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    Tuf wtf!!!

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    Tuf wtf!!!

    Ok, i know im a girl and most girls probably dont watch UFC but I do. Ive been a fan for a number of years. But recently I just saw the new TUF: US vs UK. And I have to honestly say it made me sick. I am an american and I live in the US, im a HDC of the US Army. and I have to honestly say the way the men acted in the house on episode one before the show even started was pathetic. the racism, the personal attacks, the blatent disrespect. Its no damn wonder every other country in the world has no respect for us. Because its men like these that represent us as a whole on international television. In a way these men were like diplomats representing us. I know you may not think so, but just as we in america tend to judge other countries based on what we see on tv from them, cause we have never been there. Its the same vice versa. The men pissing in eachothers showers, and throwing eggs thats just stupid childish bull****. I know this may seem like im talking bad about US, but im not. I am more sad then anything. They need to grow up and stop making us look bad and at least have some damn respect. Both teams...