Lady conflicts with this theory. Lady was the first to die, so maybe Sansa is the last Stark to die or the only one who doesn't die? Some things are still a mystery. Some things characters say can still be unrevealed foreshadowing, like Old Nan's stories. Oh, and the true meaning of the phrase "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell". If/when they lose Winterfell to the white walkers, will something crazy happen? Many characters didn't see each other again after episode 2 until so much later, many died and some still haven't seen, most importantly Jon and Arya. Seeing the birth of so many memes...
  12. They lose it at the first chance or die and lose it?
  13. If you need a breather (for healing and stuff), that is the most convinient time to take it. Taking a break just before getting a title shot is not wise. You could lose your shot in the meantime. Doesn't mean I like it, but I understand it.